GoV: Forget Hate Speech — Now it’s “Message Crimes”


And don’t this madness will be limited to the Old Countries.

From where do you think the collectivism plague originated?

5 responses to “GoV: Forget Hate Speech — Now it’s “Message Crimes”

  1. I am amused, but completely unsurprised, that Gates of Vienna, a blog allegedly concerned about the overrunning of Christian Europe, properly impugns “Islamophobia,” but not the ritual epithet “antisemitism.” After all, which tribe already defeated formerly Christian Europe?

  2. FrozenPatriot

    There are positive higher-order consequences to this one. Removing the venting mechanism of speech — especially public speech — will cause the pressure to build quickly in those opposed to the left and their thought police. Those who previously never considered acting on what they know to be true will consider the natural consequences of their inaction, especially since the empire and their stormtroopers are active protecting the criminal elements and scourges of society. Decentralized, creative actions against the muzloids, kneegrows, trannies, etc. will then be the new modus operandi. A pissed off, distributed, highly-ingenuitive populous with a newly-discovered backbone and a pegged pissed-o-meter is not the sort of enemy .gov and their enforcers should be seeking…

  3. A favorite tactic of communists is to change the meanings of words.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Next will be thoughtcrime/precrime tech… you’ve been warned.

    Grey Ghost