Texas officially withdraws from US Refugee Admissions Program; feds cannot assure security screening of all refugees


The latest from Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Good on the Texicans.

20 responses to “Texas officially withdraws from US Refugee Admissions Program; feds cannot assure security screening of all refugees

  1. I am ready to move back to Texas to help with the movement to secede.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    God Bless Texas. At least they have a governor with some nuts-unlike Jerry Brown.

  3. No one can properly vet middle eastern refugees. They do not have cradle to grave paper work on their people. Their own country does not know who lives there. They get one of the elders for a few dollars to write something about them. When ever refugees gather, Taliban, AQ, ISIS put their folks into their midst. During my two years in Afghanistan, CIA were hit by those they had vetted along with the Afghan establishment. And that was in country. These assholes they are bringing in have not gone through shit in terms of vetting. South Dakota does not belong to the refugee resettlement program and Wyoming has not set up any procedures either. But once those bastards are in country they can travel as freely as you and me.

  4. “unless the Republican Congress cuts the funding…”. Horselaugh

    Haxo to Republicans: kill yourselves. Now. Save us the trouble later on

  5. Just because they withdraw from the program or “refuse” to accept invaders in their cites, DOES NOT mean Leviathan will not go ahead put them in Texas anyway. The day Texas “deports” outside their state border then that is the day I believe they are serious about stopping the invasion.

    Grey Ghost

    • Secession is a state of mind politically before it physically rejects the State.
      Secession must begin someplace, that place is in hearts and minds. Secession is upstream of politics, like culture is.
      Think about the paradigm it is in this day and age, what an outlier that it is.
      For secession to have acquired the status it has in Texas is serious business. I think secession is evolutionary in it’s process as much as it is revolutionary. These things come in stages, but they are not possible but first if they are not a state of mind to begin with.

    • In order to “deport outside their state border”, they’ll need to kill the FedPig swill first. As I have repeatedly said before, the GD pigs do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. That stands every bit as true for the FedPigs as it does for the locals.

    • Yep.

    • <—this, correct in spades

    • You are correct sir.
      Texas may cut the bleeding on this, but it still has internal bleeding with decades of illegals. If it doesn’t correct that by 2020 or 2024 at the latest; it’s over for Texas.
      I am a resident of Houston, Texas and I do not believe it will happen and am planning to move out of it. I can tell you the area of Houston I grew up in is now looking like a second or third world country; that will spread throughout most of the state eventually. Personally, I’m looking to go to New Hampshire and try and help maintain it as a conservative island amongst all its nutcase neighboring states; its small enough that it may be possible to do that.

  6. Secession.
    The Great Fuck You.

  7. Allah will now punish us with more rain. Thanks Allah.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    On a related note…….over in Germany some residents of a small town paid their respects to their mayor that was spearheading the invasion.

  9. Maybe the suggestion of— “see something, say something”,— should be changed to—-“see something, DO something”. —Do your own policing quietly, fuck the police and the government . We all know how they feel about refugees and illegal scum.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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