FNC: Desperation’s Extreme Alternatives


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Interesting times.

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  1. The problem with trying to replace the immense impact of the media and press with a bunch of rioters is that people don’t fear some pointy-headed twit on the TV, or behind a word-processor. There is, however, a visceral fear of a bunch of angry people (particularly if from another racial group) burning and pillaging throughout a city, assaulting those who are supposed to protect us (and whether they do or not is a completely different issue – but most people still believe that they do), and beating the crap out of innocents who belong to your group. Many voters remember the riots of the ’60s, and many others grew up hearing about those stories – which were reinforced by what happened during the 1977 NYC blackout, the Rodney King riots and the OJ Simpson riots. The vast majority of people are NOT in the mood to tolerate this crap…and they know very well which candidate the rioters want elected. Their reaction to that is baked into the cake.

  2. Absolutely, 100% correct.

    In the current 5GW paradigm, everything is weaponized. Even “protests.”

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. This election is complete shite start to finish no matter who wins you lose.

    • wrong. From a hardRight viewpoint, Mrs. Clinton is manna from heaven. We can only win through outright civil war/Race War, and Hiligula will bring it on fast. Were I living in a contested state, I would vote for her 1,2,3, many times. Trump, on the other hand, will throw a patriotard wet blanket over the entire Right.

  5. Make no mistake. Hillary will be president. It’s a done deal. The show “election” is just that. The Axelrods, Kissingers, Jarrets, Rockefellers, realize that while white folks are pulling the donkey cart of free shit and are pissed off, those same white folks have financial skin in the game(homes, pensions, etc.) and they’re not going to risk it by getting “uppity”. They’re going to lay down like a second rate prizefighter. As Forrest Gump said:
    “Sorry to ruin your black panther party”. We’re on our own.

    • Then that simplifies things greatly.
      We all know the fix is in, if they go through with the final act of TINVOWOOT this country is toast.
      TINVOWOOT imposed is a two way street, it free’s us dirt people from any obligation on our part of republican form of citizenship.
      It is good to remember a lawless society is just that, lawless societies are open societies, there are no limits but what is imposed through the barrel of a gun.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Rioting is absolutely a political tool of Te Soros funded left and Americans understand what’s going on, who’s at fault, what candidate the rioters overwhelmingly want. So naturally we want the opposite. Whatever can be said about George Bush and I didn’t agree with much of his policies even see these kind of riots happening in the racial discord that we see today. The rule of law is gone this country is more divided than ever and that scares the shit out of middle class working Americans. Trump is a deeply deeply flawed candidate but as long as he sticks to his populous agenda he is will be successful. We are whole sale rejecting the globalist, socialist leftist agenda. Even the inner city blacks are waking up that the Dems have had them on the urban plantation and kept them down.

    • I’m sure Trump will stick to his “populous” agenda – touchback amnesty for the illegals, then another shitwave of H1b’s. It’s the populist agenda that he intends to betray.

      and the only thing the “inner city Blacks” are waking up to is the fact that they can loot, burn, rape, face-smash and kill Whites…and collect a (((Soros))) paycheck for doing it.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        I don’t believe that. That’s NOT who Trump is. He’s not my God but he certainly not the guy you paint him to be.

        • I think it is not who Trump is, it is what Trump is that matters most. Trump is The Great Fuck You of the dirt people. I believe it is that simple. He has acquired the status of that symbol exactly because of resistance to the cultural marxist/globalist cabal. No more, no less. He is not the dirt peoples champion so much as Trump is the manifestation of the last dying efforts of peaceful redress. Incalculable motive power in that. And every minute the powers that be inhibit that redress brings the dirt people that much closer to the precipice of violent redress.
          It isn’t profound or complicated.
          When you fuck with every facet of the sphere of dirt people lives, rob them blind, enslave them to a corporate industrial dictatorship via administrate centralism, insult them with pejoratives of the cultural marxist’s construct of “racism”, intolerance, stupidity, and outright threaten to exterminate them as a race of people, and replace them with yes, enemies foreign and domestic, heathens, sexual deviants, niggers, spics, musloids and every kind of human cast off and undesirable consciously assisted in leaving their own shithole of a banana republic, dirt people of course are justified and warranted to defend their land, family, safety and prosperity, THEIR, way of life.
          But then to stigmatize them on top of all the above for doing so, well Trump, he represents to millions, a cascade preference have you, the last straw act of trying to stave off the inevitable, there is no voting our way out of this, TINVOWOOT. Not with a ballot there is.
          In a way, who or what Donald Trump is, it don’t matter.
          It is who we are as free men, what we do, that matters more than anything in this fucked up equation. And that comes down to individualism, where we begin with ourselves and what we do with our consent and self determination and the time left to us.
          It’s time to join the honorable resistance.

  7. This is grade school bullshit.

    Read Moldbug until you understand why America is the communist country and why Cthulhu always swims left. Read Jim Mcdonald until you understand left singularities and the feminine imperative. Read Scott Adams until you understand persuasion. Read any of the dozens of other neoreactionary and alt-right people who’ve been doing yeoman’s work in mapping out WHY things have been happening as they do. Read Schopenhauer and Aristotle. Read history. Understand human beings. Talk to people around you.

    But do not waste your goddamned time and the time of everybody around you with idiotic megaconspiracy theories and prophecies of inevitable doom in a situation that is entirely the result of stupidity and shortsightedness. You have better things to do with your life than to run from shadows.

    • Lot of people are late to the party, but at least they have joined. That is a good thing, a really great thing, we all need all the friends and brothers we can get.
      Really, all a lot of people need to understand is freedom begins with each of us. That is a foreign concept to many, it is a difficult premise to grok, it has been purposefully bred or brainwashed, and hidden from millions of us dirt people.

  8. It would be an interesting time travel experiment to have HRC win in 2008 vs win this season. My only observation along these lines is that HRC may have screwed up so much worse than the bumbling of Obo that by now Obo would be defeated by Sanders for the spot. Then we would have had a repeat of the Reagan victory across the fruited plain. Interesting indeed.

  9. Interesting conjecture, but I don’t really buy it. There is certainly a “deep state” but they aren’t in quite the control that the author imagines. They didn’t really make a mistake by going with Obama first. People were going to get fed up no matter what.

  10. Buy more ammo. Hit the range. Hit the gym. train with your friends and family. It is gonna get extremely messy. And there is nothing you can do about what is coming except to protect you and yours. Nobody is coming to save you.

    • Nobody ever was coming to save you. And that is the Big Lie, that We are from the government, and We are here to save you. If you don’t comply We will ultimately shoot you.
      People slowly began to forget the only one coming to save you is properly and righteously, yourself. And that is the beginning of freedom and the exercise of your natural primal rights.

    • Average Joe

      Yes, do everything Lost Patrol is recommending.

      However, there is something more you can do.

      Soro’s is part of a particular tribe. That tribe is responsible for this mess and for the white genocide agenda.

      This tribe needs to face the brunt of the gun pointing.

      If one doesn’t understand what I’m referring to or does not agree with what I’m saying …. than that person simply doesn’t have a damn clue what’s really going on.