On Eating That Kind Of Sandwich


Cold Fury lays out the issue.

Voting is a tactic.

Like any other, it is time, location, and otherwise situationally specific.

Think before you act or not act.

9 responses to “On Eating That Kind Of Sandwich

  1. The problem is, some perverted nasty fuckers actually eat scat to fulfill their vile and deviant desires…. I would presume mostly non-Christians which fusa is full of.

    WARNING. This is not for the weak of heart…


    • Virgil Kane

      I ain’t clicking on that. I don’t want to see it. I saw Bear Grylls eating deer turds and talking about their high vitchumin content. A good Chechnyan beheading video is more relevant. WTF were you looking for to find that?

      BTW, as I’m sure you already know, mental illness has no religious boundaries.

      • This merely portrays how the typical progressive murkin enjoys themselves.

        If you don’t approve, then you are oppressive and an extremist.

  2. Cold Fury’s word is awesome. I think one superb point of what he is saying, voting for Trump because Vagina, is like re-using last nights condom. Not because Trump is or isn’t worthy of my vote, but because to begin with, if I’m voting because I look at it as a lesser of two evils, I just sold out my integrity and my motive power of personal liberty, aquadered the power of my consent in some way. A terrible no win compromise. And that is how we got in this mess to begin with.

  3. Keep voting. No matter what. You must stop Clinton. Make Murica great again.

    Ann Barnhardt (i hope she’s ok these days) had it right. AB Doctrine regarding politicians is 100 percent correct. Voting is a huuuugge part of the freakin problem. I’d like to see the evil globalist get in, either one will do fine.

    TINVOWOOT. Ever.

  4. We have been force fed a steady diet of shit sandwiches for years…and I dont care how offensive Trump gets..I’m voting to end the diet.

  5. Only problem with that whole thesis, in an America that is bound to crash anyway, is that Trump in office will only prolong the agony. Unless he is immediately assassinated (which is a distinct possibility).

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Stealth Spaniel

    I don’t care what I need to do, I want to deny Hildabeast whatever she wants. I HATE the bitch! Imagine listening to that whining, demanding, accusatory voice for the next 8 years. Vote Trump!!