BBC: Hungary PM Claims EU Migrant Quota Referendum Victory


But there appears to be an issue with the number of voters who participated.

Guardian (UK): Hungary’s refugee referendum not valid after voters stay away

GoV: Good News & Bad News From Hungary


6 responses to “BBC: Hungary PM Claims EU Migrant Quota Referendum Victory

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Yes, the Hungarians mean NO! to Muslim Invaders. It is time for all sane countries wanting to remain sovereign to Brexit the EU!!
    It is going to be world wide Civil War. There is no fixing any of this.

  2. the Judeo-Reds boycotted a referendum they could not steal (Cf.: Austria). Neither in Europe nor America will these issues be decided by “voters” and “votes”. That time has passed.

  3. Also see Viktor Orban’s speech after the referendum (subtitled in English) here:

    The transcript is here:

  4. Not enough people? Funny how people who don’t vote become a plurality that has voting power when it suits the political class.
    Something inherently deeply wrong with that picture?

    Voting here in America, was never designed for voting our way out of anything, it’s purpose was to keep from having to be in the position of voting our way out of anything to begin with.
    Every one has got to learn, TINVOWOOT…
    The purview of voting your way out of something is why you have inalienable rights in the first place that have nothing to do with wether a law says you have them or not.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Maybe the missing votes were in Ohio?