Can’t Do The Time? Don’t Do The Crime…


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13 responses to “Can’t Do The Time? Don’t Do The Crime…

  1. Ahhhh that’s the spot! Man I missed my calling …;) I should’ve been an executioner!

  2. I was thinking less spectacle; something a bit more Ceaucescu-esque.

  3. I do truly LOVE both of those pictures. I can only dream it comes true very soon.

  4. Woodchipper.

  5. I say drop her off in a muslime country with nothing but a “fuck islam” t-shirt on.

  6. Firing squad, noose then guillotine.

    Can’t be too sure when dealing with reptilians/lesbopsychobitches/demonic entities.

  7. in fact, Trump and Clinton45 have been cozy for years, and both their daughters are married to Wall St. Jew-banksters. In addition, Trump has c. $200 million in long-term debt controlled by the Street, and fellated Zion @ AIPAC as furiously as Mrs. Clinton.But go ahead, suckers: keep voting at the (((System))). Apparently you enjoy the punishment.

  8. 😱😱😁😱😱

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  10. Virgil Kane

    He has to get to the White House first.

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