I’m Sure It Means Nothing


US Army Chief Of Staff: “We will destroy any enemy anywhere, any time”


“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm … the United States military — despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing — we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.”



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34 responses to “I’m Sure It Means Nothing

  1. Well, US forces will certainly be the most sensitive and have the nicest red high heels…….

  2. If they could destroy any enemy, anywhere, anytime… then, why have they not smashed ISIS’ bag yet? Sandinistas, Castro, Narcos, Viet Cong, NVA, North Korean Army…. but I digress. Sorry for noticing, so nevermind. I’m off to thoughtcrime camp, see ya there!

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. he needs a gay pride ribbon on his chest there


      Like any REMF politician in uniform, half of those jellybeans on his chest are probably bogus. He probably had the orders cut himself, under threats to his underling clerks. For those of you who do not think that this goes on, I saw it when I was part of the Green Machine in 1970. And, there was a huge scandal after our “Police Action” in Grenada. A whole bunch of Chairborne Rangers at either Third Army or Fifth Army HQs awarded themselves campaign medals for Ronny Raygun’s defeat of the Red Menace.

      • Dang! You’re right. The one on the bottom right is The Order of the Hard Drive Crash cause the bozo was too lazy to backup his stuff.

      • They did the same thing in Panama. Flew guys in from Texas, let
        ’em drop onto the tarmac in Panama, and flew them back home for their shiny new CI badge with jump device.

  5. robroysimmons

    Let the asshole have all the war he deserves

    • I believe this be-ribboned fathead is referring to “climate change”, which according to the DOD’s own directives, is the “prime future national security threat faced by the United States”. Well, that and a shortage of red high heels and bras for the Imperial Stormtroopers.

  6. “Our formations will likely have to be small; we will have to move constantly,” he said. “On the future battlefield, if you stay in one place for longer than two or three hours, you will be dead.” hmmmmmmm now thats the type of info i need thanks sir !! we better keep this in mind cause the bloody bastards dont take kindly to provos ..

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    I watched this four star fool deliver his bluster and bluffing.
    FYI–the USA is now a paper tiger ready to be shot full of holes.

    Not only will the US Army be neutralized–it will largely be wiped out in first strikes overseas when Russia does in fact attack. If you are reading this, and you are in the allegedly armed forces, and you are up for reenlistment now and in the next few months–get out quick… if you value your life.

  8. DoD can’t even beat a bunch of goat pokers in Afghanastan let alone Russia or Chinese armies/navies. It is jackasses like this who don’t have a clue and have allowed the .mil to be a social experiment by the fucking LEFTISTS! Let me know how those high heels and tranny bathrooms workout for ya beating the shit out of anybody.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Is it true that Hooker Heels with Vibram soles are standard with all TA50 issue?

    Is that general Tim Kaines older sister?

  10. Up is down and black is white.

    Nice job, Bill Colby was unavailable for comment. War is an exit strategy. They will pull the pin I think rather than be exposed and hung from every lamppost in DC. They all know the charade’s ending and they’re all immoral scum so it is in character for them.

    • Virgil Kane

      Hey, that’s a Navy SEAL. You’ll smoke a turd in Hell for dissing a Navy SEAL. They’re like gods or something.

      The Russians better watch their cornhole.

  11. Shinmen Takezo

    WTF?!!! Okay–this is “gay-day” San Francisco street camouflage.


  12. Call me joeblow

    Can the US military beat the iranians after they made the sailors cry? The russians don’t mess around, the media always insult them and their capabilities. People who have actually been in the military know not to underestimate your opponent, Russia will have no problem mobilizing the whole country for war, americans on the other hand, wont sacrifice too much for the war effort, good luck recruiting soldiers to fight the russians, the gays definitely wont be signing up. Obama handpick this general for his “diversity” ability rather than warfighting capabilitys, he need to brush up on the “art of war” before he befools himself..

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Isn’t that last one, the Navy Seal who is now a woman?? From BadAss to Bad Bunny.
    Here is the 411-surgery does NOT change your hormones, your DNA, or your God Given Profile!! Otherwise, why do Lesbos/Transies need strap on dildos? Newsflash!! If you did not have access to hormone drugs, could not visit the dermotologist for laser treatments, and did not have access to Dr. Silicon Implants-you would still be as the Lord sent you! You will be a freak when the SHTF-cuz you will not be able to continue the fantasy. YOU NEED A PSYCHIATRIST!!
    Why did Obama and his minions attack the US Military with this jacked up bullshit?? Because it was the last place of God, Family, and Country. The American citizens still believed in the goodness of the Military and trusted it with their children. Well, chalk up another epic win for the Magic Negro. Fundamental Transformation indeed.

  14. John A. Fleming

    The Smithsonian (yeah, I know), had an interesting article on the redacted testimony Bradley, Vandenberg, Marshall, Collins gave to the Senate in 1950 re: MacArthur’s public requests to expand the scope of the Korean War. The recent victors in WWII were none too anxious to expand, and in fact felt too overstretched to do any more than was already being done.

    In those days the USA bestrode the world as a Colossus. And we spoke softly, and cashiered the big talkers.

    • I agree. While the operational/strategic info in the article was interesting, the more poignant piece was that there were no-shit adult men at both the senior military and senior legislative tables.

      Cf. today’s dimwit high school student government on crack…

      • The military in slow times has always been filled with epic levels of fuckwittery. Under the current communist regime there has been a concerted effort to undermine the capability of the US military. Make no mistake while we may have been fighting in the dirt holes of the middle and near East the military has still been in slow times. Low intensity COIN operations are not something we do well.
        That said HOWEVER, What the US military does better than any force on the planet is high intensity 2.5 generation warfare. I say 2.5 because its not true 3rd generation combat except in the Marines.
        The posters on this page consistently underestimate the ability of the US military to fuck bad guys up, and overestimate the Russian ability to do the same.
        Both mistakes that I hope are not repeated in the respective professional camps.
        What continues to hamper the US military is the inability of the US population to suffer the deprivations of actual war. No one at home wants to go on a real war time footing. The Russian people do not really have this limitation.

        • spartacus2002

          Former Army officer here. The Army as an institution is still recovering from the aristocratic/nobility “know your place, enlisted knave!” 18th-century European-style officer corps foisted upon it by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Not his fault; George Washington needed a professional army NOW, and the European/Prussian model seemed to work. Then came Baron von Steuben to reinforce it in Drill & Ceremony etc. So, arguably, the Army officer corps has carried along a “Corporate Culture” that for the most part is a vestige of the 18th Century aristocracy, is preserved by the officers and generals who are loyal employees (“slavishly devoted & syncophantic ‘Company Men'”) not warriors, is stifling innovation, candor, integrity, and judgment (try being a 2LT who honestly and professionally thinks his LTC Battalion Commander is WRONG about telling the 2LT “if you want to show me you are loyal to the nation, committed to being all you can be, perform your job well, and have potential for a future in the Army, then you really must pay extra for the shiny brass buttons on your dress blues”), and has never been subjected to objective scrutiny as to whether every and all bits of officer corps history, tradition, customs, & courtesies directly support the job of killing enemies and breaking their stuff, or indirectly & functionally supports that job.

          Thus the Army Officer Corps actually accepts and approves of managerial behavior that, if done in a private-sector “Civilian World” (which is actually “American society minus the cloistered military”) business, would result in that business being sued into oblivion and never rising from the ashes again. Example: A Vice President of Echelons Above Reality in a large corporation passes a first-line manager, 3 levels below him, over for promotion because the manager’s wife’s fails to stack her dishes in the kitchen cupboard in a nice, orderly, military manner at home, and that didn’t impress the VP’s wife very much when she paid a surprise inspection — I mean, visit to manager’s home for tea with wife, thus VP’s wife told VP over dinner that she disapproves of the managers wife and it MUST be a reflection on the manager, thus VP takes his wife’s opinion into account and doesn’t promote the manager because of it. The “Civilian World” as official legislative and judicial policy finds that to be so unfair, illegitimate, and subjective that they pass laws against it because it makes them recoil in horror. SCOTUS puts labels on that shit in opinions and creates US Jurisprudence saying “stop that!” Yet stuff like that is still acceptable in the Army today because nobody has ever asked the question of “other than ‘we’ve always done it this way’ or ‘the General Officers, most of whom graduated from USMA, like it that way,’ why are we doing this and in this manner?” across the Corporate Culture as a whole. That is a problem for morale, retention, battlefield effectiveness, training efficiency, etc.

          The other problem lies in that its Corporate Culture is always at risk of overwhelming the other 2 slices of the Officer Corps pie of responsibility, MOS Qualification and Generic Leadership/Management Skills. If a young CPT truly believes (and might actually be correct) that his performance as a company commander now, his future potential to serve as a battalion or brigade commander 20 years from now, and his character as a Good Officer itself are all on the line because his young kids were hot, tired, bored and generally being brats at the Brigade Picnic while CPT and his wife were buttsnorkeling the COL’s wife, then your institution has a problem.

          So, ultimately, the Army cheats itself out of fulfilling the evolutional imperative of “Adapt or Die.” Because Americans are still good at individual initiative, exercising individual judgment, and expediting despite doctrine when actual war comes, we have been successful at throwing out the rulebook/doctrine and using common sense at the operational/tactical levels in our history. So far. It’s not genetic. And re-inventing the wheel once war hits by rapidly changing from Parade Ground Soldiers to Warriors and The Warriors Who Lead Them comes at a terrible price, both in the short and long terms.

          I’ll stop there. For now. Thank God for the NCO Corps.

  15. Real convincing general….Lets do a gear check, make sure our troops are properly kitted out.
    5 inch fuck-me heels with non slip heels, in coyote brown- Check.
    Fishnets with reinforced toes with back-of-the- leg seam- Check.
    No-No hair removal device- Check.
    Nail polish in OD green and flamer red- Check.

    That should do it..I think we are ready to beat em harder than they have ever been beaten before… as long as they don’t break a nail doing it.

  16. Remember the line that Charlton Heston (Birthday, Oct. 4, by the way) spoke in “El Cid?” “Can a man live without honor?” Honor is, of course, loyalty to the truth. The reply, was, “No, he cannot”. Do not expect those to conquer, who have no honor.