US Breaks Off Talks With Russia Re Syria

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I am sure it’s nothing.

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  1. I still say if the crazed powermongers in DC insist on getting us into a shootin war with Russia, it should be open season on the fucking cowards. Hell, I already see that as a viable path. What are they gonna do? Take up arms and defend themselves? Request military intervention on their behalf?… Send THEIR children to fight for them? HA!

    • Better start with their “Law Enforcement” enablers first, or you will get NOTHING worthwhile done. Unless you are able to simultaneously flush the entire toilet (suitcase for the SOTU, anyone?) every single filthy maggot piece of shit in DC is readily and fully replaceable by any random person off the street from ANY hive in this entire country.

      Mussolini did not get his opportunity to bust his dance moves whilst his Praetorian Guard was still standing in front of him. And the Ceausescus did not get to become “wall flowers” while their Only Ones were still in front of them. The Elite have learned, and understand that their Blue Wall will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. So they stand behind their Blue Wall and laugh.

      • Anyone who still believes the blue thugs are peace officers or protect the population are to be considered the enemy right along with the badged scum.

        To serve and protect. FUCK YOU.

        Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, September 30, 2016:

        New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana: Three law enforcement officials were arrested in a cigarette smuggling operation. ow.ly/GJoT304IwFO

        Rutherford County, Tennessee: The sheriff was taken into custody on domestic abuse and tampering charges. ow.ly/3rMt304Ix98

        Update: Chicago and Glenview, Illinois (First reported 04-15-14): Three officers—two from Chicago and one from Glenview—had perjury charges dropped because of a filing error. The State’s Attorney’s Office plans to refile. One CPD officer pled guilty. ow.ly/l7rz304IBKx

        Update: Loudon County, Virginia (First reported 07-21-16): A deputy had domestic violence charges dropped for actions against his girlfriend. He remains on leave pending an internal investigation into the matter. ow.ly/GRQe304IETe

        Chicago, Illinois: The City is being sued by a witness to the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald. She claims officers pressured her to change her story about what happened. ow.ly/pkg1304IFXP

        Update: Mount Carmel, Tennessee (First reported 06-01-16): The assistant chief was fired, again, for falsifying paperwork. He had been reinstated by the mayor, but the reinstatement was overruled. ow.ly/L3Qa304IS2I

        Jackson, Mississippi: An officer was indicted on a federal bribery charge and fired. ow.ly/Lk4x304J29U

        Millard County, Utah: The County is being sued by a mentally ill man who was shot by deputies while he was in his vehicle. He claims the deputies used excessive force. ow.ly/lZV5304J2Xb

        Washington, District of Columbia: The medical examiner announced that an officer fatally shot Terrence Sterling, who suffered wounds to the neck and back. The officer’s body camera was not activated until after the shooting. ow.ly/Min4304JeQN

        • You missed the Mississippi pig just given paid leave because they found her dead child in the back of her cruiser. Kid had been there over 4 hours while she “visited” a friend. Translation? The pig whore was fucking a buddy while her own child died. “brave heroes”, one and all…….

      • They’re included by default. Pick a dangerous job enforcing unconstitutional laws and sometimes, there’s a price…..

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If we get a hot war with Russia, I’d imagine a fair number of police would get called up to join the festivities.

    • Valid observation, not that I want to understate my agreement with your insights.
      Just saying.
      The fuckers have fucked up the best free lench imaginable. Now they will want to use we who they have screwed over six ways to sunday to obtain that power they have completely squandered to fulfill their insatiable greed and avarice, to bail out their completely useless worthless disgusting foul fetid hides.
      It is time they rot in hell for eternity.

  2. nah guhd

    pretense for more Emmanuel Goldstein-ism from the Gay Mullato Islamicist and his cadre at State to start WW3

    this occurs just as Assads’ army units and VladAir begin final push on muzzscum stronghold of Aleppo [ Gary Johnson will not be involved in any strategic meetings ]

    wonder what DEBKA has to say …

  3. western govts have been keeping the people amused with their plate spinning since 2009, I think they may finally be at the end of the rope with this and the deutsch bank OR this may just be an intended distraction so we will miss what is done with the duetsch bank.
    todays state of the western world makes vomit look good by comparison.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Learn to “love the bomb”!

  6. It is written, WWIII IS on our door steps. Sadly my enemy is not Russia, but those in DC. “When you hunt rattlesnakes, you cut their heads off, not their rattles”

    Or so I’m told.


    • Dirk,

      “….my enemy is….those in D.C.”

      I’ve stated that remark more times than I can think. Ground zero BTW, is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  7. The center can not hold, the center is not holding, the center is collapsing. Their chickens are coming home to roost.

  8. Not worried about a war with Russia….yet.
    Not saying the Russians could not kick one off but at least on “our” side of the ball there has been no real cheer-leading to support full combat operations.
    No troops have been mobilized, no call for a “coalition of the willing”, no big time media push to end the horrors in Syria.
    There have been shaping operations in the media and preparations for the hype to come but we have not yet seen the true hype.
    When we start to see it ramp up THEN we should be making final checks on the life boats and getting into our harsh environment suits.

  9. This comment is a little dated, but during Viet Nam (C 1-11 attached to 3/1 USMC), most of us agreed that our real enemy was not who we were fighting but those in Washington DC – just saying …..
    On that note, how hard is it to ‘connect the dots’ that the ones who get us into the various mess’ we have been in and continue down the same roads are the politicians with their co-parasites the corporations (a revolving door anyone?). If you’re on the outside (that probably would include EVERYONE here), you and yours are screwed: period.
    As I said, just connecting the dots. Let’s elect the same type of folks that got us into the mess we are in, back in ….. what could go wrong with the exception of mushroom clouds.

  10. Go Vlad !

  11. MichiganderJim

    If anyone’s laying 3-1 that the Big O Org and the Big P Org aren’t working together, I’ll fade that action.

  12. Must. Scare. Sheeple. More.

    I know! WAR!

    Yes that will get these pesky sheep back in the pens where they belong.

  13. I think Putin is smarter than he’s given credit for. I’m willing to bet that he knows that the American people do not want a war with his country and that it’s mostly omammy and himmlery that want to poke the bear. I’m confident Putin will do nothing … unless we strike first, then all bets are off.

    Strange. Remember back in the 60s and 70s when democrats were the doves and republicans were the hawks? My, how things change.

  14. Confederate miner

    People just don’t realize how weak Amerika is. Putin can destroy us overnight without firing a shot.all he has to do is announce Russia is now only accepting gold for its oil and natural gas. Game over. If he is as smart as most people think he is I believe this is exactly what he will do.

    • Confederate miner: how much gold is left in the EU? They’re Russia’s biggest customers for oil and natural gas–that’s where the pipelines go, anyway.

      Also, USG might just consider such a move by Russia to be economic warfare–and if it turns out to be as mighty a blow as you estimate it is, USG might decide that since the roof is falling in anyway, they have nothing left to lose by turning Russia into a self-illuminated glass parking lot, such that you could tie a hunk of fatback to each foot and skate from Donbass to Vladivostok.

      I make these observations, and make this one also: I am not sure Putin is the chessmaster he is made out to be. He previously had a compliant puppet dictatorship in Ukraine, in the Azarov regime. In 2014 he got greedy and reckless and KGB men got caught across the border stuffing ballot boxes and trying to order local riot police to fire on peaceful protestors, and the Russian carpetbagger Azarov got overthrown and had to flee across the border for his life lest he meet the same fate as the Ceaucescus.

      Since then he’s invaded and occupied Donbass and the Crimea, and made lots of open threats against all his neighbors–only, like Boris Yeltsin, he doesn’t seem to grasp why he’s still pressing that big red button marked “Soviet Military Power” and nothing is coming out of the machine but sparks, smoke, and sad-trumpet noises that go wah wah wahhhhh, Half of Russia’s army is spread out across Siberia watching China’s border, and the other half is scattered across a wide swath of borders with former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, and then there are the ones in Syria learning the same lessons the US learned in Korea and Vietnam about the impossibility of stiffening Jell-O with BB shot (see also, Why Arab Armies Lose Wars at strategypage.com). The 50,000 Russian troops massed in Donbass are dwarfed by the 250,000 man Ukrainian military, which has been getting quiet military aid in the form of US and UK trainers for the past two or three years, and which just might be the Russians’ equals, in terms of equipment quality, their superiors in training and discipline, and vastly their superiors numerically; the matter is at an impasse mainly because the Ukrainians know that Kiev is a likely target for a nuclear bomb if they attempted any large-scale offensive action that began to roll the invaders back significantly. But remember that this isn’t the Soviet Army and Putin doesn’t have ten million Ukrainian and Uzbek and Latvian conscripts in penal battalions to feed into the grinder any more–but he isn’t acting like someone who has noticed that. This reminds me very much of of Yeltsin and the Chechen War twenty years ago.

      Russia is an economic Chernobyl today, solely–barely–solvent on the basis of oil and gas exports to a Western Europe that is looking eastwards with alarm and may even start building nuclear reactors again. Russia’s gross domestic product was smaller than that of Italy in 2010, and can only have shrunk further since then with further drops in the price of energy. Russian troops, on paper, spend about twenty percent of the number of training days per year as US or UK troops–and note that on paper, there’s a little asterisk at the bottom where it says, “oh, by the way, Russians have unusual training methods, like ‘providing labor for road repair’ and ‘helping with the potato harvest’ that are part of these totals.” Russia is in a demographic death-spiral, with eight pregnancies ending in abortion for every child born and the population having children at far below replacement rate. Oh, and just about all of the old USSR’s factories for things like solid fuel rocket engines for missiles? They’re all in Ukraine, and Russia’s sole possible alternate source is to buy rough equivalents of dubious quality from China, for those products the Chinese are even roughly able to reproduce.

      So from the Russian perspective, large-scale military operations to seize old properties of the Tsars at bayonet point, and safeguard descendants of old KGB men who were given the farmland in Ukraine after machine-gunning the farmers back in the 1930s, haven’t gone over well. They’ve hardened attitudes. Russians haven’t noticed yet, for whatever reason, that all of their neighbors burn with hatred toward them, from the Arctic Circle down to the Black Sea. The Russian people seem to have tremendous nostalgia just now for the glorious USSR, and the personality cult that has arisen around a certain old KGB thug and torturer they’ve elected reflects this, but do not realize that Lithuanians and Finns and Poles and Azerbijanis don’t have such rosy memories of those years. Even the Japanese have figured out that the Chinese and Koreans and Vietnamese and Filipinos all hate them, and that it has something to do with events during the Twentieth Century, but the Japanese still don’t understand what they did or when. The Russians haven’t even made THAT level of realization yet. They want a leader who can just turn a switch and recreate the USSR and still don’t fully believe that their neighbors are willing to fight and die to prevent it.

      So the Russians park their tanks on the mass graves of thirty million Ukrainians murdered by the NKVD in the 1930s and wonder why those stupid ungrateful hick “hohols” (Russian slur for Ukrainians) aren’t strewing rose petals in their paths. “Hey, Boris! I know! Let’s shell them some more and shoot down a few more of their airliners, and tell them that we’ll keep doing that until they love us!”

      The Russians really can’t even afford their little Middle Eastern adventure, burning up expensive jet fuel and dropping expensive bombs and losing the occasional very expensive aircraft to prop up their little homicidal puppet Assad. I am of the opinion that the West has no allies in Syria, no, not one, and that the Russians, the Assad regime, and ISIS are all our mortal foes. Let them kill each other and we will do well to stay far out of it. Let Putin learn some hard lessons. He thinks he’s invincible and that he can recreate the USSR and the Soviet Empire. I think he’s wrong. I think the next few years will see Russia’s stock decline in that part of the world, if we can just resist the temptation of interrupting them while they’re making a series of grave mistakes.

      • Absolutely brilliant response. There is as much danger in over-estimating your opponent as there is in under-estimating him.
        I respect the hell out of Russians but its a different kind of respect.

        • Rog that.

          But in the game of grave mistakes vs. grave mistakes, how likely is it that the FUSA govt can “…resist the temptation of interrupting them while they’re making a series of grave mistakes”?

          Based on the past 15 years, I’d be kind and say < 1/4.

          There is also the grand strategic question of WTF the financially, spiritually, and intellectually bankrupt FUSA is doing expanding its borders to the frontiers of an 11-time-zone nation on the other side of the planet.

  15. And according to this a majority of voters support ground troops to fight the very thing the regime created.


    … But they oppose refugees. Too bad the views of the voters matter not.


    I believe Vlad will stand pat until after “the election”. If The Red Queen wins, look for some serious quick strikes in Syria to end the ISIS advantage before she takes her oath on 01/20/2017. The Village People understudy is a lame duck and too preoccupied with golf and partying. He will huff and puff,but I doubt he will commit his LGBT forces.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I believe Vlad will stand pat until after “the election”.”

      Maybe he, Snowden, and Assange will come up with the October Surprise to gut punch Hillary.

  17. Roland Deschain

    We cannot defeat a bunch of gatherers in over ten years, what makes anybody so sure that a war with Russia is a good idea? I know, it is to sustain the military industrial complex. I am getting sick of this bullshit.

  18. Uncle Larry

    Defeat the Russians? Have you guys looked in the mirror? We’re broke. Insolvent. Fuel prices will skyrocket. Shopping comes to a screeching halt. What was left of the economy is toast. The next real war will probably see casualties on US soil. Cyber war. No electricity.