Fred: Undocumented Shopping – The Legacy Of An African President

Police Shooting Missouri


Reading it will double your Voluntary Reparations Assessment come this January.

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  1. “It is a great mystery why the least productive thirteen percent of the country, the most dependent on welfare, the most criminal, should be permitted to steal, burn, rape, and beat those who behave in accordance with civilized standards.”

    No mystery at all, Fred. It serves the interests of the ruling class.

  2. “There were law-abiding Protestants, law-abiding Catholics in Ireland. Did that stop the violence?”

    Great articles, it is coming and it is uptempo from where we were. I think as planned by those who need Chao so they can reach for more Ordo. But Fred is correct, we are danger close to a tipping event and i’m frankly shocked we haven’t hit one yet. Sooner or later the wrong shop door will get kicked in and hell will follow.

    My heart is saddened by what is coming, hell what’s already here. You stupid bastards playing this game have badly underestimated. Quiet resolve is not fear.

  3. Thomas J Krumenacker

    He needs suspenders and a neck tie preferably a 3/4″ rope for the neck tie

  4. thesouthwasrght

    Here’s how it’s gonna go:
    Step 1 is already under way.
    Step 2 whites are going to display the fact that when Africans riot cities burn, when whites riot continents burn.
    Step 3 what is left of the blacks will be rushing to the police they so hate to save them
    Step 4 could go any number of directions

    All I do know is that when the white backlash comes it is gonna be of an order malik Zulu Shabazz and his tribesmen will have never had the cognizant capabilities to grasp. In other words, bad, very bad.

  5. “This time, to judge by the internet, whites are getting angry. Sales of guns to whites are way up. Not good. ”
    Wrong, Fred. Very good….

  6. “Again, the question: Should the country enforce the law, which would likely lead to a continent-wide insurrection? ”
    Is this supposed to be a problem? Sounds like the solution to me….

  7. Fred can be hit or miss, but he’s usually interesting, frequently funny, and absolutely nails this one out of the park.

  8. outlawpatriot

    Been to West Virginia lately? Lotsa white people collecting a government check there. Pretty sure Mississippi falls in that category too. Maine. South Carolina. There are eleven states where citizens collecting checks outnumber those who work. It ain’t just black folk. 🙂

  9. I need to buy MORE AMMO.

  10. outlawpatriot


  11. outlawpatriot, I guess you were absent from Statistics 101 Day 1 when ‘sample size’ was explained. A country population size trumps any state population size. It’s one of those ‘size matters’ things.

  12. Aesop Amen.
    Lincoln would have chose Option 2. That American Africans’ best option was to go back to Africa (but sending blacks to Central America was cheaper).

  13. What % of black folk are on government assistance? What % of white folk are on government assistance?

    Yeah, there are more sheer numbers of whites on government assistance because white greatest outnumber blacks. But let’s look at the %.

  14. That just proves that grifters and deadbeats come in all shapes and sizes. There is nevertheless something uniquely pathological about the black population, particularly when viewed against the 50+ years worth of set asides, special considerations, “free” this and “free” that. I’m from the South, I know a thing or two about the trashiest of white trash trailer parks, but even in those I have never been unduly afraid of imminent death or bodily harm. Can’t say that about ‘groid areas.

  15. A tropical race with no capability for delayed gratification or ability to mentally project more than 2 or 3 iterations into the future has no idea what it is in for when it finally rouses into anger the men whose ancestors were hardened in the freezing northern latitudes. It was cold, cloudy Europe that went out to colonize the planet, and that was no accident of history either. The white man’s self-loathing is the only thing protecting them, and there’s not an infinite supply of that left.

  16. Well shit, the greatest looter of them all is the usurper in chief.
    That was his purpose.
    What you see.


    As it has been opined here many times before, your skin color will be your uniform. Plan accordingly. Do not listen to the women or the girly-men. Be ready to do what is necessary to protect yourself and your property. Bleib ubrig.

  18. SemperFi, 0321

    A self curing problem, they just don’t realize it yet.
    As I keep pointing out, somehow 13% does not register with these math challenged people, they still think they’re going to kick our asses and take over, like in Africa, you know.

  19. They was kangz, you know.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. Jimmy the Saint

    The guy in the picture, or the author of the article? 🙂

  22. 314,

    Last I checked better than 51% of all “working” Amerikans were “working” at a job as .gov employees. So, black, white, pink or fucking polka-dotted….almost every swinging Richard in this formerly great nation, is on the government teat.

    It is all going to come crashing down….sooner than later.

  23. Jimmy the Saint

    Walter Sowell made a similar point. The blacks who seek a racial war are fooled by the fact that when they look around, they see legions of similar people. That’s because they tend to live in concentrated areas. They’re used to being a local supermajority. However, as soon as they violently move out of their conclaves, they will very quickly understand what “13% of the population” means.

    There was a survey about who each ethnic group wanted as neighbors. Unsurprisingly, each group wanted to live amongst their own. However, when asked their second choice, all groups (except whites, who chose asians) wanted whites. When asked who their last choice would be, all groups (except blacks, who chose asians) did not want blacks.

  24. Jimmy the Saint

    Depending upon who wins in November, there’s a white bitch who could very well easily put him to shame.

  25. Being from the South too, I totally agree Owen.

    But now BLM warns WHITE PEOPLE it’s riot time if Trump wins, if that’s not a good excuse to vote for Trump I don’t know what is.

    Now I have a potential use for my 100rnd mags. Whenever you fucking niggas feel froggy just go ahead and take a leap in my AO. A couple of good mobile ambushes with pickup trucks and this crap MIGHT stop.

    Grey Ghost

  26. All history can say is — When blacks beat the drums, they burn down a neighborhood or two. When whites beat the drums, whole continents go up in ashes. I know which side I am on.

  27. Heh, you fucking know it Jimmy.
    She already does, it’s why she is universally despised by the deplorable’s.
    But as Mike Vanderboegh said “it is always good to be despised by the despicable.”
    That way you know your resisting and defying is working.

  28. Stealth Spaniel

    I find it very interesting, that as soon as the Black Caucus member gets the opportunity, they move as far into that HOA white neighborhood as they can get. Of course, they want everyone to know that they represent blacks………

  29. Hey I’m from West by God Virginia, assistance checks not withstanding, and you can thank the carpet bagger scum like Rockefeller and Rahall for purposefully creating a welfare roll to try and destroy the culture and traditions of WV people, I don’t see anybody burning down their cities or killing white people and cops here.
    In fact, it’s peaceful and civilized compared to the outside world, rest of the country could learn a thing or two how a civil society of dirt people manages to get along quite well on their own. As an aside, lot of dirt people here are kind of getting an itchy trigger finger about those sort of shit stirrer’s.
    Ol’Remus is from these parts. And we passed constitutional carry protections this year thank you very much.

  30. It’s nice to finally be vindicated for the truth Race Realists have known for some time.

    Imagine what you’ll know in another calendar year.

    Keep it up blacks. You’re doing more to wake up Whites than we have done in the last 40 years. Well done.

  31. Dark Side of the Moon

    West Virginia is a wonderful state. Was there many years ago in a poor white town. Felt totally safe.

  32. Good catch. Fred is still playing the Omniscient narrator game – as if he doesn’t have a stake in who wins. He does.

  33. SPC Grimes: Why are they burning tires???

    SGT Eversmann: Signals to the militia, that we’re coming…

  34. Yes, he does have a dog in this fight, even from Mexico. The Mexican economy rides on the coat-tails of American productivity by supplying raw materials and raw labor.

  35. European American

    He’s a Mulatto and he was born in Seattle Wa.
    Watch “Dreams From My Real Father”.

  36. Confederate miner

    First we take out the black problem then on to the real criminals. Hopefully the former will be quick. That way we aren’t fighting a two front war

  37. Very profound statement

  38. Therefore, our side should respond in the winter.

  39. He’s a Kenyan and was born in Nairobi.
    Search British colonial birth records from Kenya for 1961, for one Burraq Soetero.
    Unlike the Senator from Kenya, some nameless British foreign service clerk wasn’t angling for higher political office when he recorded things for posterity.