ChicagoBoyz: Resistance In Flyoverlandia


Growing, it is.

Worse is better.

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  1. The PTB are clueless as to the level of barely suppressed rage currently brewing out here in “flyover country”. I say let them remain willfully ignorant until such time as it’s advantageous to our cause that they discover it. In some cases, it’ll be the last life lesson they ever absorb and I’m strangely comfortable with that.

  2. growing, it isn’t. Though Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables” remark has done more to intensify racial, regional, and class polarization than Obama has done in 7+ years. But this polarization is static, not dynamic. The mass-violence inducing dynamic will be debtPonzi collapse. “When?”…is the decisive element. Whites need system collapse to happen fairly soon, because we are running out of demographic time. If the Judeo-globalist open-borders Tikkun Olam billionaires can keep the Ponzi alive for another decade, however, I think they will win: by 2030, Whites will be a rapidly shrinking minority in America facing a burgeoning majority amalgam of hostile ethnics
    formatted by murderously anti-White Jews; by 2050 Whites will be Bantustan’d in a shrinking NW-to-SE diagonal of flyover country; by 2070 Whites will be fragmented and ghettozied like the Palestinians; and by 2090 the Whites will be annihilated. In all candor, I rate “our” chances at no better than even. I am impressed at the manner in which the (((Central Bankers))) and other (((financial tricksters))) have kept the Ponzi going year after year since the 2008 near-collapse.

    • Your predictions diverge from reality, which is the technological singularity. The only human socio-economic classes playing in this arena are the more imaginative white ones and their friends worldwide. The only plausible extrapolations are the ones which include faster-than-exponential growth of technology. Suppose for instance the Russians start a nuke exchange, which is a common fantasy which I don’t believe in. Given that, it means the tax extraction system with all its carefully tuned parts will be smashed, and technology will grow even faster since the parasites will be removed.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Growing it may well be. Utterly ineffective to date it has been, however.

  4. Let’s see…a country fascinated with a disgusting ,self-absorbed,no talent,hedonistic, whore mongering family of cum dumpsters.The Kardashians. Living on a sugar,chemical and grease diet. Watching a small screen constantly hoping somebody contacts your pathetic,worthless ass.Move to the bigger screen to rot your brain dead carcass a bit more. Smoke some weed,pop some pills and have a cocktail. Ain’t life grand. The die-off cannot happen soon enough.
    People who use their brain and their body to the fullest extent,working and living a good clean life, are looked upon by the cretins as rubes. I only have one thing to say..Fuck you,fuck you and fuck you. When one fuck you just won’t do.

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