Double Winner: Mom Of The Year & Hero In Blue


RT: “So far this year, 35 children have died in hot cars. The most recent one was the 3-year-old daughter of a Mississippi police officer. The mother and another cop whom she “was visiting” are now on paid leave, while the death is being investigated.”

shiny badges don't

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  1. They will investigate her, find no wrong doing, put her back on the street and reimburse her for any unpaid time off she was forced to take. But you know, she’s a cop so, she’s “earned” our respect…. No, really…. All that aside, you’d think she’d take advantage of her stellar dental plan and fix those fuckin beaver teeth for gawd sake.

    • Someone will arrange a Go Fund Me account to cover funeral expenses for the kid and she’ll use that money for her teeth. Or gifts to her honey.

  2. Darwin award for lesbian cops?

    • apparently she was screwing a male cop while killing off her daughter-by-ex-husband. As a rule, males of most “advanced” predator species do not want the children of prior sperm-donors, preferring to sire their own. IOTW, the act by the mother was at some psych level intentional. Do not worry. During Emperor Haxo IV’s Reign of Virtue, such wickedness will be lethally sanctioned. Innocence will be a positive state, not a mere insipid absence of guilt.

      • I wondered the same thing. Remember the Susan Smith case? She thought her two kids were an impediment to her romantic prospects with a new guy, so she buckled them up her car and rolled it into a lake. They drowned, and she made up some story about being carjacked and bawling about it on TV.

        I would not rule out intentional murder made to look unintentional and the result of a careless mistake.

  3. Deliverance….?

    • Cornrow ,ugly-ass ,white trash, wigger bitch kills a kid from neglect and abuse. Oh wait…she’s a cop.Nothing to see here. Move along and allow the family it’s privacy to mourn the death of a loved one.

  4. hey mom when last did thee brush them teeff? moron in blue, sperm receptical. what a damn shame for the child, won a Darwin award gattis said receptical.

  5. I thought the heroes had better dental plans than that.

  6. Left a 3 year old child in a car for a few hours? That must have been one hell of a cup of coffee…and a donut.

  7. LBPD needs to seriously revisit their dental plan.

  8. Nice teeth. WTF?

  9. How’s that diversity working out for you all?

  10. Oh God, this makes me sick. Poor baby. God, please take care of that baby.

  11. IIRC, there is a law on the books in MS (as there is in most states) regarding leaving children or pets in cars and in MS I believe it was passed in the late 70’s. I’m betting she’ll get to keep her job, but damn if she doesn’t look like just another cop who will stop you in a heartbeat for not having your seatbelt on.

    Grey Ghost

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. They keep exposing shiny examples of the
    door kickers and mandarin enforcers.
    I’m not impressed.
    A couple of Chinese Halloween decorations with the pedal triggers will keep them at bay for hours.

    Molon Labe.

  14. This is a shameless hit job on police beginning with the title here. Most of the article was not relevant and/or inconclusive innuendos. And of course the father was distraught. But how many nights was he not there to tuck his daughter in? Broken marriages have consequences to children.

    If the author was truly concerned about child vehicular heatstroke deaths, the last paragraph and chart would have expressed it.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Are you effing kidding me? This woman cop leaves a toddler in a RUNNING CAR BY HERSELF; and you think it’s a hit job on police!!?? Oh! That’s right! Said cop left the air conditioning on! Just to be safe, did the officer lock the doors of the car in case, oh I don’t know, some pedophile finds himself really really lucky, and takes off with said toddler? Would that be a better ending? This bitch wanted laid, so she decided her vagina was more important than her child.
      If your desire for sex is so God damnably overwhelming, than employ a sitter. Get one of your cop-buds to watch the baby while you’re making holes in the wall. Call your ex paramour and have him take the kid back. Do some God Damned Something! There is ZERO excuse for this child’s death. This bitch needs jail time. And a beating.

    • Let’s just all be glad she was able to go home safely at the end of her shift, am I right y’all?

    • FUCK. THE. COPS.

      and their worthless kids…

      • Be careful now, or the usual “moral high ground” crowd will be after you. Not only the ones who are normally around here, but the Knuckledraggin POS as well. One simply does not touch “innocents”. But it’s OK if the pigs do…

        • It’s the sentimental types who have been beaten and weakened to believe that bullshit. You either conquer your enemy or you don’t.

          Winners just——————————–WIN.

      • FUCK. THE. COPS.

        Isn’t this where we came in on this????

    • Leave it to an ignorant sloot to try and deflect responsibility to a man. So, sloot, how many baby daddies do YOU have?….. Any of them ever accidentally allow YOU to kill your own child?…. I mean it MUST be the mans fault, right sloot?

    • Dina,

      Well, another copsucking troll rears her statist head.

      You’re the exact sort of fool who defends scum like Hillary Klinton and Barak soetoro hussein barry obama (or whatever his Marxist name is).

      Dina….IMO the ass clowns like you are what has taken this formerly great nation into the 3rd world shithole it has become.

  15. just plain todd

    damn. doesn’t her piggy union have a dental plan? ho lee fuk. she could eat corn on the cob thru a chain link fence with them things.

  16. FrozenPatriot

    Turns out shiny badges do grant extra rights, but only for “servants”…like the right to a paid vacation instead of being kidnapped and forced into a cage while your betters in government argue over how miserable to make your life.

  17. Police always get “paid leave” while “Joe the Plummer” gets pretrial confinement or has to pay out a bail. Yet we are all “equal under the law”.

  18. thesouthwasrght

    For some reason I’m getting the vibe that this fine young lass can work wonders with 9″ of soul pole. Moreso than lesbo.

  19. ALCON,







    Or district attorneys.

    Or judges.

  20. Unfortunately, many perfumed princesses up in their ivory towers
    are either arrogant, ignorant or plainly deceitful. Keep that chow
    line movin’, and pass the buck. Not different than the history of
    “sexting” the bride before one gets “married,” or taking the first
    born, plus some – I do, I do, before I sue.
    So… to those good Eves and Adams out there, stay distant from the Jezebels and Lilith’s along with their many pedophile and deviant devil advocates. Remember that to them, you are all “fle$h in the cauldron.”

    “What Baskerville describes as a “war against fathers” is also a massive expansion of state power. “The criminalization of the father is, quite simply, unavoidable so long as we are willing to enforce unilateral divorce with children,” he says. “With the father an outlaw, the children may be in the ‘custody’ of the mother . . ., but it is more accurate to say that ultimately they have become wards of the state, which establishes what amounts to a puppet government within the family.” Every American needs to know about the horrifying abuses of power this book exposes.”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  21. By the looks of things, it must be REAL easy to be a sworn Officer, in the great state of Mississippi. NO offense, to those that serve. Just saying.