Grid Down Hospital – Part I


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Grid Down Hospital

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many (or at least a few) articles on running a Grid Down Hospital.

For the purposes of these articles, I will use the term Grid Down Hospital to refer to any medical care facility put into service when normal facilities and services, for whatever reason, are not available. Hopefully, such care facilities will be established and staffed by medical professionals, but one can never be certain.

Some of this information will not be useful for you. Some will. Take what you can use, and leave the rest. If you have any specific questions, or concerns, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your concerns.

Be forewarned: I am not a traditional kind of physician. I have my own opinions about what works and how things should be done. I also don’t tolerate any ‘woo’ – that is ‘alternative medicine’ that has no basis in science. I may say things you don’t like. You may say things I don’t like. That’s called a discussion.

Right now, I have some articles that I wrote for another website, that hasn’t been updated in more than a year. These include Hygiene and Sanitation, the Grid Down Hospital Library, Medical School (medical education), Grid Down Hospital Central Supply, Grid Down Hospital Pharmacy, Basic tools for the Grid Down Hospital Staff, and the Grid Down Hospital Lab. I have already planned a couple of articles on equipment and techniques for the pre Grid Down Hospital care provider.

If there are any other topics you would like to see covered, please let me know.

15 responses to “Grid Down Hospital – Part I

  1. With an important caveat:

    Supplies without knowledge are detritus.
    Knowledge without supplies is a tragedy.

    And with an investment little greater than that of a modern vehicle, and less classroom time than it took you to get through high school, you could adequately replicate and run a hospital equal to community standards of the 1970s, when people were hardly dying in the streets from plague. A space equal to that of any two-car garage, with a full bath, is sufficient. You won’t be doing brain surgery or heart transplants, but you can save life and limb with that.

    More time, people, and more resources at any point cuts the intellectual and logistical burdens by every additional body, and space generally improves capability by squares, i.e. 2x the space grants 4x the capacities.

    • Really awesome Aesop.
      Hogwarts was a great resource. Glad to see you getting back into it.
      Thank you, really appreciate you and your effort.

      • I’m not the poster of this; I suspect it’s FlightERDoc.
        But I share your sentiments, and now that time and circumstances permit, I will be “getting back into it”.
        Hogwarts’ launch started just as I lost, in order, my PC, my internet, and my job. After that, employment was a higher priority than blogging.

        • So the great aesop still works a job. lol

          You’re so smart but you can’t seem to make enough $ to quit being a slave with ALL your vast knowledge and wit…

          The murkins are truly suffering from mass psychosis.

    • Thank you!
      There is a near total lack of knowledgable medical articles among the prepper/liberty/survivalist “movement”.
      Someone who has the skills and knowledge who is willing to share that knowledge is great.
      Looking forward to learning about grid down medical care-the extent of my knowledge is basic first aid and a little more.

    • Golly, one MD for 200 customers and we’ll call him a “lodge doctor”, cheap-cheap healthcare for a monthly fixed fee. Used to be how the American working class afforded medical care, inside the framework of their tribal group, before the AMA agitated to ban it. Too bad so many are obeying Obamacare and not hiring lodge doctors. Maybe they’ll obey when told to get on the boxcars too.

  2. Don’t see where these articles are to be posted. Here at WRSA or somewhere else? Good stuff looking forward to the series

  3. “Hygiene and Sanitation”
    I’m really interested in this topic, looking forward to you sharing your expertise.

  4. Link?
    Grey Ghost

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  6. Good news!

    Is Ebola Being Inadvertenly or Purposely Exported to Europe and the US? Secret CDC and WHO Flights to Africa

  7. What are those machines called Soundnagrams[sp?]….
    Are they handy to have?
    A friend about a year ago bought a storage shed and it
    had a couple of them – and they worked.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”