On Equality


HappyAcres harshes the mellow.

Understand that there are powerful institutions and constituencies driving the entire world towards a massive slave colony.

At current course and speed, they will win.

Harden your hearts.

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  1. In order for communism to succeed in the West, the military must be neutered, neutralized, destroyed, demoralized and decrepit. I think we’re almost there. Paging Jenn Peesacki, war hotline on 3.

    • Then what is left, (((no pun intended))), is suitable for whatever domestic sanitizing operations required.
      Remember, the power of the state whatever it’s form is derived from the threat of force and use of violence.

  2. I like his term for (((Them))) – Propositional Americans.
    (((Propositional Americans)))

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • (((Gloria Steinem))) also put in some time as a Playboy Bunny….”researching the oppression of women”. She said

      • Dude, notice it is always women of the last 55 years who are insidious cunning enablers of cultural marxism?
        It is a disease. A plague.
        I think it originates in those barren vagina’s.
        And the ones who do procreate give birth to the spawn of Karl Marx.

  4. Many years ago, SF writer Thomas M. Disch wrote a story founded on a kind of universal part-time slavery. Except for an exempt bureaucrat class (surprise, surprise) every citizen had to spend one year of every five as a slave. The insight that gave rise to it: “If all men are equally free, then all men equally slaves.”

    I’d keep that to myself if I were…uh, me. Forget I said anything.

  5. I have two questions

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly, a group of people often called “The Left” fights harder, longer, and with far fewer moral or intellectual constraints during an ongoing war than a group of people often called “Conservatives”, allowing “The Left” to dominate, subjugate, (and destroy?) the Conservatives who, for the most part, deny they are involved in a war?

    Question #1:
    Isn’t this predictable situation less about “Universalism”, “Equality”, or “Propositions”, and more about “Natural Law”?

    Question #2:
    How’s that proto-communist mind-f***, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, working out for you “Conservatives” anyway?

    • Conservative really meant something fundamental, meant something existential to statism before double speak hijacked it and the left infiltrated. (((conservatives))) as a branch of the ruling political class today are evolved as a right wing of cultural marxism. They managed it like plucking a feather from the goose one at a time, and one day the goose notices it’s got no feathers.
      It’s why TINVOWOOT.

  6. Trouble is, in spite of all this aluh candybar crap…..there will always be “Christians” …… They have survived ever since Jesus died on the cross and then he came back to LIFE!! Don’t be so negative!! This idea of an entire world slave colony is a bit much!! Remember that the “South” for all practical purposes was “Crushed” in 1865…. However mark the words of Jefferson B. Davis..President of the Confederacy….,”Truth crushed to the earth is still truth still and like a seed will rise again!!!” This idea of your entire world (Ant) slave colony is really so cool why don’t you go ask Nicolae and Elena CEAUSESCU about their exploits trying to “Enslave” their country??????
    Go Figure!!

  7. Average Joe

    aim for the Kippah gentlemen …..