Captain Capitalism: Comparing Economic Penis Sizes Amongst Socialists


Worth your time.

Can’t wait until we go full-bore Commie.


Enjoy the decline.


5 responses to “Captain Capitalism: Comparing Economic Penis Sizes Amongst Socialists

  1. Yet, these pathetic numbers are grossly inflated by government statistical techniques. If actual inflation were used in the GDP deflator, many of these countries would be shown to be in long recessions. And if government salaries (which are treated as GDP on a par with raising wheat, or making steel) were deleted….Wonder why debt keeps growing, but people feel worse off?

  2. highly recommend ‘enjoy the decline’ by the capt, it’s on my must read shelf. in truth, he has lots of good reads though.

    • Yes, I enjoyed the book, too.

    • Aaron Clarey also runs and has a YouTube channel and also one on dailymotion, which is his backup in case Google decides to shut him down.

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