Curtis: 40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills


Read and think.

Was talking to a Chinese lady Friday night. Once she realized that she could discuss non-American things with me, she indicated that her father had called her recently from the PRC and asked her where she would be going when the war breaks out.

She was serious.




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  1. Lovely just lovely … seems everyone else on the planet realises were headed for Armageddon except the dumb mericans … this is going to be a river’s of blood type event! It’ll make every other war in history look like a dress rehearsal

  2. if the (((Zio-globalists))) keep tightening the screws on Russia, it’s evident that Putin will evacuate his cities and launch first. Silver lining: adios, Beltway/Hollywood crowd & urban ethnics. And some Whites in flyover country might survive to rebuild….something. Personally, sandwiched between Pt. Mugu NAS and Vandenberg AFB/Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, I am not particularly worried about the long-term future.

  3. Lost Patrol

    Oh Oh. Well rest assured our potentates and oligarchs will be in their bunkers.
    Folks who know much more then I, have been telling me that this is not a good time to go back overseas as a contractor. Not if I want to get home … that is.

  4. From The End of “Dr. Strangelove”

    We’ll meet again
    Don’t know where
    Don’t know when
    But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
    Keep smiling through
    Just like you always do
    ‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

  5. The problem is that if Washington provokes a war with Russia, it will inevitably bring the Chinese in, and not on our side. I don’t think the Russians are as strong as indicated in the linked article, but they are not pushovers either. So why is Washington so insistent on pushing a war with Russia?

    Is there some sort of magic bullet that will end the war in our favor or is it just the globalists seeking war profiteering?

    • What makes you think this confrontation would split China from the US? China now owns US real estate and the children of their elites go to school here and work on getting their US or Canadian citizenship.

      The US-China-EU-Saudi alliance has done much to dictate terms to Russia on how the NWO is going to run. Russia dabbles in Syria to piss off the US-Saudis, but this was in response to the US-EU-China poking into Ukraine. Although the US and China might split apart on the visible world stage I don’t see China allying with Russia. Saudi and China both need cropland and they’re not going to to mess with the arrangements they made with the US and EU.

      A couple comments on nukes and bunker training:

      50% of American nukes not working still leaves 50% that do. Launch only 200 and that still makes a great mess.

      Try to get 40 million Americans or 4 million or even 400K and there would be shrill cries from self proclaimed rugged individuals regarding a conspiracy to heard us into FEMA camps.

  6. “This is just a drill”…until…THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ll never forget the first time the speakers on board ship announced that; “General quarters, general quarters, man your battle stations, this is not a drill, man your battle stations” gets your attention real quick. That O Shit moment when your pulse goes up a notch.
      In our case, nobody will announce anything, they’ll let us get hit and the masses won’t have a clue what to do next. Since most of us were kids there has been no training for the masses (crawling under your desk wasn’t really training either…), the gov’t bomb shelters were a joke to begin with. The US never built enough shelters for even 5% of the civilians, what you saw on the streets were mostly for show.
      The Swiss have mandated that every new house built has it’s own NBC shelter, the Russians have been too poor to keep up on that level, but they’re probably miles ahead of the US, who frankly doesn’t give a fuck about anyone except the hierarchy. Look at what happened when the Greenbrier hotel bomb shelter was exposed, they went and built another for themselves. The masses have always been expendable, and that’s exactly how we should treat our elected officials when we catch them using these facilities.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    Americans don’t know the difference between ignorance and arrogance.
    As the author mentioned, the US sees anyone else as just cave dwellers, while we’re all rocket scientists. Smartest nation on earth.
    Reality will be a mutherfucker, in the afterglow!

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    What comes after “nuclear winter?”

    Answer: “nuclear spring.”

  9. Louis Burton Lindley Jr. Where are you, when you are needed most?

  10. Interestingly this was all discussed long ago & recently surfaced again. DUMB’s & MAD w/ always considered a sum ZERO game. But I suspect in their minds, anything they get short of destroying any infrastructure they win. The Magneto Trains & Raven Mountain Complex et al are all stocked & operational & have Starbucks & Dry Cleaners. Americans collectively have got to be the most dumbed down fluoridated masses & Idiocracy walking the planet.

    A Republic was always set up for the elite to rule. All roads lead to Rome & the Empire never ended.

  11. fwiw, in the reply left by Curtis at the original post, it was the USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) that got buzzed by the Russian acft, not the USS Cole. Before some nitwit tries to use one small error to discount the entire article.

  12. 173d Viet Vet

    Is the Chinese lady’s family privy to insider info hacked from US Defense Deoartment sources???

    Why now? Is this some guy’s idea of an October Surprise??? Exactly who is striking who and over what?

    I do not discount the time tested ruse of warfare being used to divert a people from their miseries, but I do not see any strategic advantage for any of the major nations to attack another major nation.

    Now I do see a basket case like Venezuela declaring war against the US so that our taxpayers can re-build that Commie Country as in the Peter Sellers movie, “The Mouse That Roared”

    Seriously, we need more facts to judge the reliability of claims made in this article.

  13. It has gotten to the point, for me, that it just doesn’t matter. No matter the scare of the moment, the alarm of the week, the false flag of the month, I am going to keep preparing for what-ever ends up happening. I’m done wasting energy on whack-a-mole. Head down, eyes fixed, mind focused, the survival and thrival of my kin and kith, co-operating with like-minded neighbors is my plan. Come What May.

    • MichiganderJim

      Makes good sense to me, 15Fixer. Hey, I’m just glad Curtis has his own boogeyman. He’s usually busy knocking others for theirs.

      He’s special to me…only guy on the planet who spends more time thinking about me than I do.

  14. And October 7 is Putin’s birthday. Will his boys be lighting the candles on his cake?

  15. Will the russians nuke the US?

    Don’t know.

    But I fucking would. This country and its scummy, lying, thieving, fat ass, zombies suck balls.

    100-200 million…

    • Hope you’ve hardened moms basement.

      • Dude, you’re broke.

        G’damn loser.

        • It is difficult to take what you say seriously buddy. You comment frequently about wanting to kill a lot of people. Or get others to kill everyone for you. It’s is pretty ugly stuff.

          • I don’t give ONE FUCK about what your nasty ass dirt person thinks.
            Like some inbred billy in WV means anything to anyone in the first place.
            Go take a bath.

            At least you didn’t write a damn novel-this time.

          • No really, he’s a real hoot. One thread he’s a vet, a life taker with a thousand yard stare, the next he’s a heart breaker with women swooning by the hundreds as he goes door to door, the next he’s the righteous right arm going forth to slay the evil doers. I think he’s actually worried. If the big EMP comes all those call of duty missions are going “poof”.

            And it gets really dark and scary down there in moms basement. 😧

            • You’re another lowlife working class POS. Why don’t you and the hillbilly get a room? – faggots. I bet $ neither of you have any time in service to begin with.

              Interesting that now, after you can’t enlist, because you’re too old, you start the tough talk. Fucking losers.

            • MichiganderJim

              The way it works Bill, is you take something he wrote and cite it, and then demonstrate why it’s false. Good luck.

              • You are correct there MJ but psycho-babbling streams of consciousness don’t really lend themselves to a rational discussion do they?

                A psychiatric referral is probably in order. A side effect of hypercallofdutybasementosis is a blurring of the lines between reality and fantasy where the poor sufferer drifts unconsciously between the two. A clear symptom is the inability to post a rational thought that would actually contribute to a functional conversation. Flights of fancy and wild solutions are often posited. Mass murder is a frequent feature.

          • MichiganderJim

            Meanwhile I’m about the only guy around who strives to be a dirt person! Well, a good one anyway. Me, I don’t give a hoot about what anyone else chooses. To each their own; how else could it be?

    • Man isn’t that the truth. Diabolical Narcisissm populace being run by a ponerological Pathocracy. Never seen such a sick social psychopathology of miserable self entitled ignorant & consciously stupid hominoids.

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