“He who will not listen will have to feel”


A Muslim-invader-supporting local German politician experiences consequences.

To whom does tomorrow belong?


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  1. They have systematically closed off every “civilized” avenue for the redress of grievances, so this is entirely of their own creation. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. This is merely the beginning.

  2. Actually till some good old fashioned ass kicking like that happens here in America nothing will change. More power to them I say…

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Eine gute idee……..as in local, local, local.
    Sure would be nice if we all had a bulldozer and some NVG’s.

  4. It’s a start.

  5. Deus fucking vult!

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Oh yes. I’m all for it.

  7. this is what you use when you don’t have guns: knives, clubs, harsh language, votes. Not effective.

  8. They should have killed him. And they should have killed Henriette Reker as well. People like those two would have you die to save a violent refugee if they had a choice. These people who seek to destroy civilized culture will not stop. They’re going to have to be killed before they’ll ever stop.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Isaac Newton was correct:

    For every action (import moar radical Islamists)

    There is an equal and OPPOSITE REACTION:

    STREET JUSTICE (Round #1–Fists, clubs, and cudgels only permitted)

    …wait until Frau Merkel (and her admirer HRC) sees Round #10–No holds barred–“Ach, du Scheiße!



    This is what happens and what you get when you completely shut off all legal. media, and political opposing views of the dismissive “little people.”

    Moar math Meine Damen und Herren:

    DEN YOU!

    …good hunting!

  10. Basic rules of survival.

    The political class started it.

    They know what they are doing.

    Unintended consequences are like justice. They go to those who richly earn them.

    Gonna need lots of clubs.

  11. “Wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen.” Interesting that Deutsche Welle’s take on it uses the word ‘xenophobic’ 3 times in an article half as long; another editor down for the count in the Merkel tool chest. The lead quote, however, is masthead material.

  12. That was one of my Father’s comments to me as a kid. Only time I had heard it til this event.

  13. Oersdorf for the oersdorfers … I like it Gina remember that phrase!

  14. Warning to the protesters of Oersdorf:
    If captured you may be forced to attend Duke universities “men’s project” in order to “deconstruct toxic masculinities” that obviously inflict you. Classes will be held this spring at Duke Universities “Women’s Centre”.

    (Article was at the bottom of the page about the mayor)

    • Duke is well known as a particularly fragrant nest of Reds and faggots. In general, the college campi – both students and (((faculty))) parasites – are in for a heavy purge during CW II.

  15. thesouthwasrght

    Love the “far right” description of people that don’t want their women and children murdered and raped.

    Kudos to those people for standing up to this deliberate program of population replacement.

  16. Give it to the Germans, they know how to do an effective recall of a politician.

  17. One day, people are going to want freedom so much the government better get out of the way.

  18. They might want to try tar and feathers, a grand old American tradition.


    They had to use clubs. The Kraut government has confiscated all of their firearms. At least a few real German patriots are not going gently into the good night. Bleib ubrig, Kameraden!

  20. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare. Unfortunately it seems it’s not our side that is organized. The criminal NWO governmental level is proceeding full steam ahead.
    (Please disregard the lame disinformation from Turkey and Snopes.)

  21. “…he was severely beaten in a suspected far-Right attack…”

    Or, maybe it was a group of AVERAGE Germans who are sick of their politicians betraying them in favor of the muslim invader.

  22. Tomorrow, as everyday has ever been, belongs to the will of G*d. Make no mistake. G*d is not mocked. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  23. Quite laudable, I’d say. Looks like at least *some* Austrian men still have balls.

    Oh, also, in that story is a mention of Berlin cops having to quell a riot by 50 “asylum seekers”.

    There’s an old American saying “There Goes the Neighborhood”. In their cases it’s “There Go the Nations”.

    Merkel needs to be hanged as, if nothing else, an object lesson.

  24. The problem I have with the story is he is still wasting oxygen.

  25. MichiganderJim

    “To whom does tomorrow belong?”

    To whomever keeps taking today.

  26. It is a grim picture considering the worst could go down. As voting was never meant to get us out of anything, it was for keeping us out of having to vote our way out of bad things to begin with. It will be a close thing wether or not a functioning culture of self determination and individualism survives and sustains a long term stay behind operation preserving the western Christian traditions and history of a free people born into liberty.
    The corporate slaves of the left and right charade, and their dark skinned helot counterparts, the American’s so inured to the government matrix of a state slave plantation, lack the audacity and courage of free men, because they gain nothing when they either win or lose, whereas the freemen have everything to gain from conflict and everything to lose from surrender.
    Yet it goes deeper than that. They are totalitarians in their own right. The will, and do, sacrifice everything to the comforts of being afraid and avoiding responsibilities, and joys, of self determination and individualism, choosing to remain under the embrace of state corporate totalitarianism, terrified of the first two things which make a man totally free. Many will end up dying instead of standing up for their primal God given freedoms before this is over.
    That being free begins with themselves is such a foreign idea as to be like an alien invasion come to exterminate their way of life. But it goes even deeper than that still, they will do nothing to upset their apple cart, the hard truths all around notwithstanding, in spite of the truths, even if it is death staring them in their eye, and by doing nothing, it is their way of enabling and perpetuating the soft embrace of the chains of slavery that they find such illusion of safety wearing. And by doing nothing it is their way to assure the threat of freedom and liberty does not raise it’s head to remind them of what willing slaves and dupes they are.
    The only thing a blessing in all this is they make for terrible warriors, as are their masters, for they know nothing of the natural rights of arms and defense those arms are for. But they make dandy cannon fodder for the political elite. And in the end, if God forbid it happens, that is all they will be good for.
    Their masters will fold like a cheap suit and pull back to their sanctums of statism to try and survive once their Praetorian Mercenary’s cross back over the Rubicon and discover they are faced with free men who can not be shocked and awed into surrendering, those mercenary’s having no dog in that kind of fight, and realistically not the hearts and minds to sustain such a defense against righteous defiance and redress, but a payroll check, fancy weapons, and a position in an oligarchy crumbling, they will eventually quietly drift off in ones and small numbers to tend to their lands and family leaving nothing but the most ardent sociopaths and bloody psychopaths.

  27. Herschel had a good one, if you haven’t posted it yet. The comments are amusing.

  28. Lost Patrol

    Roofing tar and feathers on his naked body and then paraded through the main streets in front of the local seats of power would have worked well. Our forefathers understood how this shit works. We need to relearn these things and apply as is appropriate. The Taliban and AQ were great at taking out those of their very own whom they deemed traitors to their people, culture and heritage and even those who were considered a threat to same. Good stuff.

  29. Alfred E. Neuman

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  30. How does the trope go.. ” You will learn”.

  31. The poor bah-beh.
    Tee hee.

  32. Maybe the rest of the politicians in Germany will get the message… nah, just kidding. He did get what he deserved.

    Grey Ghost

  33. What he deserved was to be beaten till he was a vegetable and then live the rest of his pathetic days strapped in a wheelchair and spoon fed by his mother…

    Do this to the pigs and the pols and soon they will find another way to earn a living. Take out the bastards who enforce this bullshit and then go after their fang-less masters.

  34. “Meanwhile police had to intervene after some 50 asylum-seekers rioted and attacked security guards at a shelter in Berlin.

    Asylum-seekers broke into an office at the shelter, vandalised it and stole personal belonging of the security guards. A car parked outside was also vandalised.

    Police said the cause of the violence was unclear, but that it appeared to have been planned.

    “The nature of the incident suggests that it was not spontaneous,” a police spokesman said”

    Asylum-seekers – they keep using that phrase; it seems the correct translation is hostile invaders bent on subjugating peaceful residents</b?

  35. Stealth Spaniel

    Check this out:

    The most common Germanic warriors would have been what was coined as a Free Man, which meant just that, the Germanic free man was a servent to no one.

    It’s time to go old school-in oh so many ways.

  36. Somebody had to be the first.
    Glad to hear der volk have finally broken their cherry, but they should’ve finished the job on him.
    It would at least have put Reichsleiter Farbissina on notice that Germany didn’t want to be anally merkeled, and that justice was coming.