Kunstler: Sizing Up The End-Game


BLUF: Be careful of what you seek.

You may get it.

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  1. Keep voting, because its your duty. You must choose one of these losers for the all imortant role of Puppet Head, USA.

    You are free to “make murica great again”

    Thank God you have a choice! And the right to decide the future of this great nation.

    Carlin was right. Barnhardt IS right.

    • Carlin and Barnhardt are both correct, but one candidate is an Evil ProgreSSive Psychopath that just called me “Despicable”, while her comrade in Chief has called me a “Bitter Clinger”. I think I can see that the Other Choice may possibly not send the Polezi knocking on my door.
      An economic disaster is hard enough without the added witch hunts.

      • actually, Trump is a complete copsucker. Clinton45 will grow the armed hardRight by leaps and bounds. The Donald will throw a patriotard wet blanket over us and, when the debtPonzi collapses, be a far more competent and deadlier enemy than Mrs. Clinton. And, BTW, she did not call you “despicable”; she called you deplorable. Which is the case.

  2. (((Kunstler))) has a visceral dislike for Trump….Too bad that after he elects Hillary, and she does the expected, many won’t be around to see the results of the crack-up….

  3. Comments laudatory of Jimmy Carter make for an unconvincing closing argument.

  4. Take a look at the faces in this pic.
    Looks like “Phuck” you because thats why.

    Philippine President Tells Obama “You Can Go To Hell, I Will Buy Weapons From Russia”


  5. “The fact that she will be the oldest president ever at inauguration itself says a lot about the limitless cupidity of the Boomer political gen.” — from Kunstler

    I won’t quibble the fact that there was much we Boomers dropped the ball on. But….. What is the GenX/Y/Millennials excuse? I would expect to see at least the GenX crowd starting to take hold of the reins, but I don’t see it. That is especially true for the Dims. HRC and the two layers below here in party hierarchy are all over 60. The GOPers are not much better in that score either though they do show depth at the State/local level.

    So before one throws stones…..

  6. While I doubt to the extreme that the US can be saved by a Trump Presidency, (all the economic debt berg problems will still be there, along with a divided nation) this guy is pulling for the Bad Girl, just to get things whipped up and done with, and at the same times lauds that Sad Sack of Shit, Jimmy Farter. Why does he even have a blog? Getting to Trump and all that, MANY here just want the ball to commence, and hang the consequences, we’ll figure that all out later, after Final Victory. To them I say, you’re eager now, but after it goes over the falls, you’ll be anything but. How many of you have missed a meal lately? Or nine meals? Been sick? Been without a decent FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP, in as many MONTHS? Had lice and whatever crawling all over you, 24/7? Had to keep rats and mice and bugs, and jackasses that hang out nearby from eating your food? Or just ate the rats and mice? Worn raggedy, filthy clothes and abominable shoes, to bed, got up after two hours of fitful and noisy “sleep”,and gone out in the dark and cold to rummage through garbage to find something to choke down to eat? Any of you ever watch someone bleed to death, die of dysentery, cholera, or watch children slowly die of hunger or disease? Ever seen gangrene kill some one? Ever discover some one frozen to death? Do any of you know a weakened child can die of diarrhea in 24 hours? Beaten? Raped? I’ve only see a few of those things, and never want to again. So, you cheerleaders for the Apocalypse, put your pom-poms down for a minute and think. Let’s say that through some miracle that Trump is a fuck up, but averts catastrophe. Then think about the fact that Hillary is a fuck up, and averting catastrophe is reverse of her plan. I’ll take a 1% chance of success against a 100% chance of failure. YMMV. Oh, by the way, in football, they say to take what they give you, to beat the other team. Sun Tzu gridiron.

    • Well said. All these tools hoping for doom are Malthusian and/or murderous at heart, and will be the first to be swept from the board. Kunstler thinks there are ‘too many humans on board the planet’. Don’t see him volunteering to step off.

    • Sean,

      Thank you for your extremely descriptive dose of reality.

      • @ Dan3 and Sean: thanks for the usual idiocy. When the debtPonzi collapses, copsucker Trump – precisely because he’s a semi-competent fascist – will be a far deadlier enemy to FreeFor than a corrupt, murderous, and above all incompetent (in fact, Walking Dead) Clinton45.

        PS – I am currently toughening up my psyche (“ever seen gangrene?”) by watching Russian car crash videos on youtube. They are great: bodies flying through the air, kids splattered all over pedestrian crosswalks, close-ups of blood dripping off airbags when car meets truck @ net 160 mph. Highly recommended.

    • Your list of ills is distressing – until you consider the alternative.

      The revolution may be horrible – or it may be relatively easy, as in the Czech “velvet revolution”, where people simply stopped believing and obeying. I’m thinking our vast parasitic classes will push it over to the horrible side. But avoiding an ugly reset is exactly what the ruling class has been doing for decades, by kicking the can down the road. Eventually even that stops working. Then we have to go off the cliff.

      Anyway it is not for us to decide. We do not control what happens. An individual’s choice of Hitlary or Trump is perfectly irrelevant. We just have to get ready for the following disaster, whoever is presiding over it.

    • Bill Harzia

      I’m going to save this as a a text file, with proper accreditation of the source, and post it whenever I see one of those “let’s get this party STARTED!” types mouthing off somewhere.


  8. Hillary Clinton is evil,, while Trump is just a fool. Even if everything Kunstler says comes to pass, she will still pack the Supremes with enough SJWs to control not only our lives but generations ahead. For that reason alone, vote Trump.

    For our Children’s Children’s Children.

  9. Seems others are sizing up the end game

    Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions with Russia
    October 2, 2016
    -from https://consortiumnews.com/2016/10/02/obama-warned-to-defuse-tensions-with-russia/

    A group of ex-U.S. intelligence officials is warning President Obama to defuse growing tensions with Russia over Syria by reining in the demonization of President Putin and asserting White House civilian control over the Pentagon.


    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


    We write to alert you, as we did President George W. Bush, six weeks before the attack on Iraq, that the consequences of limiting your circle of advisers to a small, relatively inexperienced coterie with a dubious record for wisdom can prove disastrous.* Our concern this time regards Syria.

    Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-first session. 20 September 2016 (UN Photo)Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventy-first session. 20 September 2016 (UN Photo)
    President Barack Obama addresses the General Assembly’s seventy-first session on Sept. 20, 2016 (UN Photo)
    We are hoping that your President’s Daily Brief tomorrow will give appropriate attention to Saturday’s warning by Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova: “If the US launches a direct aggression against Damascus and the Syrian Army, it would cause a terrible, tectonic shift not only in the country, but in the entire region.”

    Speaking on Russian TV, she warned of those whose “logic is ‘why do we need diplomacy’ … when there is power … and methods of resolving a problem by power. We already know this logic; there is nothing new about it. It usually ends with one thing – full-scale war.”

    We are also hoping that this is not the first you have heard of this – no doubt officially approved – statement. If on Sundays you rely on the “mainstream” press, you may well have missed it. In the Washington Post, an abridged report of Zakharova’s remarks (nothing about “full-scale war”) was buried in the last paragraph of an 11-paragraph article titled “Hospital in Aleppo is hit again by bombs.” Sunday’s New York Times totally ignored the Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s statements.

    In our view, it would be a huge mistake to allow your national security advisers to follow the example of the Post and Times in minimizing the importance of Zakharova’s remarks.

    Events over the past several weeks have led Russian officials to distrust Secretary of State John Kerry. Indeed, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who parses his words carefully, has publicly expressed that distrust. Some Russian officials suspect that Kerry has been playing a double game; others believe that, however much he may strive for progress through diplomacy, he cannot deliver on his commitments because the Pentagon undercuts him every time. We believe that this lack of trust is a challenge that must be overcome and that, at this point, only you can accomplish this.
    It should not be attributed to paranoia on the Russians’ part that they suspect the Sept. 17 U.S. and Australian air attacks on Syrian army troops that killed 62 and wounded 100 was no “mistake,” but rather a deliberate attempt to scuttle the partial cease-fire Kerry and Lavrov had agreed on – with your approval and that of President Putin – that took effect just five days earlier.

    In public remarks bordering on the insubordinate, senior Pentagon officials showed unusually open skepticism regarding key aspects of the Kerry-Lavrov deal. We can assume that what Lavrov has told his boss in private is close to his uncharacteristically blunt words on Russian NTV on Sept. 26:

    “My good friend John Kerry … is under fierce criticism from the US military machine. Despite the fact that, as always, [they] made assurances that the US Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, supported him in his contacts with Russia (he confirmed that during his meeting with President Vladimir Putin), apparently the military does not really listen to the Commander in Chief.”

    Lavrov’s words are not mere rhetoric. He also criticized JCS Chairman Joseph Dunford for telling Congress that he opposed sharing intelligence with Russia, “after the agreements concluded on direct orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama stipulated that they would share intelligence. … It is difficult to work with such partners. …”

    Sergey V. Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, addresses a high-level meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Syria on Sept. 21, 2016 (UN Photo) Sergey V. Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, addresses a high-level meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Syria on Sept. 21, 2016 (UN Photo)
    Sergey V. Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, addresses a high-level meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Syria on Sept. 21, 2016 (UN Photo)
    Policy differences between the White House and the Pentagon are rarely as openly expressed as they are now over policy on Syria. We suggest you get hold of a new book to be released this week titled The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War by master historian H. W. Brands. It includes testimony, earlier redacted, that sheds light on why President Truman dismissed WWII hero Gen. Douglas MacArthur from command of U.N. forces in Korea in April 1951. One early reviewer notes that “Brands’s narrative makes us wonder about challenges of military versus civilian leadership we still face today.” You may find this new book more relevant at this point in time than the Team of Rivals.

    The door to further negotiations remains ajar. In recent days, officials of the Russian foreign and defense ministries, as well as President Putin’s spokesman, have carefully avoided shutting that door, and we find it a good sign that Secretary Kerry has been on the phone with Foreign Minister Lavrov. And the Russians have also emphasized Moscow’s continued willingness to honor previous agreements on Syria.

    In the Kremlin’s view, Russia has far more skin in the game than the U.S. does. Thousands of Russian dissident terrorists have found their way to Syria, where they obtain weapons, funding, and practical experience in waging violent insurgency. There is understandable worry on Moscow’s part over the threat they will pose when they come back home. In addition, President Putin can be assumed to be under the same kind of pressure you face from the military to order it to try to clean out the mess in Syria “once and for all,” regardless how dim the prospects for a military solution are for either side in Syria.

    We are aware that many in Congress and the “mainstream” media are now calling on you to up the ante and respond – overtly or covertly or both – with more violence in Syria. Shades of the “Washington Playbook,” about which you spoke derisively in interviews with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg earlier this year. We take some encouragement in your acknowledgment to Goldberg that the “playbook” can be “a trap that can lead to bad decisions” – not to mention doing “stupid stuff.”

    Goldberg wrote that you felt the Pentagon had “jammed” you on the troop surge for Afghanistan seven years ago and that the same thing almost happened three years ago on Syria, before President Putin persuaded Syria to surrender its chemical weapons for destruction. It seems that the kind of approach that worked then should be tried now, as well – particularly if you are starting to feel jammed once again.

    Incidentally, it would be helpful toward that end if you had one of your staffers tell the “mainstream” media to tone down it puerile, nasty – and for the most part unjustified and certainly unhelpful – personal vilification of President Putin.

    Renewing direct dialogue with President Putin might well offer the best chance to ensure an end, finally, to unwanted “jamming.” We believe John Kerry is correct in emphasizing how frightfully complicated the disarray in Syria is amid the various vying interests and factions. At the same time, he has already done much of the necessary spadework and has found Lavrov for the most part, a helpful partner.

    The Security Council adopted resolution 2310 (2016) urging all States that have either not signed or not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) to do so without further delay. The Council also called upon all States to refrain from conducting any nuclear-weapon test explosion or any other nuclear explosion and to maintain their moratoria in this regard. The resolution was adopted with a vote of 14 in favour, and one abstention (Egypt). 23 September 2016 (UN Photo)The Security Council adopted resolution 2310 (2016) urging all States that have either not signed or not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) to do so without further delay. The Council also called upon all States to refrain from conducting any nuclear-weapon test explosion or any other nuclear explosion and to maintain their moratoria in this regard. The resolution was adopted with a vote of 14 in favour, and one abstention (Egypt). 23 September 2016 (UN Photo)
    Secretary of State John Kerry addressing the United Nations Security Council.
    Still, in view of lingering Russian – and not only Russian – skepticism regarding the strength of your support for your secretary of state, we believe that discussions at the highest level would be the best way to prevent hotheads on either side from risking the kind of armed confrontation that nobody should want.

    Therefore, we strongly recommend that you invite President Putin to meet with you in a mutually convenient place, in order to try to sort things out and prevent still worse for the people of Syria.

    In the wake of the carnage of World War II, Winston Churchill made an observation that is equally applicable to our 21st Century: “To jaw, jaw, jaw, is better than to war, war, war.”

    * In a Memorandum to President Bush criticizing Colin Powell’s address to the UN earlier on February 5, 2003, VIPS ended with these words: “After watching Secretary Powell today, we are convinced that you would be well served if you widened the discussion … beyond the circle of those advisers clearly bent on a war for which we see no compelling reason and from which we believe the unintended consequences are likely to be catastrophic.”

    For the Steering Group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

    William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical & Military Analysis, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT Automation Research Center (ret.)

    Fred Costello, Former Russian Linguist, USAF

    Mike Gravel, former Adjutant, top secret control officer, Communications Intelligence Service; special agent of the Counter Intelligence Corps and former United States Senator

    Matthew Hoh, former Capt., USMC, Iraq & Foreign Service Officer, Afghanistan (associate VIPS)

    Larry C. Johnson, CIA & State Department (ret.)

    John Kiriakou, former CIA counterterrorism officer and former senior investigator, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

    Linda Lewis, WMD preparedness policy analyst, USDA (ret.) (associate VIPS)

    Edward Loomis, NSA, Cryptologic Computer Scientist (ret.)

    Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.)

    Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East, CIA (ret.)

    Todd Pierce, MAJ, US Army Judge Advocate (ret.)

    Coleen Rowley, Division Counsel & Special Agent, FBI (ret.)

    Kirk Wiebe, former Senior Analyst, SIGINT Automation Research Center, NSA, (ret.)

    Robert Wing, former Foreign Service Officer

    Ann Wright, U.S. Army Reserve Colonel (ret) and former U.S. Diplomat


    Then there is this:

    US Considering Air Strikes On Assad Regime After Top General Warns It Could Lead To War With Russia


    Then this thinly disguised cultural marxist hit piece, (from the same guys who gave us Pineland and other SPLC grade agitprop), conflating the colossal dangers and existence of “American White Rightwing Terrorists” with jihadist operating in America and Europe. Except there isn’t a single piece of evidence or examples of “Rightwing terrorism” given in the entire screed.

    ‘Reassessing the Threat of Homegrown Violent Extremism in the United States: Overstated or Underestimated?’
    by Taylor R. Applegate
    October 1, 2016


  10. The only argument I can find for H. is “worse sooner, is better, so we can fight while we are young” and I just don’t like it.
    Flying nukes are a kicking over of the game and setting the house on fire tactic, and she seems willing and ready to go to war with Russia. Russia doesn’t really want to go to war, since they aren’t much interested in us except to stay out of their business. They are happy to sell Boeing titanium, Germans billions of cubic feet of NG, and invent EM countermeasures for our computer-dependent war machines. The Russians are much more ready to accept a hot war than Americans are, and they have living memory of a war 20X worse than the the US war between the states to look back on and say “It’s not that bad, because we have room in the bunkers for everyone and lots of food. Imagine if you were in Chicago, like your cousin Yuri…”.
    It might be really good that we have a lot of Russians in the USA, so that the Russian political system will hesitate to kill them along with us.

  11. Kunstler only sees the future through an “economic” lens and he sees that as the ONLY bad thing that can happen under her regime, this is why his endgame is bullshit and shortsighted. If Hitlery is elected it won’t just be economic it’ll be uncivil UW war to break away from these collectivist jackasses. Hitlery wants your guns, we aren’t gonna give ’em up, she’ll unleash the .gov at all levels to get them. THAT is the endgame of the devil spawn herself.

    Grey Ghost

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    This fucker has been consistently wrong since his Peak Oil doom predictions.