MiniPax Update


US DoD Building A $100 Million Drone Base In Nigeria

In other propaganda:

On The Precipice Of World War III: Russia Prepares For War On Multiple Fronts

Sun (UK): Russian state newspapers predict ‘direct military conflict’ with US as it compares Syria stalemate to Cuban missile crisis


War without end.

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  1. Some unfortunate day in the not-distant future, forward deployed US assets are gonna get Dien Bien Phu-ed …… and in the case of Afreaka, that turd will always be circling the bowl

    Mao-Mart has it right … strip mine assets, and boogie out. No ‘nation building’ BS

    • The Dien Bien Phu will happen in the Baltics. A suppression of resupply in the Baltic Sea combined with a pincher attack between Kalingrad and St. Petersburg by the Russians, means those in the pocket will fight and die with what that have on hand.

  2. The internal polls for the democrats must look bad if they are considering a war with Russia as a way to stop the vote. Amerikan’s won’t look to kindly if we get in a shooting war with Russia before the election. It’s not as tho Russia is attacking Canada or Mexico or even Cuba. No, the contested areas are ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING EARTH. It is in the Ukraine, a centuries old satellite country that borders them. And Syria, a shitty muslim country that borders Iraq and Iraq is easily the worst mistake our country has ever made. Has Obama considered that even a small shooting war with Russia will crash the stock market? And there are dozens of republican senators like John McCain who support this madness. There seem to be hundreds of Dr. Strangeloves in Washington, on both sides of the isle.
    I’m gonna go fill up my car with gas. You preppers may be on to something.

    • …..agree with your synopsis ……except for the one small fact about Syria being “a shitty little muslim country” nice clean people, well educated and about 10% Druze and 20% Christian and a bunch of other small religious groups that lived side by side until now…..just a thought …

      • Right. It is in fact Afghanistan that is a shitty muslime country. 93% of the worlds heroin is produced there. The taliban had all but eradicated it. Leave it to uncle sambo and the CIA to send it’s treasure off to war everytime for 3 things. Oil, drugs, and the fake $…

    • “Has Obama considered that even a small shooting war with Russia will crash the stock market? ”

      Yes. It’s an exit strategy, stawks market won’t matter. Go Stawks!

    • And Kiev in the Ukraine was the capitol of Russia for centuries….


  4. If Russia attacks US army in multiple locations, forcing massive military response, what would the impact be domestically? Would there be a second domestic front as separatists decide the time is right to push overburdened FedGov out of states?


      Sir: You may be right. If we operate under the ancient theory that we should never interrupt our enemies while they are contending with one another, this might work. Should hostilities commence, a strapped USMC and US ARMY are going to be forced to call up all of their reserve and guard assets. And, a lot of the badge-wearing ORCS and ORCETTES double-dip as weekend warriors. They will be: “Called to the Colors”, crying and squealing. I watched that happen during Gulf War One. And I doubt if you will see a stampede to the recruiting offices by Amerika’s Yutes. It sure did not happen after 9/11.
      So who will protect the BLM/EPA/IRS lick spittle bureaucrats who get off putting hard-working citizens out of their homes, businesses, and confiscating their wealth? Will they mobilize the FPS? I am sure those overweight, double-dipping, sixty-something ex-cops will be itching to join the fray! Not! We are living in interesting times.

  5. If any of you doubt the lessons discussed here, an update from South Florida: there is a small chance that a hurricane might hit South Florida about 32 hours from now.

    Local news is reporting that gas stations have already run out of gas.

    In other news, when I was buying some extra water and food yesterday, there was a ton of stock at the grocery store and everything was orderly.

    The last time a major hurricane actually hit Miami, Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the power was out for 4 or 5 days in a lot of areas, with trees blocking roads. At that time, which was pre-red-pill-internet and pre-Obama madness race relations, I was not a gun owner and did not think much of it.

    This time I’m prepared for any looters.

  6. From that noisy-room Terresa Hyphenated-Lastname person:
    “Russia is prepping an offensive to gain ground in the Baltics and the Ukraine… and even further conquests are on the drawing board. ”
    She working for the Klinton campaign or just Blumenthal? I’d love to see her sources for this. I’ll start my clock today on her just out of curiosity to see what it takes to get from “prepping” to crossing the line of departure. Here we go; free E-ticket rides everyone.

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  8. m rapp:
    You were quite right, if you’re talking at least 110 years ago. T E Lawrence was there then, before the 1st world war, exploring some of the greatest archaeological sites on earth. Places like Antioch, an early center for Christianity in the 1st few centuries. The Turks were there then and they kept a tidy house. Pay your Christian tax and they left you alone. But now most of those irreplaceable sites are now rubble, thanks mostly to Hillary and Obama’s Arab spring catastrophe. They born the ISIS beast and it hasn’t stopped growing.