Probably Nothing


Power company offers rare $50K reward for information on vandalism

WeaponsMan: What A Mere Rifle Can Do

Not to worry.

I’m sure Jeh is all over this.

That, and securing the integrity of the election.

jeh is on the job

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  1. Ol’ Jey got that BLM stare down, down pat.
    Must be good to be the top banana.
    Probably should throw up some diversity screens around them transformers.
    That will work.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    wtf? Ameriky has always luved a firework display, no? watch those arcs of fire and lightening dance hither, thither and yon before the whole kaboodle pops. it all started decades ago when M-80s and cherry bombs got lit and put in things like cans, pipes, culverts–hell–even toilets.

    hellsfire–folks came from far and wide to see the gas wellhead on my ranch what got hit by lightening put on a show for ’em day ‘n night and I’ll lay odds some of those spectators had to include a few admiring Musloid boys who get their jollies off and REALLY like their flames and concussions when things get blowed up.

    note to those Utah Sheriffs: go lookin’ for DESTRUCTIVE suspects–you know– the Marxists, Musloids, anarchists, and the worst of the lot–the FED GOV provocateurs from the alphabet soup agencies.


    • It’s not rocket science. This shit only began when elements, active domestic enemies, with the generous assistance of foreign enemies, of our liberty and prosperity, have been accorded legitimacy by more domestic enemies assisted by more foreign enemies.
      Maybe that is all obvious, but the truth sometimes must be spoken without reservation.
      There is an unmistakable pattern about all this that points in one specific direction.
      In no doubt in the sabotage of these transformers it doesn’t matter whodunit, the fact it is being done is allegory.
      A nation governed by it’s will of it’s people having a christian western body of mores and principles doesn’t commit infrastructure suicide, or as Matt Bracken states, Democide.
      Sabotaging these transformers is a symptom, of all the cultural marxist/crony capitalistic crap going down, regardless of whodunit, is the mark of a nation state that is kaput! Even if it’s a false flag event orchestrated by agent provocateurs of the regime for the purpose of crisis as a means, what have you, the act of doing so is a critical indication of things gone terribly bad.
      If it even is action taken by people outside the sphere of power of the regime, it doesn’t change much it terms of the ramifications of how fragile the entire charade of our civilization is become.
      One push in the right spot at the inopportune, or opportune time depending on your station in these times, has the definite possibility of create a cascade failure of epic proportions.
      Regardless who is behind this sabotage, energy, in particular the form of electrical grid power is become if not in practical every day functioning terms then in cultural, so much of the world is so “plugged” in, the roll on order effects of a small series of strategically timed and located transformer station sabotage could send this country over the threshold into a cascading SHTF. Who needs to go to the trouble of a billion dollar launch of a nuclear EMP device, when a dozen guys with magazine of surplus armor piercing 7.62×51 are able to create the same essential results?
      Shit even a somebody with a single shot 22 rimfire could potentially shut down an entire cities electrical grid.
      But it has never been the case of happening, until the last 8 years or so. The potential has been around for as long as electricity fed through a grid has been around. Mmmm?
      it is funny how that works.
      There are no unrelated isolated spontaneous acts of destruction of the prime and key components of our civil society.
      White western Christian moral people don’t shit in their own beds.
      They don’t go to their towns and city’s and riot burn and pillage them.
      They don’t sabotage their own infrastructure. Because they are people who have a cognitive sense of time and consequences. It is why the west has a civilized culture and society to begin with.
      Savages, brown skinned helots, and agent provocateurs, of a regime of political and economic tyrants do.

  3. wealthy farmer

    I must say, these coloreds have perfected the art of the imperious sneer. Just LOOK at that pic. Lord Obama also does an amazing frowny-type face when he is displeased. And yet the TRULY imperious whiteys, sporting a family tree loaded with slave-owning massahs and multi-generational trust funds, work SO hard to look sweet, normal, friendly. Think George HW Bush. ALWAYS photographed smiling. Or the british royals: ALWAYS pictured looking friendly, non-threatening.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “And yet the TRULY imperious whiteys, sporting a family tree loaded with slave-owning massahs and multi-generational trust funds, work SO hard to look sweet, normal, friendly. ”

      Empress Hillary aside, obviously.

  4. “Because of the incident, the sheriff’s office decided to introduce its new anonymous text line a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. People with information who wish to remain anonymous can text 847411 with the message KANE, then enter a space and type the message.”

    <–Now that is some funny shit right there. "remain anonymous" " text"

    • Callers may get a PIN number to claim “anonymous” reward…..Uhhhh.

      Everyone with outstanding warrants and their +1 is invited for cake ice cream and free marijuhana blunts at the OK Corral Diner on monday at 2pm. Don’t be late.
      “Hey, baby, let’s go get high and eat cake! It’s this afternoon.”

      Is the imperious-looking black man trying to do that, or is it a photographic portrait “style”? Are his people proud of this? I’m not his people.

      Elections can be easily secured by the local people who are running them. Use paper ballots. Electronic voting machines should be prohibited by law. The most electricity used should be an incandescent lamp to illuminate the inside of the voting booth. Didn’t we perfect this technology in 1955 with pop-up suitcase-size voting machines, run by nice old ladies and poll-observers from any and every party? Each station should post the local count results within an hour of the station closing and retain the ballots until poll observers are satisfied with the count, then ship ballots to the next echelon for 5 years storage (county?).
      Where are the Czech poll observers? I want old ones, who saw how the Communists rigged the system. They won’t be fooled.

  5. That nigger looks like he’s posed for his fucking mugshot.

  6. There are no power plants in the District of Columbia, at least none that can provide more than a small fraction of the power required there. Only a few military bases operate with emergency power.

    For the District, almost all power passes through a number of substations similar to the one in the photo.

    Natural gas use in the District is likewise through well known pipeline locations.

    • That holds not only for the District of Corruption, but for almost every other major hive across this country as well.

      One more time:
      How many flights of stairs is your average hive dweller willing to climb in one day? How much hive real estate is ABOVE that limit? All that becomes useless when the power is gone.

      How much of a hive’s transportation network requires power to be usable? Not only rail transport, but surface POV transportation as well. Can you imagine the Big Craphole without stoplights?

      How much “work” can today’s worker do without electrical power? Not only office workers, but restaurants and grocers and teachers and …

      How long will it take the “urban youfs” to understand that, without power, the streetlights and security cameras which keep them somewhat under control will no longer work? What do you think they will do when they reach that conclusion?

      While cutting the water supply to a hive is probably easier, cutting power is very effective.

  7. European American

    I hear a Drone overhead.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    Funny how when fedgov pulls off a false flag event, in 2 minutes flat they know who the perps are, down to their underwear size and passport number.
    This has to be a real anonymous shooter, and fedgov is actually bewildered whodunnit. They don’t like folks who could fuck up their next operation.

  9. That purple-lipped slimy fucker will get everything he deserves – all of them will.

    Look into its black eyes. It has no soul. I wonder what it feels like knowing you will burn in Hell? FOREVER

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. By the way, these very high voltage transformers exist at BOTH ends of the long distance transmission lines. The substation end steps the voltage down for distribution to the end users, but it has to be stepped UP by transformers at the power plant end of those same lines as well.

    Holy transformers at EITHER end provide the same result. As do downed transmission line towers. Watching those towers fall, domino fashion, is very entertaining. Especially if you are able to initially drop a “corner tower”, where the path of the transmission line makes a significant turn. Dropping that tower towards the inside corner will provide a chain reaction in BOTH directions!