SK: The Real Evil In Charlotte


Welcome to the Third World.

It’s coming to visit you in your neighborhood.

Tempus fugit.

22 responses to “SK: The Real Evil In Charlotte

  1. Cordon off the cities. Nothing in – Nothing out.

    Problems. Solved.

    100-200 million… 🙂

  2. Aside from the Golden Rule of Survival in today’s society; “Avoid Large Crowds”, some could find themselves caught in a traffic jam due to protestors looking to wreak havoc, property destruction, physical harm, etc. While it’s easy to say that you’d avoid such situations in the first place, the problem most overlooked is the power of social media to produce a situation in an instant when these groups are hell-bent on causing chaos.

    Found this interesting article with 2 links that gives one insight on the contention of lawful self-defense to “run down” rioters surrounding your vehicle. Just providing food for thought is all…of course, YMMV…

    Links within the article to check out as well:

  3. To be fair, Scott may have in fact had a gun in his car but there is no evidence that he pointed it at police or had it in his hand when they approached him.
    The video is not clear at all and oddly obscures the point that the officer shoots him. Its almost like they know what to do to make the body cameras NOT show when something happens. Of course the ever trustworthy police would never do that would they?
    This guy was probably a complete dirt bag, but he may in fact have been a man who had lead a criminal life but had turned over a new leaf. He may very well have had a long record but his time in jail may have convinced him to reform his lifestyle and live as a productive member of society.
    Not sure at this point because I dont know enough about his record.

    Does not matter what the truth is because its all just fuel for the fire that will burn Charlotte to the ground.

    • Seems to me, Charlotte needs to be burnt to the ground.

      Burn all the cities down.

      100-200 million…

      • Dark Side of the Moon

        TFA – you got that right. Let ’em burn. Scorched earth.

      • Neutron bombs would be better

        • I’ve had the opinion for years that one good neutron over Mordor would be a great thing. I would still like to preserve most of the historical parts of the city, like the Smithsonian.

          • Mountain Cracker

            Agreed, neutron weapons would be ideal here, but I would be OK with a clean slate by fire. Whatever it takes to have this Marxist showdown out. I fear we have waited too long.

      • Roger that. I am with you on that. Burn them to the ground.

  4. OMG I used that expression this morn –Tempus fugit.

  5. Its gonna take a city or two burning to the ground to wake these sheep up, the flouride runs deep.

  6. The linked article says he was “waving a gun around”. Is there any proof? That is the point this case hinges on. If he had a gun IN HIS HANDS, the shooting was justified. If not, the officer who shot him should be prosecuted for manslaughter, and the entire Charlotte PD should be fired.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. IMO, WRSA likes to straddle the fence on abusive authorities and the mob violence running rampant throughout; I do not. I consider it chicken and egg. if cops weren’t wondering walking up to blacked out car windows and driving thru a neighborhood if they were about to be the assault victim increasingly every year; you would have a lot friendlier cops; so I give them more slack; especially if it would’ve increased the chances I wouldn’t be pulled from my car at a stoplight; but we are past that point now.
    This is Obama’s America and race violence is going to increase and best of luck to people in large cities.

  9. “If he had a gun IN HIS HANDS, the shooting was justified. ”

    Therein lies the problem. He didn’t brandish the weapon. He did’t aim the weapon. He didn’t present as though to fire the weapon. He bore arms in the presence of his masters, and that is what got him killed.

    The same will happen to you or me or someone we love in the future, if this doctrine is allowed to continue. Officer friendly says, “How dare you bear arms in my presence? Grovel on your belly before me or I shall kill you!”

  10. Nice missing of Daniel’s main point: that professional, paid agitators, with full encouragement from the highest levels, arrive to throw gasoline and fan the flames everywhere there’s the opportunity.

    Not to mention that nothing in their memes or methods has a scintilla of truth, fact or logic behind it, or that it can ever be reasonably expected to achieve anything resembling “justice.” Their methods and their intent are the real evil, and “justice” has nothing to do with it.

  11. “He and the rest of the Black Lives Matter rioters remind us of the monsters that we need dedicated police officers to protect us from.”

    Oh-oh. Another cuckservative.

    BLM and cops are both vicious gangs. Best to avoid both of them. Oh, and do try protecting yourself some day.

    • this. Maybe Grunfeld needs football-playing Black cops to protect him and the rest of his urban (((neo-con))) friends from the (((Soros)))-formatted Black Einsatzgruppen. The rest of us are quite capable of defending ourselves. This aside from the fact that, when the Black Einsatzgruppen do finally break out into the White neighborhoods…they’ll almost certainly have cops escorting them while they loot, rape, burn and murder.

  12. I bet one old fart with a deer rifle could have stopped most of that looting.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Charlotte is full of former New Yorkers, Taxachusettes-ites, New Jersey-ites, and others from the northeast who are trying to escape the taxes that pay for their “public programs” (they immediately demand those programs as soon as they arrive), value “diversity”, and yet want in the latest white HOA upon setting foot on southern soil. These same idiots ah and bow over Obama, worship at Hildabeasts feet, and think BLM, OWS, and other “minority support groups” are essential. They support bathroom mingiing and think home schooling is to be stopped at all costs. The only thing that might possibly piss them off is if the negroid folks got out of line and destroyed THEIR property. No wonder the truth has been twisted to further an agenda.