Culper: How To Get Flood Plain Maps


Important resource material, even if you live inland.

National Hurricane Center link

Be safe.

Check on and take care of your neighbors.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Virgil Kane

    In GA you can use GA DFIRM, It’s a little easier to navigate than the FEMA website. In zone AE, note the BFE, Base Flood Elevation, and compare it to your local topo. Caltopo is a good USGS quad map resource, Zone A is a SWAG.

  3. But seriously – Stay hi & dry, and yes, walk/drive around
    (if possible) in case you are needed.

  4. As someone who rode out Hurricane Katrina with the eastern eyewall (the strong side) coming within 10 SM of my bugout location, I humbly offer the following advice to anyone riding out any hurricane ANYWHERE.

    First, if you don’t know what kind of flood zone you are in by now, you just are not thinking ahead, especially if you live within a couple miles of a coastline. Ensure you have a good medkit and a PLAN B. And then a PLAN C if all else fails. This may actually mean cutting yourself out of a house in the middle of storm and moving to higher ground or holding or climbing a strong tree.

    Second, ensure you have a weapon or two and plenty of ammo to protect your life and your property. Also be sure to have an AXE in order to cut your way out of a house/apt or with little or no gas available, you’d be surprised how well and an axe and two guys can clear a road from downed trees.

    Finally, ensure you have plenty of water and food… two weeks minimum and an alternate way to cook. Expect power outtages of 14 days in the worst hit areas less in areas not hit too bad. Act morally and accordingly.

    Good luck to anyone riding it out in central FL.

    Grey Ghost