ZH: FBI Allowed 2 Hillary Aides To “Destroy” Their Laptops In Newly Exposed “Side Agreements”


Of course.


Co-conspirators, no less.


FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes

Twitchy: “Where is justice?”



26 responses to “ZH: FBI Allowed 2 Hillary Aides To “Destroy” Their Laptops In Newly Exposed “Side Agreements”

  1. Matt Bracken

    Lynch will wipe her ass with that letter and throw it back.

    What happened to Holder after being held in contempt of Congress, after his coverup of his Operation Fast and Furious, where 300+ Mexicans were murdered on purpose to discredit the 2nd Amd? Nothing.

    Our Congress is a joke today, no better today than the USSR’s Congress of People’s Deputies.

  2. If true,how is this much different from what Trump accomplished with his taxes? I mean,suspect motives,agenda,etc.,both sides.Politics can be a dirty little world.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Dafuq? What does a BUSINESSMAN avoiding taxes in legal manners have to do with the blatant corruption rampant in the criminal club called government? Actually that is a rhetorical question because it is quite obvious to any business that any money you send to fedzilla would be better utilized as striking paper or tender.

      Mr. Trump should be lauded for his utilization of the existing laws to fit his needs, furthermore he should be even more so respected for having the nads to come out and explain to us how jacked up it all is and to expose himself to such bullshit largely on our account. He has already paid a hefty toll fighting this battle and I,for one, appreciate him greatly. At least with him we may stand a small chance of avoiding an all out civil and world war.

      • “Mr. Trump should be lauded for his utilization of the existing laws to fit his needs, ”
        Perhaps.But that would be the same argument used for Ford,etc.,moving to Mexico to make cheaper cars and increase profits for American shareholders.While Republicans may not appreciate the likes and politics of Kennedy,there was ,and still is,merit in his “‘ask not what your country can do’ speech. Just sayin’.
        PS.I am not America,but value our American neighbors and friends.
        God Bless America and all who serve.

      • In fact, a businessman, especially in corporate finance, has a fiduciary duty to avoid paying as much tax as possible for the benefit of the stockholders, no matter who they might happen to be.

        • “has a fiduciary duty ..”
          That’s what they say.But they have the same “fiduciary duty” to increase the profits for the stockholders by transferring the business to another country,lock,stock, and barrel.They increase profits to the stockholders at the expense of,and by moving to a country or state where they pay lower wages to employees.That translates into lost jobs,and damn good jobs at that,for American blue collar workers.Damned if you do,damned if you don’t.We are between a rock and a hard place,here.I guess that’s progress,for the 1% anyway.I don’t think American workers would be so concerned or disturbed with the 1% so long as they are able to see their own prospects keep up.We would like to see our children at least enjoy the standard of living we have.Maybe there is a better balance with a business/industry’s “fiduciary duty” to stockholders and their “ethical duty” towards their country,their countries values and place in this “global economy” and their workers,i.e.,American workers.Really,hard to see where we are going here,or what’s best for our countries,kids and way of life

  3. Sobering; the level of corruption going unchecked, and the hypocrisy is staggering….

    Don’t even think about crossing state lines without FIRST having your canoe inspected AND properly certified for being free of invasive species…..the idea of crossing state lines with firewood without a certificate verifying that it contains NO-more than 19% moisture (free of wood-boring insects), could cost you $hundreds in fines. Rolling (Hollywood) stops….. don’t even think about it.

  4. MaryfromMarin

    Aiding and abetting in the destruction of evidence? Interesting times…

  5. This is what happens when fucking niggers are in charge of anything.
    Detroit was once the ‘Paris of the West’. Then Coleman Young took charge.

    • ffA-t,

      No different than the illegal Kenyan being anointed POTUS. And who installed this POS ? Liberal, Caucasian dumb ass citizens who don’t have any idea as to what installing soetoro-obama would do to the country.

    • MichiganderJim

      Coleman Young had about as much to do with it as Obama does now—“some but not much.” Both were perfect figureheads and very willing looters to abide those who make the decisions. But then that applies to a whole lot of people, each in their own way.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, sad what happened to that city. Places that I used to go as a kid are either no-go areas, or simply gone. Diversity sure strengthened the ever-living-fuck out of it.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Thus insuring (they hope) a Trump AG can’t prosecute.

    That rat-bastard Comey better damn well hope Trump doesn’t het around to going after him as well.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s at least one thing that will surely follow if Trump gets elected – Congress will very suddenly find its fangs again, and use them with wild abandon.

      • that’s right. Were Trump to actually attempt deporting the illegals and Walling off Mexico – not to mention abrogating the “free trade” deals – the Zionist/globalist-owned Congress would impeach, convict, and remove him in less than a week. But don’t worry. He won’t.

  8. Thus insuring (they hope) a Trump AG can’t prosecute.

    That rat-bastard Comey better damn well hope Trump doesn’t get around to going after him as well.

  9. Brothers in arms.
    J Edgar was making deals and pulling nasty,illegal shit since day one. Files,photos,blackmail.The FBI has a history. The “good” agents know the truth. They are not stupid people. This horseshit has been going on for a very long time. But…now,with the internet,you know about it.Without the internet you won’t.The internet will soon go bye-bye,as we know it.Mission accomplished as far as the dirty bastards are concerned.So what if you know the powers that be ,do not give a blue blazes fuck about the law or you. What are you going to do about it?
    Live a good life. Be a man of your word. One good mans word means more than all the reams of lying bullshit That will never change. Do not become the human you despise.The reckoning is not only Biblical,but literal as well.Good,honest,hard-working folks are saying,fuck you ,to the entire system.Receive those you deem salvageable and worthy into your tribes,clans and groups.Tough decisions should be made now.Get all your money out of the bank.Take out the maximum loans on all IRA’s,401,insurance policies. The haircut is going to make 2008 look like a Sunday school picnic.
    tfa is correct…100-200 million casualties is the tip of the iceberg.Billions will perish.Nature alone will cull billions once this giant steaming pile of shit lets loose.We are witnessing the end of an era.
    Peace is only accomplished by overwhelming military superiority.Any other version is bullshit.To win wars you must practice scorched earth. You kick the ever loving shit out of your opponent,destroy and kill anything of value, thereby removing the means to wage war. Always faithful.

  10. wealthy farmer

    In Federal Statute ‘the appearance of a conflict of interest is the same as a conflict of interest’.
    There is way more than enough material on Comey to empanel a dumb-as-dirt lapdog grand jury (the kind the FBI and DOJ use SO effectively) and NAIL this fucking holier-than-thou shitty corrupt SOB to the wall. FREEZE HIS SUBSTANTIAL ASSETS. Hard core perp treatment for him and Hillary. GITMO….

  11. “To win wars you must practice scorched earth. ”

    Remember,though,the West invested much in Germany and Japan in reconstruction and reaped the rewards of strong and loyal allies.

  12. “A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care. The person who has a fiduciary duty is called the fiduciary, and the person to whom he owes the duty, is typically referred to as the principal or the beneficiary.”

    Again,it is clear that the “fiduciary duty” is to the (American) stockholder,here,not the employee.One can argue that the “fiduciary duty” may come at the expense of the (American) employee,be it by using tax loopholes or moving to Mexico.Profits/investment vs ethics/loyalty.America has achieved greatness from Capitalism,but it is worrisome that the working class,blue collar worker and middle class are losing ground.That can’t continue,and has to be turned around.It is not clear who can do this,Trump or Clinton.The only bright side is that either can be tossed out in 4 or 8 years if either cannot bring about the needed changes.As goes America,goes the western liberal democracies.