Cato: Trump’s Economic Plan Faces Well-Deserved Ridicule


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  1. Exporting a half-trillion or more dollars every year in foreign trade draws down our capital–and allows foreign purchases of all manner of domestic properties, whether real estate or corporations. Trump may not be fully correct, but he’s not totally wrong.

    He’s wrong on tariffs, however. The results of Smoot/Hawley in the 1930s and the destructive trade wars that developed show the effects.

    • My view as well except I disagree with you on tariffs in the status quo. We can’t make it more expensive to hire Americans and then ask those Americans to complete with Chinese.

      It’s interesting to me the public has no problem with regulations for companies in the US (because “evil greedy corps”) but no expectations for foreign entities. Imagine if the gift that is the ACA, with all it’s mandates, was applied to any Chinese company (subsidiaries of Beijing) that wanted to sell goods in the US? Imagine if EPA regs were applied to ME oil producers?

    • Desertrat,

      You free trading globalists always blame Smoot-Hawley as an excuse to continue the economic destruction of what little remains of the Republic. The fact is Smoot-Hawley did not cause or continue the Depression. During the many of the 15 years S-W was in effect the Gross Domestic Product actually grew.

      As I stated earlier….you free trade bastards need a short rope and a tall tree.

    • Trade Wars? You mean competition? I though you were in favor of that? Why did they end? We capitulated – to the benefit of a few and the ruin of the many.

      I believe in peace thru strength. We bargain as a nation with other nations, not as greedy individuals who speak for no one but themselves and their shareholders.

  2. Not sure I agree with the writer on this. Aggressive business negotiations and actions are what’s needed at this point in history.

    Take away the Ds and Rs, the names, the posturing, the bluster, and the shenanigans. This country needs a business mind to head the executive branch. Nothing less will do.

    If we go career politician, we die. Plain and simple.

  3. European American

    Fuck anybody that can’t handle The Egotistical Donald. It’s either him, with his unabashed, honest style, or the vile, hideously corrupt, pathologically lying, venomously demonic, possessed Queen Bitch and her satanic cult following. I’ll take the amazing Trump any day, and I’ll put up with his flaws.

    • Trump is a louse and a con-artist. If Trump wins, idjits like yourself – suffering from extreme Buyers’ Remorse – will have to be put on suicide watch. But I wouldn’t bother

  4. ALCON,

    The author of the CATO essay K. Willie Watson, is another flaming, fucking globalist. He attacks Mr. T. for wanting to export MORE than we take in. I guess for Watson it’s all about Amerikans unable to even manufacture paper clips and just keep putting more people on the welfare rolls.

    In fUSA today we manufacture almost nothing of consequence. Of course there are globalists here at WRSA, who will M-F me for wanting this formerly great nation to be the manufacturing empire it once was. But, the loss of manufacturing has led fUSA to become the debtor nation it now is.

    Contrary to the negro Lester Holt’s opening, Demo-spin talking points to open the first debate between Mr. T and Crooked Hillary, this economy is in the toilet. As Holt introduced 100 million viewers to the Demo-spin that the economy is wonderful courtesy the illegal Kenyan, i.e., the Democrats, i.e., Hillary “Crooked” Klinton who will keep the Demo-controlled economy humming like her homeboy Barry…..the fact of the matter is the economy is in the shitter. Contrary to the mantra of the free traders.

    What the Demorat negro Holt didn’t tell the audience is there are more than 91,000,000 working age fUSA citizens who can’t find work. He didn’t tell the audience there are more adult Amerikans living under the roof of their parent’s home than at any time in recent memory. The Democrat, MSM spinmeister didn’t tell the viewers how more Amerikans are having their meals supplemented with fucking food stamps. What the Hillary-sucking Holt didn’t tell the audience is the fact that Amerika has accumulated a trade DEFICIT with the Chinese Communists to the tune of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS ! ! ! That doesn’t include the trade deficits we have with other nations like the Japs, the Frogs, etc., etc. etc.

    As Mr. Trump tells Amerika, Free Trade is killing this nation. The globalists like essay author Watson and WRSA’s occasional commenter Grenadier1 want you to believe….Free Trade is good. Dissenters to Free Trade are stupid and dunces. We should all be adherents to ECON 101….correct Gren1 ?

    Globalists and globalism. It simply means the outsourcing of good wages from Amerikans to workers in other countries working for less wages and less benefits.

    Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, Most Favored Nation status, Permanent Normal Trade Relations. These are trade agreements instituted by Amerikan ruling elites….federal politicians and POTUS’ going back to Jimma Carter, to ultimately destroy Amerika. To bring Amerikan wages and prosperity DOWN to levels commensurate with the rest of the world. Their efforts are nearly complete.

    Free traders and their globalist enablers are your enemy. Each and every one of them should have their necks stretched. Preferably with rope made from imported hemp.

    Where are your children, grandchildren going to work and earn a family-sustaining wage ? How will your offspring live their golden years if they can’t find work NOW to earn a pension and save for retirement ? How are YOU going to be able to live a decent retirement ? Think about it. Think.

    Do your push-ups today. Put a magazine load downrange this weekend. TRY to buy an Amerikan made product (Federal ammo, not TULA).

    Support Donald J. Trump….you have EVERYTHING to lose with the criminal Klinton in the West Wing. And….

    Never give up your guns.

    • Yes Dan Free trade is good.
      You often leave out the part that matters however, free trade into a country implies that we are trading on equal terms.
      Problem is that we do not.
      You always mistake my support for free trade as support for the current situation with say China.
      I have never supported that type of engagement. That’s not free trade.
      I support tariffs in theory, where the target country is conducting unequal trading practices such as China, but maybe you can explain why the policies that you advocate have lead to such retarded practices as this.

      Ford manufactures the Transit work van in Turkey.
      However because of government intervention in trade via a regulation on the import of work vans, Ford builds the vans as passenger vans.
      They import them into Baltimore, drive them to a storage lot and conversion facility. Then they strip out all of the passenger components and convert them into work vans. The passenger components are not even sent back to Turkey they are just cut up and recycled.
      How by any stretch of the imagination does that make sense?

      Yes I would love the US to become a manufacturing powerhouse as it was in the last century. There are ways to do that which do not require us to destroy the freedom and liberty of free trade. We could start by building products that people actually wanted at a cost they could afford.
      Its about being consistent, you cant advocate for freedom and liberty if you advocate for a government strong enough to enact crippling business regulations on trade with other countries.

      • Not happening.

        I watched during the last decade, as shops and factories in Detroit dis-assembled massive pieces of machinery and 3 story-high presses, crated them up, and sent them to china – never to return.

        It’s over.

      • Capitalism thrives on coolie labor. Americans can’t compete with slaves without becoming slaves themselves. So? So we shouldn’t. That’s where the tariff comes in to save us. We don’t NEED any other country. If we trade, we trade from a position of strength. I know it’s bitter – but that what a Nation is – a Collective Bargainer, a Union.

        The Upper Class has always understood collective bargaining. It’s what they do after all. Of course they demonize it for everyone else.

      • Grenadier 1,

        “Free trade is good”. No. It is not.

        Fair trade is good.

        More later….have to go.

        • True free trade is fair trade Dan that’s what I am telling you. You have been reading what the globalist call free trade, but they are full of shit. That’s not true free trade.

  5. CA,

    Your “Sad” link sends one to read a screed against Donald J. Trump by Libertarian Eric Peters. Peters whining about Trump being a collectivist while he, himself has written and promoted for years, automotive products manufactured in foreign lands and imported to fUSA. Peters is a hypocrite of the highest sort and a Hillary Klinton supporter.

    Fuck Eric Peters !

    • Did you even read the piece? Does the following even remotely sound like a “Hillary Klinton supporter”?
      But there are certain critical things he must do in order to recover from this debate which wasn’t (there must be disagreement for it to be a debate):
      If he states unequivocally that the government of a free society has no business forcing people to purchase health insurance and, accordingly, will if elected do everything in his power to repeal – not replace – Obamacare, I will reconsider my decision to stay home on election day.
      If he defends the principle that citizens of a free society have a right to not be stopped, searched or otherwise molested if they haven’t done something to indicate they’ve committed a crime, I will reconsider my decision to stay home on election day.
      If he states unequivocally that individual citizens have an absolute right to armed self-defense (no quibbling about “sportsmen”) and that he will nominate only men and women who understand and support that principle, as enshrined in the Second Amendment, I will reconsider my decision to stay home on election day.
      If he states unequivocally that the proper role of the armed forces is the defense of the United States – not offensive operations to establish global hegemony – I will reconsider my decision to stay home on election day.
      These are the minimums Donald must deliver, if he means to have the support of people like myself who have had it with everything embodied by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama regime – a singular entity that has ruled the country for a generation. [emphasis in original]

      And if you think there’s anything wrong with “automotive products manufactured in foreign lands”, you’re a “hypocrite of the highest sort”:
      “If you are opposed to the welfare state and its use of the threat of violence to get into other people’s wallets, then you had better oppose tariffs, import quotas, and all other restraints of trade between people on two sides of an invisible line called a national border.”

  6. The fact that the NEOCONS hate trump this much tells me that he may be the best thing to happen to this country in 250 years.

  7. Horse crap…the quality of that article would in past times not even be qualified to serve as liner for my birdcage…if I had one. The links are worse. Libertarians are the biggest bunch of butt hurt babies in the world. Grow the hell up.

  8. (((CATO Institute)))


  9. I’m always in favor of me some good old fashion trade negotiations. The one’s where we give away everything willy-nilly and they stab us in the back, twist the knife and smile and we say ‘More please.’
    That first page was a sucky half/non answer. ‘Oh, that’s bad.’ “And just how is that bad ?” ‘Oh, it’s bad.’
    The same intellectual idiots have been running this mess for decades, it gets no better and we get no better results.
    But it’s so wrong to try something different.

  10. Are you not entertained?

  11. Please note that for the most of my short life I would have/did describe myself as a sort of Anarcho-Capitalist with deep traditionalist leanings. (Warning: Language)

    Fantasy and Reality, which will you choose? The life and preservation of the West and its cultures or universalism/internationism without self determination, which will you choose?

    This is all complete mental masturbation as there is no such thing as free trade except in the fantasy sense.

    This simple truth kills the whole argument. Until there is a completely level playing field, there is no free trade.

    As most countries view themselves as nation-states with national interests, it will ALWAYS be this way unless there is a One World Governmental body.

    It seems that only the West is not allowed to seek its own best interests.

    One side is playing the trade war and the West is lying down and spreading its collective legs.

    When someone speaks the magic spell of free trade, they should be slapped accordingly. They are mentally masturbating to their own theoretical musings of a utopian/fantasy world and nothing more.

    Free trade is internationalism/universalism. All cultures will have to be subsumed for it to exist (the benefit of the free movement of labour – mass immigration)

    Free trade is utopian mind bullshit. Free trade is anti-West. As a former AnCap, I can’t believe how long it took me to see what an autiste I was in this. Now I look at those who still believe this bullshit and wonder how can the intelligent be so damn stupid. They are either too involved with the theory and not the real world, or this is the other side of the communist/marxist coin as a Hegelian mambo death dance for the West.

    • Thank you, and bless your awakening. May it be an example to others lost in theory and pipe dreams.

    • Yes, free trade means everyone has the right to become a coolie and campesino wandering the world looking for work. How could people be so stupid to ever entertain this globalist crap? The Nation is opposed to all of this. We favor our own. Those who send jobs out of the country are traitors, pure and simple – and should face social ruin and financial ruin.

      Your humility is refreshing. That is what will save us – the willingness to admit we were wrong. Whites are very, very cerebral and very, very individualistic which obviously means a tendency towards selfishness. These three in tandem are a fatal combination in this day and age.

  12. There are less the 10,000,000 manufacturing workers in this country today. But we have over 20,000,000 government employees.
    Unless we start making shit here again all the intellectual posturing is irrelevant. We’ll remain a slave to our government and the foreign powers that out-think them.

    • Most of those manufacturing jobs probably exist because of govt contracts. If by they’d be outsourced already. Just look at the freedom loving patriotic gun industry. A company can fold quickly if it’s not propped up by defense contracts.

  13. Cato Institute is a Globalist shill funded by the Koch brothers…Cato even argues for open borders, which means the death of America….That’s Cato’s Economic Plan…..

  14. But he’s the “Lesser of two evils”.

  15. Macroeconomics is a sophisticated academic rationalization for government intervention in the market. Cato is filled with globalist fantasists and limited government fetishists but ANYTHING the government Orcs in DC do will damage people’s economic well-being and not help it whether under Hillibat or Trump.

    Central planning is empirically a failure and morally bankrupt out of the gate.

    Bill Buppert

  16. wealthy farmer

    “He believes that trade is good for the United States only if we export more than we import and that trade relations are a contest between countries, which we are losing because they sell more stuff to us than we sell to them. ”
    Um–well actually, yeah, the D is correct on this one, depending on how you define the word ‘good’ (apologies to the great trash-lawyer William J. Clinton.) In this instance I take ‘good’ to signify the greatest beneficial economic effect for the greatest number of AMERICAN workers. A stiff wall of tariffs FORCES domestic investment in PLANT, PROPERTY and EQUIPMENT. Combined with credible enforcement of our immigration laws this will result in JOBS for americans. Easy peasy. Steel made in Youngstown. Cars made in Detroit. Textiles made New England. That sort of thing, you know, MAKING STUFF.
    Exhibit A: The 19th century in America-STIFF tariffs on imported manufactured goods were DELIBERATELY imposed to 1) develop domestic manufacturing capacity 2) PROTECT fledgling industries from cheap-labor competition 3) Free and empower the USA from its original role as a market colony of Britain. This strategy is STILL used by every country in east Asia.

    Exhibit B: Postwar Germany rose from the cratered-out ruins to become a manufacturing powerhouse by 1) protecting domestic markets from foreign competition 2) Embracing the value-added economic model. As a result, areas of Germany that were, for example, textile leaders 150 years ago are STILL textile leaders, only now they manufacture the most advanced textiles on earth, and their line factory workers have the equivalent of PhD’s in process control and automation.

    Globalists want us to revert to the status of a dependent people in a huge market colony. They have so far been masters at harnessing our baser instincts, especially SLOTH, to remake us (the American people) into degraded, degenerate fatties on scooters in COSTCO. Trump is a ray of hope..

    • Yes, the tariff is the nation builder and maintainer. England flooded the world with its goods, but Napoleon was strong enough to blockade European ports allowing to Europe to catch up. China wasn’t strong enough to keep out the Anglo-Jewish opium dealers (the Sassoons) and suffered horribly.

  17. Appprox 100 words from some clown from cato is not a compelling argument. (Never Trump-er?) The majority of his support is from those that think our trade policy is not in the best interest of the American people but some global economic voodoo that us mouth breathers can’t understand. If Trump should win and he raises tarrifs and tries to renegotiate trade deals that have handicapped our economy for decades that is how democracy works. The majority has spoken at the ballot box and would be refreshing if he actually does what we ellected him to do. Hillery on the the ither hand…

  18. Shinmen Takezo

    The CATO conspiracy is a nut-job Libertarian shill organization.

    “Free Trade” to them is a religion on par with Scientology.
    But in fact free trade is just a liscence to economically strip mine the USA.
    Very few people benifit (other than the slobs who exist off of the 99 cent stores) from the open-border, free trade bullshit… other than the mega corporations which literally make trillions of dollars off of these trade deal.

    Fuck the people at CATO.
    Let them all go and eat shit for a while.

    • You and all the other posters on this thread need to ask themselves a couple of questions.

      Is it any of your business what products I purchase?
      Is it any of your business what those products cost?
      Is it any of your business where those products come from?

      The answer to those three questions will tell you a lot about what type of person you are.
      If you think the answer to those questions is Yes then you have no concept of what freedom is.
      If you answer no, then you might want to actually read up and understand what free trade actually is.
      Why is free trade treated like a religion by liberty minded people? Because trade and property go hand in hand and they are the foundation for freedom and liberty. If you do not have property then you are not free, if you do not have the freedom to trade that property in a manner that you deem acceptable then you are not free.
      That so many of you seek to limit the ways and means that people conduct commerce in this country should be a wake up call to anyone that thinks for a second that we can all get on the same page in the “FREEFOR” community. After we have killed all the communist /progressive shit bags I guess Dan III and his ilk will come for people like me and I will just have to keep on killing fascist shit bags.

      • Dan III is right about you.

        You’ll be part of the 100-200 million…

        • Yeah well it will probably be because I am out actually killing OPFOR and not riding a little dingy in a lake with you and Dan III so I got that going for me.

      • Why yes it is my business who YOU do business with when you choose to do business with countries whose attitudes towards it’s own people is a couple of notches above slavery. Yes it is my business when people like you enact policies that see our ability to manufacture critical infrastructure items shipped overseas, losing the talent and equipment to sustain life here if we should find ourselves in a war with them or their allies. If you don’t believe that to be the case realize that most of our transformers are now made overseas…we no longer have the capability to make them ourselves. Weeeeee…

        It is my business when butt-hurt libertarians dance all over my ability to have borders and a country that I recognize…press four for pidgen english eh?

        • It’s not people like me enacting policies that ship jobs overseas. For starters the jobs belong to those willing to take the risks and invest the capital. You want to make critical electrical components here in the US then invest the millions to set up a factory to do it. You would be out of business before you ran the first batch. There are anti business regulations in place that probably shut you down and have nothing to do with price or tariff. I am only speaking in terms of the price associated with labor. We have not even addressed the destructive regulations that really drive business overseas. I do not support that at all nor do libertarians.

          For the record I do not support an open border either.

  19. Its like the 19th century on this thread.

    A smart man once said
    “If authentic free trade ever looms on the policy horizon, there’ll be one sure way to tell. The government/media/big-business complex will oppose it tooth and nail. We’ll see a string of op-eds “warning” about the imminent return of the nineteenth century. Media pundits and academics will raise all the old canards against the free market, that it’s exploitative and anarchic without government “coordination.” The establishment would react to instituting true free trade about as enthusiastically as it would to repealing the income tax.

    In truth, the bipartisan establishment’s trumpeting of “free trade” since World War II fosters the opposite of genuine freedom of exchange. The establishment’s goals and tactics have been consistently those of free trade’s traditional enemy, “mercantilism” — the system imposed by the nation-states of sixteenth to eighteenth century Europe.”

    You are all right to rail against the globalists, but advocating free trade is not a globalist position. y By speaking against free trade you are advocating the very system the globalists are trying to put into place. They are calling for strict government control over international commerce. They profess all manner of benefits and call it all kinds of great sounding names but it is in fact cronyism and fascism.
    You are all advocating for the government to do the thing that you cannot do on your own.
    You are telling me that I as a consumer cannot freely choose to purchase products manufactured overseas, that if I do that I must pay and artificially inflated price because you deserve to make more money at your job manufacturing the same product. You are advocating that the government step in and protect your job because you cannot compete with foreign workers in a free market. Thats protectionism. Thats anti-liberty and that is anti-freedom.
    You cannot see that the system put into place to support such government intervention will grow and be manipulated by the very globalist enemies that you are warning of?
    Trade is not a zero sum game. People engage in trade because they both see a benefit. Its not one side seeing all of the gain. That is the current system we have in place with countries such as China and Mexico. We see the benefit in lower cost goods but we do not gain any access to their market due to protections they put into place.
    Again putting tariffs in place is not in theory a bad thing if it is done to respond to closed markets. If it is used as a weapon to open doors and in a carrot and stick approach. But building the highly regulated, taxed and controlled systems that you all seem to be suggesting is the very thing the globalist want.

    • So when (not if) we go to war, who will make even something as lowly as the uniform ? 99% of our textile capability is gone. Where we gonna get the steel ? Tire makers ? It’s a long list.
      There are things that could be done to bring manufacturing back to the US.
      The FairTax would be one, since we have the highest corporate tax in the world. Dissolve the EPA and OSHA (both are Republican ideas). No minimum wage.

  20. So what did we do for the first two hundred years of our trading with the world. The trades that made us a world power. The people at CATO are kiss-ass one-worlders that want to manipulate the market for guys like Soros and Buffet.

    Trump should not renegotiate but tear up all agreements and slap a tariff on everybody but the poorest nations.

    • Well said. Let’s trade for luxuries but build and produce everything we really need. That’s real power and freedom. What can we do against China, whom we given so much of our substance? Utter madness. Capitalism and Communism work together against free peoples. The Bankers financed the Communist Revolutions after all. But if that is acknowledged, then we have to talk about Jews – another verboten subject for “Conservatives” like Ted Cruz and his demented followers.

  21. Eric Peters can have some good commentary on cars and the insanity of big gov regulations but he is far to0 much of a Libertarian sperg to take too seriously beyond those issues. Perhaps I’m too jaded after many libertarians told me to tone down my extreme rhetoric/hyperbole over obamacare to care that they freak out over the imperfect Trump.

    As for CATO… SSDD for them.

  22. “He [Trump] believes that trade is good for the United States only if we export more than we import and that trade relations are a contest between countries, which we are losing because they sell more stuff to us than we sell to them.”

    K. William Watson is a virtue-signalling clown.

    Fifty+ years of this insanity, leading to the current situation, isn’t enough to convince these lunatics that their irrational near-religious dedication to horrendously destructive trade policies have all but destroyed the country, and that these masochistic trade policies need to end?

    The only way they could rationally still support such demonstrably destructive policies, is if their actual goal is wildly different from their stated goal.

  23. Aaron Burr did the right thing – only about 20 years too late.

  24. ‘Free trade’ is a Marxist concept. True free trade doesn’t need secret negotiations and reams of lawyer speak. Just mailed a buddy a $126 item overseas, it would cost him $255 dollar equivalent where he is. Free trade means zero govt. intervention but if the other side is putting cost on your trade you have a right and duty to do same. Prices will balance out right quick then.
    Libertarians have been promoting a plank of the Marx catechism for decades now . Time to get real. Fuck these hacks ‘working ‘ in Wall st funded ‘institutes’.
    Trump is a shambling narcaccist but like an MG gunner at night he is getting hits in.

  25. True “Free trade” can exist only in the ABSENCE of government regulation. Not only import/export barriers, but also consumer protection schemes, attempts to regulate voluntary exchanges of labor and compensation, idiotic energy & pollutant mandates, hire the least qualified dictates, and so on. Including so called intellectual property rights AKA MONOPOLIES by dictate.</b/

    It seems likely that this country has NEVER experienced real unfettered trade. Political restrictions have only expanded. For an example, look at the Lacey Act, and amendments. One cannot begin to know if an item is prohibited from possession or import, "without license".

  26. “But Trump’s refusal on Monday to disagree with Hillary in any fundamental way about the legitimate authority of the state – his piddling with her over how the state’s authority would be imposed by him rather than her – makes the idea of getting out of bed on Election Day seem pretty pointless.

    They had elections in the old Soviet Union, too.”


  27. Stealth Spaniel

    I will do ANYTHING to deny Hildabeast her seat on the Presidential Throne. I don’t care. It is all going to hell in a hand basket and I’d rather have Trump as the mad doctor resuscitating the dead USA, than the incompetant Vaginitas anywhere near the corpse. I also know that Trump will not joyfully nuke the Russians, whereupon we are all shiny & bright. I am NOT with her!

  28. “Economists” may chew on my hairy nut sack. They are 21st century astrologists.My fifteen year old Catahoola hound dog is smarter and more accurate than the self-inflated shitbags.

  29. Neither Hillary’s nor Trump’s plan comes even within shouting distance of Austrian Economics. They are both fraudulent and embarrassingly stupid.

  30. BTW, people are not electing Trump due to his perspicacity in economics.