Grigg: Rather Than Indulging The Reparations Racket, Why Not Abolish Enslavement To The State?


His latest.

As Mr. Marley sang:

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds…

16 responses to “Grigg: Rather Than Indulging The Reparations Racket, Why Not Abolish Enslavement To The State?

  1. The U.N. does not have a problem with slavery. Their troops ignore the slave trade in every country they are deployed.

  2. Slavery is the life of the State….

  3. People like Will Grigg and Thomas Sowell are what gives me pause on just throwing black people under the bus en masse. They are hard core for liberty – not shy about saying it – and are more clear in their support than most of the white people I meet.

    It’s a quandary.

    • No quandry. Anybody who infringes my liberty deserves to be under a bus. Doesn’t matter what shade their skin is, most of them are pale.

      Also, Grigg writes he is Mexican, not Black.

  4. Fuck Bob Marley. He’s DEAD.

  5. Let’s say, for arguments’ sake, that we give them reparations. Do they then all go back to Africa? In the long run, it’s gigantically cost effective, and a societal improvement without bounds. When the last one gets “home”, we could dump the currency, and print a new one, that can’t be redeemed by the former. Unless you live here.

  6. My direct descendant was sold as an indentured slave in Virginia in 1697. Yo!!!!
    Before that he was captured by muslim slavers in the Mediterranean south of his home in Italy and spent time in chains in north Africa. A British ship bought him from the muslims and shipped him to Amerika where he was sold as a slave.
    How much money do I get.
    The fact is is that there may have been more white people captured, and sold as slaves by the muslims than blacks in Africa. There were hundreds of thousands of whites sold as slaves in Amerika.
    Since slavery ended there have been millions of blacks that have come to Amerika. Are we to take taxes from them to give to the ‘plantation’ blacks? How about the Native Americans. We stole their country, how much do they get? There have been millions of Jews, Irish, Italians, Mexicans and Asians that have come here since slavery ended. Are we to take money from them and there descendants to pay our ‘plantation’ blacks?
    No. This is extortion plain and simple. Plantation blacks say give me money or I’ll burn down my neighborhood. We should treat it as such.

    • “…Plantation blacks say give me money or I’ll burn down my neighborhood…”

      Let ’em, says I. They need to beome reacustomed to living in the elements so as to not have as much culture shock when they’re returned to AhhFreeKa.

  7. Who the hell listens to Marley? They already got reparations. They don’t like you. They hate you. If they thought they could get away with it, they would beat, rob, rape and kill you.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Giving reparations is a bad idea. They will have spent it all in less than a year and they’ll start whining all over again. Whitey will get most of the $$ they spend. A good many will drug/drink/car crash/murder themselves to death.
    Reparations with the stipulation that African-Americans go back to Africa work OK for me.
    Reparations and removal of all preferential treatment for blacks is semi-OK.

  10. Happily, it is getting to the point where Slaves such as us would rather die than pay EXTORTION, Taxes, and other ABUSES by the slave masters that perpetuate those trying their best to stay in power.

    Slaves have been known to revolt and kill their masters, may the SLAVES PREVAIL.


    So who is coming to confiscate my wealth and give it to some indolent Negro? I will bet anyone here that once the Hildabeest is sworn in, this will be on the top of her agenda, along with firearm confiscation. What do we do then? It’s time to read/re-read CIVIL WAR TWO & UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

  12. Saudi Arabia officially outlawed chattel slavery in 1962. Unofficially, well that’s different.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Prince Zeid bid Ra’ad al-Hussein-THAT’s rich. Muslims have sold more whites and blacks into slavery than any other group. And, as if we care what the UN says. The sooner that place blows up, the better off the whole world will be. Personally, I am thinking that Going Galt has a wonderful ring to it. Once the whole scheme collapses, what is the point of hanging around? Be who you want to be, where you want to be. There is true freedom in starting over.