Crazy? Or Just Delusional?


Wretchard looks at the Trump/Clinton showdown.

As does Thomas Sowell.

Interesting times.

27 responses to “Crazy? Or Just Delusional?

  1. Wretchard sounds close to the truth. Revolution certainly does look insane – until you consider the alternative. Americans traditionally have a problem with authority. It’s our best feature.

    Sowell? You can always tell a conservative. A conservative is someone who thinks Benghazi was important, but he can’t tell you why. And conservatives love government solutions like charter schools. Heaven forbid that anyone should homeschool their kid.

    • Which Amerikans do u speak of? The swaths with blue painters tape on their car windows? Amerikans love authority and would have no idea what to do with themselves if there didn’t have such chains.

    • Right on Paul, us dirt people make for a basket of deplorable slaves. They go to great lengths to remind us of that truth about us, and even greater efforts to enslave us regardless. All to no avail, much to their consternation and frustration. It isn’t who are the sheeple that counts, it is who isn’t going to bend a knee that matters. It is a legitimacy thing. No matter what marxist bullshit they pull on us, it isn’t working to well. In fact, if anything, there isn’t a narrative big enough, or a false flag evil enough to stem the rise of the honorable resistance and good old fashioned because fuck you that’s why defiance of the dirt people.
      Which kind of brings us to something germane to what is going down.

      Listen for the dog that doesn’t bark.
      It is the pivotal thing that is both delusional and insane.
      These guys writing this stuff are missing something crucial here.
      The barren Vagina is pivotal. The delusional and the insane have placed everything on her becoming the next globalist in chief. The entire ruse of legitimacy has all narrowed down to a murdering criminal crime syndicate and psychopath of a crone being the installed presumptive gateway leader of the destruction, the final days of this here republic. It all rides on her assuming the throne. It is the nexus. And a basket of Deplorable’s, and our Great Fuck You in the form of Donald Trump to that globalist empire, is all that stands in their way.
      This “election” is the last act of appearance of legitimacy in name only of an evil empire set to rule with total impunity if only they can pull off this one last charade of constitutional theater.
      It’s not that that TINVOWOOT, it’s that there was not to be any voting our way out of this whatsoever, even in spirit.
      If they install this bitch, they make a mistake that will cost them everything. It will be the penultimate act of illegitimacy conceivable. Which in a way makes a lot of sense. Their going to need a blood thirsty tyrant to deal with the consequences. She is correct from a tyrants perspective to diktate the disarmament of the people, to bring in the UN for “peacekeeping” purposes, import hundreds of thousands of musloid insurgents, she will need that and more to attempt to impose her tyranny. And to call us homophobes and white supremacists, domestic terrorists, radical right wing insurgents, and Alt-Right bitter clingers, she is spot on. She is signaling who her and her crime syndicate enemies are. Her and her sex pervert husband have always made no bones about who they fear and are a threat to their regime.
      They are just more insane than ever before with their obsession with power and money. And this time, it’s for keeps, no matter what it takes.
      Just the kind of maniacs the globalist’s need in order to enable them to rule the world.

      • For a globalist to have three squares a day he/she must depend on a international economy so that they may jet from one capital to another. Problem is have you checked the Baltic Dry lately? Or the fact that Hanijn is now bankrupt? Or that Chinese firms are frozen in place? Or that Germany’s largest bank is near default and its second largest just laid off 20% of the workforce?

        The legs of the international blue model are crumbling.

  2. Woops, it’s Fernandez, not Wretchard.

  3. Froggy times in store, indeed. The pic is nice, it is calming and provides food for thought.

    Why? Because the other people cannot imagine a day-in-the-life such as that pictured, as ever being pertinent to themselves. They are above such commonness. On the freefor side, there’s plenty of people who can personally relate to that pic.

    From the perspective of owning flyover country, we ask the other people, “How lucky do you feel?” Those folks might want to study up on what happens when the dog catches the car that it’s been chasing.

  4. From Sowell’s piece:

    “Given the advanced ages of various Supreme Court justices, whoever becomes the next President of the United States can expect to have enough appointments to that court to determine the future of American law — and American freedom — for decades after that President’s term of office is over.”

    Fuck that. Nine piece of shit lawyers have no say on freedom, for anyone. It is utterly amazing how “great minds” like Sowell still adhere to this madness. Lionized, as if thier edicts from on high are writtin in gold, not to be questioned by the peons. We must suck on this shit stick with no complaints, and if you do, Officer Break-a-Skull will show you the light. I have dealt with many judges over the years, and the older I get the more stupid and retarded they are, yet they set the standard.

    What murderous insanity this has all become.

    • Yes, indeed. The notion that 9 political appointees in black gowns determine the parameters of American freedom is sickening–and my experience with judges doesn’t contradict yours.

    • Steve Kristmann

      It all boils down to this:

      Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      “Political Leaders…We Don’t Need No Stinkin Political Leaders Here!!!”

      Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

  5. “Mrs. Clinton is the certainty of disaster.” Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’ll hit the debtberg at flank speed, and radicalize millions more White “deplorables” along the way. For the hardRight, manna from heaven. For beltway cucks like [[[Fernandez]]] and {{{Sowell}}}…doom.

  6. America “Lucky”? Not by a long shot, excuse the pun. I respect most leaders in Israel, but this comment is more suited to their State and their friendship with us. Both have fought for existence, but ours from within as no human just said ; here it is.

    As to Dr. Sowell, cannot disagree. He is a giant amongst his peers.

  7. You’d think these guys would get the message by now… TRUMP is the big FUCK YOU to all the asshole politicians who refuse to do what they are supposed to do.

    Hell, Kerry just signed the UN gun control treaty.

    Spicy seems a lot closer now that the LEFTISTS have decided to move unilaterally in an area they should not.

    Grey Ghost

  8. “What Trump supplied, perhaps by accident, was the missing step of an incipient preference cascade. He made it OK to vent the anger many voters didn’t even realize they felt.”

    It was no accident, none of it. That his red hatted maroons think he’s a savior is also part of the plan but PJ is correct that the planners are all riding a tiger. The whole “great men” thing is also complete shite. Cruz et all were rejected not because they were “working within the system” but rather it was clear that they are the system. Politics has failed, you all know what comes next. I wish it weren’t so but there’s a point at which you know there is going to be trouble, you can feel it, we passed that point a long time ago. And ya’ll should be scared down there in the District of Criminals because there isn’t a flippin one of you that is worthy of anything but hemp and a streetlight. Starving the monkeys has an excellent essay on his travels within his local DoC down there and thats pretty much how it is now. Each municipality is a mini DC, they all modeled themselves after the big boys and in some cases are far worse. Just wait til the Trumpets realize they got played. Again, as planned. The jolly roger is up.


      Tom: You are on to something. I have always felt in my gut that The Donald was just an insurance policy for the Hildabeest. Should she somehow lose, the pardon wagon would absolve her, her former Rapist-in-Chief husband, and all of their operatives, useful idiots, and remoras. Folks are still going for The Donald because his brand of snake oil has tapped into the reservoirs of anger, frustration, and hopelessness which permeates most middle- and lower-middle class white voters.
      As far as each municipality being a mini-DC, that is spot on. Even here in Rawles Land, the corrupt political hacks who run Kootenai County are jacking up our property taxes 3%(the maximum under Idaho law) to feed the “law enforcement” Leviathan. Up here they get away with it because the sheeple are still channeling Lee Greenwood. I hope it changes soon.

  9. “From this and his earlier views on China the Israeli evidently believed it was the character of nations rather than the edicts of leaders which determined the course of events.”

    Can someone please define America’s current “character” and why they still believe we’ll continue (or deserve) to be “lucky”?

  10. I think they are all fucking insane. Delusional? You betcha.
    It’s all a closed loop statist circle jerk.
    All the arguments and rationalizations imaginable doesn’t change the truth doing the same thing over and over and over again hoping for different results is an unmitigated disaster: The nation state. It is what’s for insanity.
    The “leaders” of the nation states are like hamsters on a wheel.

  11. I disagree with Fernandez’ characterization of Putin; he’s taken risks aplenty. I think it’s a matter of a PR problem in that western cultures have been conditioned that taking a risk in national interests equals bad (see as example refugee resettlement pushback). Taking more egregious ones in the name of some falsely egalitarian motive in order to facilitate a noble legacy or, worse, covertly support the enemies of your country, equals good. (The only risk there is that you hope to be the one that writes the history of it.)

    Continuing to discern truth amidst information carpet bombing will be a valuable trait. (See above undeniable consequences of Quietus’ dog catching the car.)

  12. wealthy farmer

    Really: Mr. Fernandez is going to wear out his kneepads sucking great man big dick. What a load of fatuous horse shit.

    Obama: elected because 1) he was ‘black’ (black enough for hollywood), and not a dynastic republican trust-funder frat boy moron like the previous disaster. But, sadly he proved himself a passive aggressive islamo-faggot war-mongering-yet-always-elegant blaxploitation bankster muppet, living proof (once again) of the absolute hollow worthlessness of an ivy league education.

    Hillary: Win or Lose, she IS the poison chalice, proffered to our lips like cyanide-laced wine in a ritual of national suicide. Believe me: it’s lose/lose with Lady Maleficent. Her goal is twofold and simple: graduate from hundreds of millions in graft to billions, and kill a whole lotta people-simply because it amuses her when people suffer and die.

  13. Tip; Town Mayor Beaten Unconscious By Locals After Announcing Plan To Welcome Migrants

  14. I parked in front of a Wal*Fart yesterday for about an hour. What a shocking and pathetic excuse of humanity that gathers there. The murkins are so grotesquely fat, filthy, dumb, and sickly looking as they cart in their bags and buggies full of soda and beer returnables with one hand and holding a phone in the other, only to re-emerge from inside with carts full of that disgusting poison and still focusing on their retarded fucking phones.. I can’t bear thinking about it.

    Father in heaven.

    I pray to you to wipe the millions and millions of awful, sinful, and disgraceful obomanations from the face of your wonderful earthly creation. Return these hordes of miserable evil unclean demons from hell back to the fiery pit from whence they came. Have mercy on the handful of decent Americans from your wrath and grant them safety from your mighty righteous judgement. Amen.

    • Perhaps you might move to a place in CONUS where there are better views. I do agree, Michigan does suck from my experience. And you are still there?

      You attitude and resultant viewpoint would likely be improved by a permanent change of station. Pick one. Likely, further west.

  15. And once again, I remind the gentle readers here, that given the widespread acknowledgement of coming Excitement will be such that, careful planning now for the type of govt. structure that we want to erect will prove fruitless. So much will have changed, and so much will have been done, that plans will all get laid to dust. Not to mention the all important state of peoples (survivors) minds will come to the fore. To be sure, the lust for freedom and prosperity will remain. Revolutions have a funny way of being hijacked on the way to Utopia, and usually by the Bad People.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Amazing huh, everyone seems to think that after the elections the country will turn a new leaf, and things will start turning nice again.
      Keep dreaming……’s all you got.
      Denial alleviates you any need to prepare for a shitstorm.

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