Prepper Fair – 10/15/2016 – Bryson City, NC



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6 responses to “Prepper Fair – 10/15/2016 – Bryson City, NC

  1. Bryson City brings back good memories. Remember taking my
    young son and two nieces there for two weeks. Stayed in a little motel in
    Maggie Valley. First time to see black bears while riding horses
    there on trail 🙂 It was about 94′ or so. Went in x-mas time hoping
    to see snow, but didn’t happen.
    However goes will surely meet some good folks too.

  2. CA – will you be heading up a voter registration drive at this event?

    Lol 😉

    • LOL.

      But I do ask that people in wobbler states weigh the distaste of a vote – any vote – against the uglier prospect of a narrow Clinton win in your state leading to a squeaker Clinton win in the EC.

      She will begin as soon as the oath is administered.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I will be there running an information booth.
    Look forward to it.