A Message From Kenny


I’m done.


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  1. Has the III%ers gone all 501c3 yet? Mine as well make them a tax exempt org along with the oath keepers if they haven’t caved in yet.

  2. I think what Kenny and Kit Lange have done is a sleeping giant of a paradigm. They have declared the kidnapping and corruption of the idea and catechisms of 3 percent of Americans polluted with the same disease of statism that infects our government and those running it.
    Because, like Alt-Right, it isn’t “The” anything. The idea of 3%, like Alt-Right, it is a zeitgeist.
    Just as you can’t call Liberty, “The Liberty”. It is a contradiction in terms so gross it defies logic. You have to be guilty of outrageous cognitive dissonance to be “The self determining organization”.
    See what is going on here?
    I’m sorry, but you can argue till your blue in the face, point a gun in my face, but I’m a self determining individual first, there is no organization about it. In what context could I be “The” self determining individual?
    The zeitgeist of the idea of 3% of the people is that it is because it begins with each of us, it is 3%, because individualism doesn’t mean to be alone. It is the motive power of a plurality of people acting, acting mind you, in self determination applying in practice, again it is the act that is so important, on the principles of liberty and self determination. It IS because it is so simple and primal.

  3. I have a picture in my mind of men standing in a deuce and a half, hands zip tied behind their backs on their way to the pit, continuing to discuss their petty, philosophical differences.
    Going it alone is looking better all the time.

  4. Sadly, ‘wirecutter’ has lived much of his life in a fashion identical to the people I have always avoided… dope users, drunks, basically immoral
    people the Bible mentions. This lifestyle aided and abetted those who are now, finally, exposing themselves as enemies of freedom. Kinda like a farmer planting a field with weed seed and then wondering why his harvest turned out the way it did. The comment 240 years ago about a ‘moral’ people was right. ‘We the people’ have become a toilet that votes for obama – twice.

    Time’s up.

    • Sorry Willie, I may have been a dope fiend and a drunkard in my past but I’ve never been immoral, illustrated by the fact that I have changed my ways. I’ll also be the first to admit that I’ve learned from my mistakes.
      The difference between you and I is the fact that I’m willing to stand up and admit my shortcomings rather than claiming to have led a pristine and perfect life.

      • You owe him no apology – your life is yours to live as you see fit, as is his.

        However you can give him a metaphorical punch in the face by telling him your imaginary superhero can beat his imaginary superhero’s ass.

      • If you are moral now, what were you before you changed?
        Did you homeschool your children, or let the govt indoctrinate them for ‘free’? That’s a good place to start trying to change things.

  5. It’s a free country.

    Trust God, Love People & Remember Mattis.

    I’m bidding his site farewell as a reader. 3% ain’t going away, in fact it’s growing fast enough to scare the living shit out of the PTB. They are doing everything they can to pacify those who can now see the corruption and filth laid out before them in the light of day. ROL died a long fcking time ago but now folks are waking up to smell that coffee and it smells like good coffee should, like FREEDOM.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Act. Do. Learn. Help. Build. Grow.
    Prayers for all 3%, and all those in harms way on FL coast. And now a PSA from Admiral Jimmy’s son, the lizard king.

    • Hey Tom, reminds me of the time I helped a litter from
      a female Doberman “Hannah”. She had many puppies,
      one of which is named “Hancock”.

      “Every man to his family and belongings”

  6. I find it curious to watch the contortions some people advocating “Rightful Liberty” go through when a woman wants to have an abortion. I’m not saying wirecutter has an opinion on this issue one way or the other, I don’t know. But some people are fine saying “Do what you want … unless it conflicts with my beliefs.”

    • singlestack

      Killing children is not part of “Rightful Liberty”. Killing the innocent because they’re inconvenient is murder – and a central practice of statism. (see libertinism)


        Thank you and God Bless you for that observation. I still believe this corrupt, syphilitic, homicidal country will ultimately have to answer for the legalized, wanton murder of over 53 million of its innocent, unborn citizens.

  7. Knives are nasty. Knive wounds are nastier, we practice knife defense, from time to time, and I suck at it. I have learned a couple things. You WILL experience one of the following, Fight, Flight, Freeze. Actually you will experience all three in rapidly, while you go thru the threat matrix, in your brain.

    Flight is my choice, sadly when you run you expose your back and neck, I’m a slowwwwwww runner, so I open up my venerability. After you recognize what’s up, you have nanoseconds to determine your response.

    So my learned focus is to control the knife and the arm controlling the knife. Your gonna get cut, slashed punctured. I’ve seen guys pull their belts, tee shirts for arm wraps and other vain attempts to minimize the impact of the knife.

    I don’t personally know if those ideas work.

    I just know that I’ve been in this situation, one time in a phone booth, my only option was to control the right wrist and knife, ” a small dagger” and kick the dog shit out of the guy until he was down and I could restrain him.

    The phone booth actually helped as it contained this guys ability to move in any direction but forward. ” I did not see the knife” until I was right their.

    Perhaps the worst was a shit bag had a guy down on Main Street, sticking a dude repeatedly. Leathal force was warranted, I was able to contain the knife hand/ arm, when the suspect lifted his arm up,,to complete another stab.

    I ended up breaking the suspects wrist, and popping his shoulder out of socket, the down guy didn’t make it. After I had the turd, bundled up I,worked hard to save the mans life. Sadly he had been hit in the heart, I stuck my fingers into the wounds, while I continued CPR, and chest compressions.

    After a couple compressions I realized I was just making the fella bleed out quickly. Used my fingers to keep the punctures as closed up as possible. Until EMS, arrived

    in 25 years their were only a handful of knife incidents, most were quick to comply with the introduction of my 1911.

    Theirs no half way, make no mistake if your in this situation, you are literally fighting for your life. And as civilians their are no fucking rules, other then to win the day.


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  9. I will challenge anyone to a knife fight.I carry a Estwing 30 0z carpenters hatchet on my belt.Bring it on fuckface!