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  1. interesting piece on Bedell Smith, Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff during WW II and later CIA head. A comsymp, definitely, and perhaps an outright Soviet agent. No surprise, given that both Eisenhower and his mentor, George C. Marshall, were also Soviet assets. It was “Ike” who connived with FDR to hand half of Europe to the Reds during and after the war. Then assassinated Patton when he objected. Also, keep in mind that it wasn’t the “liberal Democrats” in the Senate who crucified Joe McCarthy. It was Eisenhower and the scumbag Republicans….because McCarthy was closing in on a communist cell in the Dept. of the Army that had been protected by Marshall. Finally, it was Eisenhower who sat on his ass and did nothing when the Hungarians rose up in ’56 and kicked out the Russians. The Kremlin was on the verge of pulling out of all of Eastern Europe then and there, but pivoted and sent the troops back in when it became clear the “Ike” was still in synch with the Red Empire.

    also there’s a neat video of Shi’ite fighters in Yemen incinerating an Isramerican/Sunni terrorist supply vessel with an anti-ship missile.

    • Uncle Larry

      It was either the USS Spearhead or the USS Swift. According to the news. May be privately owned by now.