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  1. Laugh your ass of, it’ll feel good. We all bleed red. Good luck in your easy bake oven there skippy.


    Dudes in nomex balaclavas r skeery.

    • I love how those clowns left two rifles against that garage door then turned their backs. All someone had to do was sneak around behind them, pick up a rifle and boom, officers had a bad day. Assclowns.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The police are militarizing themselves rapidly.

    The populace are arming themselves rapidly.

    What would be the logical conclusion arrived at by any logical person?

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Viewed on a Folsom PD car today, painted in black against a lovely gold background:
    Duty to Protect
    Honor to Serve.
    Make your own joke.

  5. That would make a good ad for a door lock company. Whatever brand that is, I WANT ONE.

  6. Good god, what a goat fuck. Crackerjack trained. FYI, those low door posts, you anchor in front of your doors, low really do work well. Proofs in the pudding for tac man do” swinging the door knocker.

    AND the fucking Tard, left his unsecured m4 leaning against the neighbors garage door. That truly is switched on shit right their.


  7. I hate the trophy shots. Who are they hunting anyway.

  8. They won’t be so confident when us vets start plying our trades.

    We have all the same gear, actually know how to use it -because we lived it, and won’t be so concerned about getting home after an 8 hour shift.

    These fucks want a war with The People?

  9. These jackasses probably can’t even find the right address but they are geared up. I guess a warrant would be outta the question.

    Grey Ghost

  10. When the militarized, but badly trained cops run up against combat veterans, what happens?

  11. Well, the REMF’ers gotta work somewhere when they ETS…….


    Sad and ridiculous. If those ninja-wannabes had met with some clever and serious resistance, they would be dead or pensioned off by now. I did not detect any rear-area security. They are lucky the camera person did not have a 10-22 with a high capacity magazine to pepper them in their fat asses. That time will be coming soon.

  13. FBI loses more respect from the public Every week now, AS they SHOULD, what a steaming pile they have become. The people will end up smoking those Phuckers.

  14. If you spend anytime at all at pensiontsunami you’ll see why the biggest battles are already being waged between the public pension slugs and the free shit army. The public employees have looted the all the big city budgets. With Obama bringing in as many third world refugees as he can, he has created a horrific scenario. The refugees and the free shit army are fighting for the leftover scraps of health care, food stamps and education dollars the pension slugs fling to them. In Illinois there are dozens of municipalities that spend 100% of all property taxes on pensions. On top of stealing from the free shit army, the cops are instituting the Ferguson effect, were by they stand by and let the inner cities go wild with crime.
    The Patriots need to leave the inner city food chain. They need to triangulate away from the two warring legions. Even a small recession will be cataclysmic to the big city budgets. Illinois, like Europe, is gone. Trumka has already said he is weaponizing the public unions. This is like WW2. Amerika and England let Stalin and Hitler slaughter each other then picked up the pieces. Patriots have to do the same.

  15. Being used to putting down random “shopping days” from the Free Shit Army, the first time some bunch of boys in balaclavas meets some co-ordinated and serious-as-a-heart-attack resistance from someone with the tiniest bit of foresight, the initial Waco raid will look like a fond wish, and they’ll run like scalded cats, crying for their mommas, and wishing they’d become tractor salesmen and census takers. They will probably fold at a speed which will put Saddam’s army to shame. because no one wants to play Washington Generals against Harlem Globetrotters day in and day out, when the stakes are permanent.

    And then it’s on, for everyone, 24/7, at least in those municipalities where they’ve spent decades digging a chasm between themselves and the people they’re policing, on purpose. Which is about 75% of them, by wild guess.

    Don’t be in a paradise of urban yutes, come that day.