Herschel On The FN 5.7


If you are going non-standard, go bad-ass non-standard – as Herschel explains.

Just remember to buy shit-tons of ammo for that thing.

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  1. They don’t call the 5.7 a Cop Killer for nothing.

  2. Many decades of shooting semi-autos; mostly 1911s. I bought my FN mostly because of the effectiveness at Fort Hood. Pluses are light weight and low recoil. Bulky for concealed carry, but just fine for home defense.

  3. European American

    I’ll stick with my Mark 23, with its more plentiful caliber of ammo.

  4. ALCON,

    IMO Mr. Smith writes a great article on the 5.7mm cartridge. For me, I have a difficult time accepting a non-standard cartidge. Although I readily admit to my admiration of, and possession of, 300 Blackout uppers. A rifle/carbine cartridge I believe should replace the military’s 5.56mm.

    Nevertheless, kudos to Mr. Smith on his detailed and thought-provoking essay on the 5.7mm cartridge.

  5. Want an FN 5.7? Good luck finding one. They are made of unobtainium.
    And while the ammo can be found on a store shelf from time to time it also is not easy to get compared to other calibers.

  6. Can o worms post of the day. The Secret Service uses them but with more interesting rounds than those available to us plebes I suspect.

  7. What’s old is new again, so having an investment in 7.62x25mm ammo and a few sidearms for those “”special times” might not be a bad idea. With careful and thoughtful hand-loading the possibilities are endless.

  8. I’d stay away from exotic ammo and weapons….

    buy what the .mil and .police use….


    • “to every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.” Sometimes it is time for big fat pistol bullets, and other times having soft armor penetration and lower recoil works better. Facts are more compelling than theories, and the fact is that the 5.7 x 28 is proven to be effective against both armored and unarmored persons. There are obvious tradeoffs to be considered, but no rational person can simply dismiss the 5.7, nor should we ignore it.

  9. Ton of ammo? Assuming most have limited assets this weapon is a poor choice due to expensive ammo.

    Very poor choice on that ground alone.

  10. If you want to go that route I would suggest looking into the .22TCM(?) built by Rock Island Arms on a 1911 frame and offered by SARCO. Based on a shortened and necked .223 case, a 40 gr projectile goes out a four-inch barrel at ~2100fps. With a mag capacity of 17 rds and very low recoil, it’s an interesting solution to some sort of unasked question.

  11. Lotta firepower in a tiny package, but like many have said, i’d prefer a more common caliber…That said, look at the Kel Tec pmr30 .22 magnum….

    Nice hoodrat riot/shopping spree pistol if one needs firepower and volume, and plenty of wounding….

    Anyone who has used the 22mag for varmit work knows its effectiveness….
    The nice about the PMR 30, is it is available to buy, and ammo can be had as well….

    Assuming ammo availability, If given a choice between the FN and the PMR, i’d side with the FN, otherwise, the PMR is it…

    Hats off to the Captain for the info, i had no idea on the actual Ft. Hood terminal ballistics….

  12. A lot smaller then the Lee greenwood style .45 acp. I bet people who carry a 5.7 don’t have compensation issues.

    • Now THAT is interesting.

      I’ve kicked around an idea of stacking a column of short paneling nails and hot glue or rtv in a shotgun shell wad to make a sort of glaser slug on steroids.

    • “Is that you Henry Bowman? Is this me?”

      My wife’s HD rifle is is an 11″ suppressed AR57 upper. 133 dbs, so it’s hearing safe. Light enough for her and fast follow ups with light recoil. Coupled with her 5.7 pistol, she has 80 rounds before a reload, plus she enjoys shooting it.

      • TH….classic movie, was railroaded…..What would “the squad,” do…..yes, probably the HB you think, assuming u live in Charlotte….

        be safe all, op tempo is increasing, and battle/lines of drift, are being developed….HB

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  14. “Just remember to buy shit-tons of ammo for that thing.”

    Because you won’t be reloading those cases for long. Every fired case I’ve seen has had the shoulder blown out to a ludicrous extent.

    Practice will be expensive.

  15. Can’t top the “bullet proof” glass but, many years ago, I shot completely through the doors and front or back seats and window glass of a ’54 Chevy truck body with a 1911, 45 acp ball ammo. And those trucks, like the door Hickok 45 shot, were heavy steel, inner and outer.

    As to inserts, drop a bit of tungsten welding rod into the hollow point of just about any round 38 and up, see what happens. Merely size the hollow or choose a tight fitting dia. rod and use a bit of epoxy to secure it.

    This is, of course, in the interests of shooting academics (!) only… no one would ever actually do such a thing.

  16. I have made an earnest effort at reducing my firearms to readily available calibers, 5.56, 7.62 x 51 & 39 and 9mm. However I have made a few exceptions one of which is the nickel seven, it is a war in a hand basket for sure, not the best for conceal carry but if used for defending the Alamo it does have it high points.

    Ammo isn’t cheap but right now is the time to buy and I have seen some ammo out there for sale that was very interesting.

  17. The article is basing the effectiveness of the pistol on a hoax shooting incident. Brilliant.

  18. Hmm, I picked one up for 300.00 in the case, three mags, and 10 boxes of ammo. I’ve since purchased seven additional mags, I like the round, and the killer ammo is around, just have to flip the right rocks over.

    I can walk into my local gun store and ammo is always on the shelf. A lot of far,WRS use the carbines for predictor control. FN ammo is on average 21.00 24.00 for a box of fifty. I find that reasonable.

    These rounds will punch standard body armor, but not plates.