Codrea: Federal Judge Is Helping Clinton Cover Up Crimes


Of course he is.

Fundamental transformation.


5 responses to “Codrea: Federal Judge Is Helping Clinton Cover Up Crimes

  1. Let me guess. Another nigger?

    cops judges politicians

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    What can anyone expect?!
    All levels of the DC government are completely corrupted.
    Even down to the shoulder star zipper heads in the Pentagon.
    It’s all gone. All fucked up beyond repair.

    Redress of grievences?!!
    Pfffft!! A joke now!

    Sure some groups get pin-pricks against the leftist.
    But they’re just that.

    The last and most telling sellout was the SCOTUS decision on Obama-care.
    How did this conservative supreme court judge work out for you? –huh?!

    It was all a setup.
    A ruse. A massive kabuki show.
    All of the wonks are laughing at you.

    Now Trump comes along and the shit-storm of lies against him is nearly a fource 5 hurricane…. and why? Because they are frightened that their gravy trains, their payoffs, their circle-jerks of corruption will be exposed to the sheeple. Trump is the most massive threat to “they/them” since Andrew Jackson.

    Most of you and nearly all the sheeple out there cannot fathom the levels of corruption, lies and deciet that is propelled against you on a daily basis.

    The following clip from “They Live” is nothing to what is trully being pulled off on you sub-rosa everyday….

    The level of corruption presently is even more pervasive and horrendous than what is portrayed in that movie.

    Wrap your skulls around this please.

    When Trump says “the system is rigged” –he is only scratching the surface of the problem.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Soon as they start killing us, they will be taken care of:)

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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