A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police


Read it all.

Buy Professor Duane’s book.

Shut your damned-fool mouth and keep it shut.

Pass it on.

Along with these videos:

7 responses to “A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police

  1. As a retired PO, I second this. Keep you soup coolers shut. What you say can and WILL be used against you. Invoke quickly and loudly. Demand to know if your under arrest, or are you,free to leave.

  2. That includes this comment section. I’ve seen many comments that are out and out threats against Obama, other public officials and other famous people here and in other blogs. Those comments can be used and have been used to get criminal indictments. At the very least, a federal agent can go to a judge and get a search warrant to your whole life, and that includes all of your family and friends. The latest being a certain German mayor who got clubbed from behind. The first comment by Owen was excellent. Colddeadhands then said ” I’m all for it”, which most likely can get a search warrant. Then jbryan314 let loose with ” They should have killed him. And they should have killed Hennriette Reker as well” which appears to be a direct death threat and could get him on the no fly list and he better forget trying to get a passport or planning a trip to Europe anytime soon.
    The FBI used fake, pro-Patriot camera crews to get confessions from Bundy and many others in that case. I feel that 100% of actions Patriots can take to further their goals are legal. After the SHTF is a different thing entirely. But we are most certainly pre-SHTF. ” The SOB had in coming” is entirely different than “they should have killed him. You can make any point you want, legally, within the bounds of the Kings English. The editor of this blog does that every day.
    Be smart, Patriots.

    • My anger does not represent my actions, or inactions. While we’re close to the thought police world, we are not their yet. Anybody here who thinks the NSA, don’t know exactly who you are, where you live, what you eat, and what Porn sites you hangout on, your foolish.

      I personally had to give up the beastieality sites. The sacrafices one makes for their anonymity…………..

      I mean watching that large pink poodles fucking that biker bitch was erotic, to say the least. Sick fuckers.


  3. On my short list.
    The video is the most important lecture in criminal law, and watching it should be a graduation requirement for high school civics, and everyone who buys a gun.

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    Thanks….just purchased the Kindle Edition.