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Trust me; I know how to marry rich broads.

And geh-gigetty other ones.


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  1. Clinton45 and her (((neo-con))) handlers might possibly get away with no-flying the Russian AF in Syria. The additional difficulty is, Russia is also attacking Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists from bases in Iran and with missile strikes from its Caspian Fleet. Attacking Russia-in-Iran will lead to an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia, setting the entire Middle East on fire, and any ‘Murkan strike at Russian naval units – in the Caspian or in the eastern Med – will set the world on fire.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

  3. Dystopic pathocracy & diabolical narcissism.

  4. Since when has the government, especially the current administration, ask the people for permission to do anything. The government does not ask ,it tells and demands.

  5. thesouthwasrght

    The other morning Fox ran a segment wherein they were pulling a little girl from the rubble in Aleppo. Right on cue. These fools are steering an I’ll prepared America directly into the teeth of WW3.

    I would entreaty every soldier, airman,and marine to consider what this is about and how exactly does Assad threaten main street usa, consider your pathetic leadership, and understand that who you are going to be getting it on with aren’t a bunch of goat herders nor rabble that was a large but I’ll equipped army. When Murica crosses this threshold in syria it ain’t gonna go well. At all.

    So, please service men ask this question: if there is a war and no one shows up will it be heard?


      There is still time to mutiny, shoot or jail the colonels, and go home. I doubt it will happen. The previous article pointed out how stupid and arrogant Amerikans are. Well, the same stupidity and arrogance are pervasive in our military as well in our corrupt, avaricious and syphilitic society at large.
      One of my former students spent a year in the ‘stan with his NG unit and brought back all kinds of horror stories of greed, corruption, stupidity, and incompetence. The scary thing is that even though this upright young man has completed his “military obligation” he, even as a Sergeant E-5, can be called back into service anytime during the next two years. This is scary stuff.