Not Playing The Game Your Enemy Desires

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…Most people paying attention are aware that the statists feel the dirt people are an existential threat. While we are a productive lot, productivity that can be replaced by Third World refugees who are not armed, uneducated and used to living in a centralized state, we are not irreplaceable. To put a fine point on it, we are not needed, and more importantly not wanted. The crux of the matter is how to respond to this incremental push towards war. The parallels break down in many respects when you factor in the parity of force and the nature of internecine conflicts. The truth remains however that we are in a box. Much like the proverbial cat Schrödinger used to explain quantum mechanics, you have two options, but one result.

But…what if the cat chose to chew through the box?


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  1. This doesn’t put enough emphasis on quality vs quantity. If you staff with 3rd worlders you get 3rd world results. If you build with inferior parts/materials you get inferior products. America is the perfect blend of ability and initiative. Still, despite all you naysayers who buttress your egos with safaris to Walmart.
    Nothing creates, performs or maintains like a an unfettered man

    Look at the fucking burden the REAL people of this country carry and still manage to succeed. Manage to keep the whole thing from touching the ground.

    These useless classes fear that the most. The fact that more and more are realizing that the upper and lower parasite classes aren’t needed by the productive. That an embargo of effort would strangle them, the subsequent riots destroy and burn them. Let the weight of the edifice be it’s own agent of destruction.

    Your mission: wake your fellows up. Piss on some nationwide organization via faceless communications, work local with what you can see and hear and touch. There’s a point where more ammo won’t help as much as more friends will.

    • tangotango-03

      I believe you may have missed the premise of the conversation. I may be wrong also.

  2. TPTB can’t do anything without money; the money that comes from you and me.

    ‘Ever read Atlas Shrugged? This is getting damned close…

  3. The cat has very sharp and numerous claws:

    Its generally a wise thing to avoid pissing off an animal with sharp claws, and even wiser to not threaten said animal’s very existence – it will likely be a little bit annoyed and motivated to use those claws. Just saying.

    • Sloths have really sharp and long claws, but they only use them to hang around and do nothing.


        Word. But, even sloths can get hungry. I am waiting to see what happens when the majority of two-legged, tatted-up sloths and slothettes run out of Pepsi and Doritos.

  4. Short history provided too – Thank you.
    My grandfather was from way up there in Spain,
    Santander to be exact. Montañez they are/where called,
    similar to the WV Mountaineers 🙂

  5. I think that one must have the will first to act secondly. If you (and I) have not identified all persons in your local area (that includes their families) that have potential influence over your (and yours) lives (pols both high and low, leo and ‘regulators’) then you have not even begun to address the bloody aftermath. Not willing to push back (being the peaceful, ‘can’t we just all get along’, leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone sort of person) and push back harder that you are being pushed on then good friend, lube up, grab your ankles and take ‘it’ as it comes because if you haven’t noticed, ‘it’ is coming and for the most part, already here …………

  6. This. As we all go out play soldier in our little militia groups, we are losing the ideological battle badly. Perhaps our militia trading should focus more on retreating and surrendering, because that is what we are doing ever day. Perhaps we could benefit greatly by adapting the tactics of the of the statist. They never, ever give up and always relentlessly push forward to their goal. Once there, they move onto the next one. They are not worried about being fair. Their singular focus is on winning at any cost. That, in a nutshell,is why we are losing not only the battle, but the war.

  7. The analogy to the theory of Schrodinger’s cat is too good to not enjoy. Cultural marxism is like the reason why Schrodinger came up with his Schrodingers Cat idea: a bunch of useless idiots trying bullshit the rest of us with an assumption of some fucking irrelevant retarded alternative reality.
    Give you a great example. If one cultural marxist sneaked on board a space ship of only white dirt people flying to the planet Mar’s, people who chose to move to an entirely uninhabited planet, to fundamentally transform this new world into a prosperous and happy culture based on the ideals of primal rights of men and liberty, free unfettered economic enterprise, to live in a world where self determination and individualism was all the social order required to have a robust society, it would not be long before that one cultural marxist would be setting up it’s preferred method of destruction, the use of proxies, inviting hordes of non whites who would upon landing stick out their greasy meathooks demanding free shit, having tantrums if they did not have everything handed to them on a silver platter they are repressed persons, and employing the ruse of reverse racism disguised as a lie called “white privilege” to create a false narrative white privilege makes them slaves, and their dear leader would be telling his sycophants white racist extremists didn’t make that planet Mar’s a great place to live, so they must be eradicated.

  8. Fuck it. Bring it.

  9. I responded there:
    “We should be able to educate people about WHY our ideas are better than theirs, in a non-confrontational and informative way.”

    Sheesh, it’s not like this hasn’t been tried before. That’s what everyone has been doing forever.

    Actually, you don’t have to convince anyone that our ideas are better than theirs, and it is counterproductive to even try. We just need to get their boot off our neck. And the way to do that is to get ours off theirs. The concept is called Panarchy; look it up. I say, let conservatives be conservatives, let socialists be socialists, and so forth.

    I no longer tell a socialist why he is wrong. Instead, I tell him I hope he gets what he wants. However, I am not interested in it for myself, not in paying for it or submitting to it. In return for me leaving him alone, he should leave me alone. I try to tell him how Panarchy will work, just like the idea of religious freedom, 200 years ago.

    Of course the ruling class won’t be satisfied, but this is a deal another peon might go for.

    There may well be people for whom socialism is a better deal than anything else. People are diverse. It’s not our business if we are allowed to go our own way.

    • Nice theory but, the entire thing falls apart, at least for me, when you reach the “allowed” part. Fuck these people. I don’t require their permission to live my life as I see fit and deep down, you know you don’t require it either.

  10. Paul, the problem with Panarchy as you describe it is that the Socialists, Communists, and Collectivists WILL NOT leave you alone… you will be FORCED into the hive whether you want to be or not. You will be forced to conform to their social engineering or be stamped out.

    Grey Ghost

    • That! ^^^^^

      Right you are Ghost. Persuasion will lose to coercion until courage and outrage combine.

    • Panarchy is a foreign policy result you choose to pursue; you prefer it because it would be good for you yet also satisfies the golden rule. How you achieve your foreign policy goal is a separate question; just because the goal is peace doesn’t mean the method has to be pacifist. For starters, you could stop paying predators taxes with which to hurt you. This first requires you to admit the hive is evil.

      • “For starters, you could stop paying predators taxes with which to hurt you.”

        They will simply come for you first if you do. That’s one of those tactics where everyone has to jump at once, and we all know how well that’s been working for “us.” How about you keep your money where your suggestion is?

        “This first requires you to admit the hive is evil.”

        Is there anyone who comments or reads here who doesn’t know this? Really?

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