Merkel: We Must Crush the Right Wing in the East!


GoV sends.

If you don’t think the Cankled “Can’t we just drone this guy?” Empress will be starting the same exterminationist rhetoric in her inaugural address, you need to wake up and fast.

Here’s how it works, in the HRC taxonomy:

There are the Deplorables (ordinary dirt people), and then there are the Irredeemables (ordinary dirt people who are helping other dirt people become more dangerous dirt people).

Irredeemables are the same as what is meant in COIN theory as an “Irreconcilable”.

And every good nation-state actor knows that there is only one thing to do with an Irredeemable/Irreconcilable:

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  1. Every time I see Merkel in the news, I wonder why the Germans haven’t assassinated her yet.

    I suppose the funniest end for her, would involve being killed by her own pet muslims.

    • They have not assassinated her because their GD pigs have no more honor than our GD pigs. Until the pigs are burning in hell where they belong, NOTHING will change for the better.

      • Merkl has not been assassinated because she is typical of the post-1945 German. c. 1,000,000 Waffen-SS were KIA, 1939-45. They were the best. Most died childless. Churchill’s War was a genetic catastrophe for White Western civilization.

  2. Its great. We will be the Bitter Clingers and Former Regime holdouts in the up and comin.
    I am so looking forward to wearing one of those Fedyeen Jefferson Davis, Darth Vader helmets.

  3. Time for the Germns to consider a good ol’ fashioned Mussolini street dance for that evil bitch.

  4. Cultural marxist scum speaking out ass.
    They are terrified of the rise of Alt-Right.

    What Ol’ Remus said, hell ya:

    The Tea Party and the Alt-Right are surface expressions of something neither of them fully capture, momentary flecks in a pyroclastic flow. The Tea Party, classically activist, was the last polite grievance by a now largely defunct middle class. Ignored and betrayed by turns, it metamorphosized into the Alt-Right, classically territorial, kickers-in of doors, fronted by berserkers talented at holing the enemy. It sows confusion and fear by being everywhere and nowhere in a merry game of whack-a-mole, most visibly the Pepe meme, after Kek, the frog god of chaos in ancient Egypt.

    Just as the Tea Party expanded and metamorphosized into the Alt-Right, so too is the Alt-Right expanding and metamorphosizing. The game is afoot. With ominous groans and shuddering the worm is turning, shaking off the dust of a century and alarming the apparatchiks. Whether the collectivists retreat, attack or go mad is of no lasting consequence. The “business not quite as usual” of the Trumpists will be the good old days of their future.

    When a movement grows in size and influence as fast as Alt-Right has, it means most of it was in place long before public notice by our keepers. When the mainstream feels compelled to notice, i.e., trash, its ideas it suggests more disquiet than they’ll confess, and when its ideas are denounced before they even rise to general notice, it reveals fear akin to panic.

    Conditions are right and opportunities are plentiful for the Alt-Right to become the major force in America and Europe. The counterattack will be ferocious of course, but it’ll be one ham-handed blunder after another, the Alt-Right has consistently been a step or three ahead of the dull-witted and much despised “establishment”. Crowds are forming up. Historic times have arrived.

    • Mtnforge,

      “Conditions are right….for the Alt-Right to become the major force in America and Europe.”

      How so ? There is no organization of any sort to move those you call the “Alt-Right” into any semblance of action(s).

      Secondly, just what IS or who are, the “Alt-Right” ? They are nothing. Just a fictitious monicker assigned to a hodge-podge of people once known as conservatives.

      Your declaration that the “Alt-Right” can become some kind of “force” is comedy at best. Laughable. Compare your “Alt-Right” to the same non-existent organization referred to as the “T.E.A. Party”. It never existed except in the minds of the leftists/statists/collectivists/Marxists who used the term to denigrate those Amerikans who believed in Freedom, Liberty and small government. “T.E.A. Party” was never an organization. It was an unorganized collection of same-thinking people with no chairman, no board of directors, no funding, no membership cards, no newsletter, no nothing. Just an idea that never developed beyond some well-meaning nationalists waving the Gadsden flag at some rallies. Hell, the “Alt-Right” doesn”t even have a flag to wave at an event.

      Although I concur with your many sentiments you express here at WRSA, I will dismiss this latest commentary of yours as simply, no disrespect, BULLSHIT !

      “Crowds are forming up.” Yep….they are. They’re known as BLM, Black Lives Matter. They aren’t the “Alt-Right” or the T.E.A. Party. Those entities do not exist. They are but a figment of one’s well-meaning imagination.

      Until, an organized, “57 states” collection of leaders establishes a shadow government if you will, remarks such as yours will be nothing more than rhetoric and sadly, bullshit.

      • this is correct thought. The “Alt-Right” is a gaggle in cyberspace, not an organization or even a movement. It is typified by vaporous intellectual pointyheads like (((Milo))), Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, and VoxDay. Whites who still think they can vote their way out of a Judeo-globalist demographic deathtrap that has already snapped shut.

        • and BTW, it wasn’t “the Soviets” who murdered 22,000 Polish officers at Katyn. It was the self-consciously Jewish NKVD, operating under orders from (((Beria))) and (((Kaganovich))). How do we know this ? Because all the 448 identifiably Polish-JEWISH officers in the 3 POW camps were picked out and spared: see Bronsilaw Meynarski, THE 79th SURVIVOR (London, 1976); and Solomon Slowes, THE ROAD TO KATYN (Oxford, 1992).

      • You completely miss the entire point of Alt-Right.
        It is a zeitgeist.

      • Dan, to answer you in another way I get the sense your having a personal conflict with your beliefs as they are in conflict with events and actions that do not fit within your world view.
        That is certainly your business.
        That doesn’t negate the effective and rightful action, resistance to tyranny, nor their beliefs in liberty or self determination of others.
        Myself included.
        What is your problem here really?
        Why are you on here commenting in the first place if your here to personally attack other people for their ideas and sharing their thoughts about freedom?

    • mtnforge,

      BTW….Your extract from the latest Woodpile Report needs to be encompassed with quotation marks. Your ” What Ol’ Remus said….” is insufficient. I took the remarks as yours.

      Now I know why it appeared you started using paragraphs. Cut & paste works wonders.

      • Dude,
        My poor grammar skills has absolutely zero to do with the sublime commentary of Ol’ Remus’ insights. Your nit picking as the world burns. What is it really troubling you? Or what is it you are afraid of facing here?

  5. Someone at GoV commented regarding the “Fourth Reich”… Here is a very compelling Jim Marrs read on the theme. All we see taking place is purely intentional, meticulously planned.

  6. John A. Fleming

    Best line from Galaxy Quest: “Never give in! Never surrender!” The lesson of Katyn. The days of honorable men that fought the Civil War are long gone. The TwenCen killed them all off. I reckon the 21Cen will bring us a novel variation: a melange of helot/slave/serf/mundane. What’s novel this time is there’s plenty of food but not enough work.

  7. Here’s how they launder the money to get the kind of political power required to liquidate their enemies before their enemies come for them. The barren Vagina Skimming billions of Tarp Funds for fun and profit:

    Clinton Foundation Allegedly Hacked Exposing Thousands Of Donor Databases; “Pay To Play” Folder

  8. To our fellow Patriots in the East:

    “I’m a hunka hunka burnin’ right-wing hate machine”

    ( courtesy of- )

  9. That ex Stasi barren vagina above better watch her mouth.

    Dirt people have a way of dealing with her and her ilk. It is very effective:

    On 22 December 1989 the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown in Romania, ending 42 years of Communist rule. It all began with a Romanian-Hungarian Reformed pastor, Laslo Tokes (pron. Toe-kesh). The government was trying to evict him from his church apartment. His parishioners began a vigil outside on 15 December, refusing to move when guards ordered them. Even though Tokes advised the people to leave, several hundred hung around. Events escalated, the crowd grew. When the mayor of Timisoara warned the crowd to disperse or face water cannons, the crowd stayed, and no water cannons appeared. The crowd began to sing the patriotic song, “Wake up, O Romanian!” banned since 1947 by the Communists. Next they began to shout, “Down with Ceausescu! Down with Communism!” The crowd headed toward the city center where the militia failed to disperse them. Water cannons were brought out, but the crowd seized them & threw them into the river.

    On Sunday, 17 December, the army fired into the crowd, killing many. On 18 December thousands of workers in Timisoara joined the protest, and by 20 December the city was in full revolt. News spread across Romania and triggered more protests that swirled into the Romanian Revolution that overthrew Ceausescu and the Communists. On 25 December Ceausescu and his wife Elena were captured by the armed forces, tried and convicted of genocide and sabotage of the Romanian economy in a one-hour session — longer than they had given many of their victims — and then shot by a firing squad.

    looks like revenge of Alt-Right to me

    Preparing the battlespace for a race war of extermination: “White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it.”

    Collectivist “intellectual” demands: “For 500 years, they’ve exploited their fellow man and plundered the planet. It’s time they reign themselves in.” Of course the logical conclusion to this is that if we don’t “reign ourselves in” somebody is going to rein us in for the good of the borg. May I remind this anal sphincter of something I told a “Black Lives Matter” supporter:
    “And I’ll tell you something else . . . when I see these black racists of Farrakhan’s bunch talking about wanting a race war I’d say they haven’t looked at how the numbers stack up. Because let me tell you something about white folks at their worst. When they get scared that people are trying to kill them just because of who they are, when they get pissed off along racial lines, they don’t tear up their own neighborhoods or burn down their own communities like y’all do. They come to the neighborhoods of the people who threaten them and burn THEIR communities down and kill THEM. They have burned down whole CONTINENTS. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the Indians. So before you wear a slogan like THAT,” (and I pointed at his shirt), “you’d better think this sh-t through.”

    Posted by Dutchman6

  10. I wonder if this sphincter who wrote this has enough ammo?

    White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it
    For 500 years, they’ve exploited their fellow man and plundered the planet. It’s time they rein themselves in

  11. It always disturbs me how these guys just surrendered. Did they really think they would be treated with hot showers and chow?

    If you’re on this site, in the eyes of TPTB you are irredeemable…

    Have you noticed how the cops high five each other and laugh after murdering their victims? They knew they had families and loved ones, but don’t give one fuck anyways.

    You want your freedom?
    You want your liberty?
    You want payback?
    You want to live?

    Do you really want to WIN?

    This is going to sound rough, but it’s the only way. When the day comes – wives, children, and dogs. Then burn the houses down.

    Or… allow these scum of the earth to do it to you and your family.

    It’s your choice.

  12. As I have said before there is an opportunity in the EU for a good gun runner to make a lot of money … or not, if he just wanted to get guns to the right people (pun intended). Gun owners, (legal or illegal) on the right is the stuff of nightmares to leftists as they believe they are the only ones to have guns or their blue minions.

    Grey Ghost

  13. Empires have always been maintained via murder, torture, theft and lies. Why should the American Empire be any different?

    It will kill itself, soon enough.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Mad Merkel has no power base left from which to attack the ‘far right’. Her immigration policies have blown the EU to bits with Britain already gone and the old soviet bloc heading for the door. Her policies have basically obliterated her own political party. Merkel is simply flaying about now, thanking God for an excellent personal security force.

  16. The “basket of deplorables” t-shirts should be on the road to flyover country, shortly. Ordered a week or so back from a linked vendor here. They make for better target recognition for the other people, nicht wahr?

    The other people, if enabled by political events, will end up as the chasing dog who finally caught a car. Sorry about that. They might profitably
    study up on dogs catching cars, then make an individual and responsible choice.

  17. Lost Patrol

    I notice every one loves to talk shit about what to do. Especially when it involves the Europeans. Nice … I love the talk too. However what are we doing here in the USSA to counter balance the Refugee Resettlement program here in the USSA? Those who are pushing for the refugees like many of the churches. In Idaho it is the Lutherans and in Wyoming it is the governor and his liberal department of education. Some states it is the Episcopal or the Catholic church or it is some of the so called elected scum within the state government. Not picking on the churches just those within them which are using their position to further the destruction of the white culture the white heritage and the white people all together. We including myself love to point fingers or say way to go or we say go to hell and burn etc etc But in reality we are either singing to the choir or we bad mouth each other. The bottom line nothing is happening here at home. Nothing. Understand nothing? What is the plan for tomorrow? More of the same? When all the conservative blogs are removed from the internet by the international consortium who we going to bitch to then? What are we going to do then? Just asking. As I see a gap, a huge expanse of nothing now and in the future. I hope and train for better. When I was at Jarbidge Nevada when a thousand of us armed to the teeth opened up the county road there in Elko county which was unlawfully closed by the Forest service I felt proud, I thought we will grow, we will do more, we can win. Now after all these years not so much. But I continue to work out, I continue to hit the range. I continue to hope. But on the horizon I can’t see shit except for our people pointing fingers and taking losses.

    • Fairly stated and asked, amigo.

      We’ll have our answers by the end of 2017.

      Rational actors s/b working on their exfil options just in case.

    • The only thing stopping any one of us here, hanging the politicians and killing all rapefugees is the very real certainty of being raided, and you and your family murdered at 3am by your local scumbag cops. It all begins and ends when the poLICE and ABC agencies are neutralized as a threat. Rid the country of them lowlife shit-stain parasitic traitors and the healing of our nation can take place – and not a minute sooner. Why is it so hard to understand? The murkins are fucking Stockholm syndrome’d Pavlov’s dogs.
      It’s going to take a Tet style offensive to complete phase 1 of the cleansing. Then, it’s easy peasy whack a mole mutherfucker…

    • thesouthwasrght

      So long as people can still buy a case of beer, a bag of weed and go hang out at the sand bar on the river and we still have football and nascar nothing will change nor happen. Problem is by the time we get to a decisive economic collapse (which is undoubtedly coming in a fiat economy that is 20 trillion $ in the hole) it will be largely too late.

    • Virgil Kane

      A movement needs a leader and people that understand that. The “Patriot Movement” is made up of lone wolves (or maybe just lost sheep).

      • OR…

        10 million pissed off, had enough of this fucking bullshit, you’re gonna pay with your life mother fucker, lone wolves busting a move each and every night…

        You don’t need a gun to kill anybody. It would be more convincing and intense if you didn’t use one. Bashing in a head with a brick will get the point across better than shooting someone. As a plus – no open casket for the scumbags funeral.

    • “Not picking on the churches…”

      It is the churches should be rightly picked on though. It is the church that is supposed to be the pillar and ground of the truth in this existence.

      1 Tim 3:14-15… “These things write I unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly: But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”

      Without the knowledge of Biblical (real, actual) truth people are just lost and therefore open to deception and manipulation. satan is the master deceiver and manipulator.

      The churches mentioned above by Lost Patrol do not understand Biblical reality for this day and age; they are therefore leading billions of likely well meaning people astray.

      Here is the reason why… they fail to rightly divide the scriptures. They are operating under Gods instructions to Israel. In Acts chapter 4, which nearly every “Christian” church on earth claims as scripture written to and for their participation, it clearly states how men are to live. Y’all can either allow the Words to say what they mean and mean what they say, or, be like the churches and make shit up yourselves. “I know that’s what it says, but that’s not what it means.” Read…

      Acts 4:32-37… “And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need. And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus, Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.”

      Was it not claimed by Marx himself… “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”? Here is the essential definition of communism found in mainstream “church” doctrine. Does anyone else find this to be unusual? This is the nefarious usurpation of Gods program for Israel which God has, for the past 2,000 years, temporarily put a stop to with the calling of and revelation to, Paul.

      (INCORRECT) Church doctrine (Israel’s doctrine) says we must all “live as one with all things common”. Is this NOT a HUGE problem? Is this not the gestalt of what’s taking place the world over? Is this not the ultimate goal of the satanic New (One) World (yes, Jewish) Order? If YOUR church teaches from Israels instructions, not specifically Paul’s, YOUR church is a big part of that problem. Question your pastors. Where do they stand? Are they even aware?

      The “elites” in churches and government see themselves as the “new apostles” and in a very real sense, they are. They are the apostles of wrongly divided Holy Scripture. They either intentionally or ignorantly miss what God says to believers today via Paul. They are therefore the apostles of satan teaching doctrines of devils (1 Tim 4:1-3). No wonder it is “not polite” to speak of religion and politics in public… the truth might come out!

      It is not just the destruction of “white” culture. It is the destruction of culture as God would have it. That culture of reconciliation, forgiveness, constructive enterprise and charity Paul writes so completely, logically and eloquently about in his 13 epistles. That 5% of the Bible which is written directly to us “strangers from the covenants and promises”, for our participation. We are not, never were and never will be Israel, “spiritual” Israel, Israel “lite” or Israel 2.0… We are the heathen Gentiles, in which it was “post mortem” revealed to Paul, beginning in Acts chapter 9, that Christ died for. Not JUST His friends (believing Israel, now cast aside as unbelieving) whom He came to, as in John 15:13-14.

      Eph 2:12-13… “That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: BUT NOW in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.”

      Where there is no “Pauline” Biblical truth, there is deception and manipulation. What we see happening all around us is the direct result of Biblical illiteracy on the part of the people. Such illiteracy opens them up to deception and manipulation.

      “What is the plan for tomorrow?”

      First and foremost…

      2 Tim 2:15… “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

      If the church taught the truth as God wants us to know the truth there would be FAR fewer politicians, “popes” and other assorted deceivers and manipulators among us that we needed to be concerned with.

      “Rational actors s/b working on their exfil options just in case.”

      exfil options?