These Amateur Radio frequencies are known to be in use or are available for use during the response to Hurricane Matthew. Please avoid interfering with these frequencies, and do not check into any emergency nets unless you genuinely have something of importance to contribute.

Northern Florida ARES Net: 3.950 or 7.252 MHz

International SATERN Net: 14.265 MHz (USB) Health & Welfare Traffic

Hurricane Watch Net (HWN): 14.325 MHz (USB), 7.268 MHz (LSB): Weather data and storm reports from stations in affected area

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2 responses to “From AMRRON

  1. Mike Bishop

    Listen here:

  2. Looks really bad. Not only past West Palm Beach Florida, but as
    it heads up, specially around that bend Florida/Georgia, some major
    damage is foreseen.
    If anyone can pass the word to evacuate, specially that Florida/Georgia
    and South Carolina bend, please do pass along. No time to be stubborn
    it “ride it out.” Unless one is inland, by tens of miles – Evacuate!