Flesh Wave


Census: Record 42.4M immigrants, 23% of school kids, Muslims biggest jump

FUSA is dead.

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  1. Uncle Larry

    A few years ago I saw a statistic that showed 52% of all kids entering kindergarten were non-white. It’s probably 54% now. The next 50 years will see a drop in the white population by about 35%. Not enough white babies.

    • Many whites do not have kids unless they can afford it. Minorities don’t have to worry about that. The government just gives them money.

  2. Best examples are in the southwest. For instance, in Houston; before the 1965 immigration act by ted kennedy, Houston was about 75% white; today around 50 years later; it’s about 40% white and over 40% Hispanic(they are the majority now). I am sure it’s similar in San Antonio, and many places all over the southwest.
    All that la raza crap that they are going to take back the southwest usa, they’re going to have the numbers to vote themselves to run many states as they see fit within 50 years.


      That’s the bad news. The good news is the Negroes will be running for their lives.

    • Ted Kennedy had nothing substantial to do with the 1965 White Exclusion Act. He was the front man, the errand boy, the shabbatz goy. The bill was actually written by Manny Cellar and a Kaballah of White-hating Jews in the House of Reps.

  3. Is there any precedent for a people willfully and deliberately killing itself off like this?

    Some days I am more pessimistic than usual, and today is one of those days. Seems like all the horded guns and ammo should have damn well been used by now. It’s starting to seem like we’re just eccentric stamp and coin collectors of a different sort.

    The only silver lining to this demographic trend is that it will rapidly convert the place into Third World shithole status, and if whitey would ever stop being all Lee Greenwood — keeping the machinery in working order through his misplaced “patriotism” — the Federal Entity would find itself too incompetent to finish the job of our extermination.

    • “Is there any precedent for a people willfully and deliberately killing itself off like this?”
      actually, the original people are generally pushovers and whine and moan but go along until the country is completely destroyed or crumbles enough that it is easily taken over. rome, England and now the usa. sorry, we are not different. I actually give England a better chance at reversing as essentially one big island, it can control things better.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Is there any precedent for a people willfully and deliberately killing itself off like this?”

      Japan, pretty much all of Europe.

      • But Japan is not flooding itself with a replacement population. They can always decide to start making more Japanese any time they choose, and Japan will still be Japan.

        We on the other hand are combining our lack of procreation with the importation of hostile aliens who have every intention of living off our largess while sowing the seeds of our replacements.

    • The muslimes know how to deal with the cops.


      If the whites can only find where they put their balls…
      Until the cops are out of the way, it will only get worse.

    • there are examples of this happening throughout history, nobody remembers what Etruscans or the Raetians (an alpine tribe rumored to be former etruscans) look like for example.

  4. The more Mooslimes that come here just make for a more “Target Rich” environment when the time is right.

  5. -Happy Acres http://happyacres.tumblr.com/post/151334148689/have-you-ever-noticed-how-plainly-feet-speak-the

    “…Have you ever noticed how plainly feet speak the truth once the tongue has ceased lying? The 90% of the world’s population we call “minorities” live in vast majority among their own kind. Yet all seem to seek the yoke of so-called white supremacy. So supreme apparently that it compels them from native hovels to the western oppresion epicenter where their bitter suffering may at least be better subsidized…

    …Obviously someone is moved by this rationale. I hate you racists so much now let me in!…”

    -from The Dindu Nuffin’s

  6. “It’s not dead, it’s just restin’. The Norwegian Blue loves keepin’ on its back! It’s just pining for the fjords.”

  7. Steve Kristmann

    Not at all surprising, unfortunately.
    On the other hand, my father’s people are definitely
    far more awake and possessed of common sense!!

    HUNGARY: 98% of voters say “NO” to mandatory EU quotas for Muslim migrants

    As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t feel the need for any ‘leader’
    over me. I have to admit that Viktor Orban seems to be truly
    concerned for the safety and good of fellow Hungarians..good
    on him! Looks like he and the rest of the Hungarians are flying
    the finger to Brussels and Sorros and the rest…Bravo!!!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner !!!

    • 55% of the Hungarian electorate – the Jews and the Jew-ized – boycotted the referendum. The EU will ignore it, and is already making Muslim “sanctuary city” deals with various Hungarian cities and towns under socialist control. You. Cannot. Vote. Your. Way. Out. Of. A. Judeoglobalist. Demographic. Deathtrap. That. Has. Already. Snapped. Shut. You can only kill your way out of it.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. colddeadhandsdays

    Nothing left to lose. Let the killing commence!!!! 🙂

    The way I see it is they will start coming for us pretty soon and then the legit killing will begin.

  10. come on white people, children, children, children. At least 3+ per couple, lets go!!