Big-Picture Overview By Bracken


Via Titter.

You don’t have enough food or ammo.

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  1. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh I was having a wonderful day until you wrecked it … thanks. :-

  2. Well at least they are supplying the list

  3. Clinton45’s reign will be eventful and short.

  4. So how many bullets, and how much food is enough?

  5. While THOSE scalps will not be all that much, (age,dissipation,sparse), their younger lackeys will be able to supply some very nice stuff, and I look forward to amassing a credible number for my lodge pole. For all you first timers out there, let the knife be razor sharp, and do most of the work. Pulling while you are flaying can cause terrible rips, so, simply lift lightly as the scalp separates from the bone with the use of your knife, and the blood will also act as a kind of lubricant. Always scalp, AFTER the kill, unless you want a lot of other issues. Get it to your stretch frame as soon as possible, remembering to leave at least half and inch or more on the edge, when looping your twine or whatever through the scalp to secure at the frame, and keep the hole as small as possible. Throw some salted water on it to help cure over night is good, and don’t leave it where the sun will hit. Begin scraping the meat off next day, and go EASY. You should be able to get most of it off the first day, and the rest the next day while it continues to cure. When all the flesh is off, second day at latest, a good natural brain tan is best, using what’s available, or you could even use pigs brains, mixed in warm water, over the next few days. Just take the warm water and brains mixed well together, and rub them into the skin side of the scalp. Three times on that day usually is enough. Once cured this way, roll it, and put it in a low temp. smoker ( max- 150 degrees) with more smoke than heat, for two days. Maybe longer. When it comes out it should have a nice tan to the skin side, and you’ll need to flex it and work it with your hands to get the suppleness back.

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