Herschel: Disarming The Population


Some smooth-faced lad shares his plan.

Herschel handles it.

33 responses to “Herschel: Disarming The Population

  1. Thanks CA – I have to recoup some of my IQ after reading this. 😉

    Some of the comments are classic though. “I don’t need permissions to own a gun… Blah blab lah” says the guy who fills out 4473’s which is a govt permission form.

    • Virgil Kane

      I love the statement, “…if they try to infringe on my right to own guns I’ll…” You’ll do what, Spanky? You’re already stymied.

  2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyfstreich
    Another little dandy who could suck the chrome off of a bumper hitch.


      True that. He looks like he has tasted man before. If he hasn’t he definitely will, if he ever gets thrown into a holding cell after his DUI arrest.

  3. (((((Jeremy Streich)))))


    • Publius,

      Your parenthesis bullshit to indicate one is Jewish, is not impressive. I’d be more inclined to agree with you if you and your fellow taqiyaa practicing moslem Haxo Angmark aka Stuka Pilot aka (Not So) Wise Cave Owl would start addressing the real problem in fUSA. That is, the rogue government under soetoro-obama enabled by the fUSA Congress.

      In the meantime you are nothing more than a flaming piece of childish garbage.

      Grow the fuck up.

      • OK. Replace Obama and the current “rogue US Congress”. Know what we get? Another raft of politicians owned by the same overlapping Kabbalah of Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood open-borders Judeo-globalist billionaires.

        You? You got nothing.

        • Chigurh….here you go again….running your emasculated mouth and overloading your hummingbird ass. Yep, you’re correct Mohammed….I got’s nothing.

          So tell the folks here what’s stopping you from engaging those Jewish and Christian folks you denigrate so much ? Your brothers in ISIS beckon you.


    • all the noisiest globalist gun-grabbers, from (((Soros))) and (((Bloomberg))) on down, are kosher. And most of the gun-grab organizations are fronts financed by these 2 scumbags or some other Jew-billionaire. Finally, (((they))) are not trying to disarm “the people”. (((They))) are trying to disarm the Whites. To expedite the genocide.

      • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

        Perhaps you can open up that moslem brain of yours and divulge who (((they))) are ? And while you’re at it tell me what this expedited genocide is you want so much.

        I’ll wait.

  4. Word salad. By someone who is terribly impressed with how smart he thinks he is.

    • You nailed that, Hinson. What are the odds that this self-impressed lad will soon inflict himself upon the voters?

      NOT including war, twentieth century governments murdered about ¼ BILLION of their own disarmed citizens—search”democide.” Disarming victims is not a policy that saves lives. Giving governments, the worst mass murderers, a monopoly on weapons is not a policy that is “just” or “safe.” Every person’s right to self-defense from tyrants and criminals is not a matter of preferred recreational activity, but that is beyond the ken of too many.

  5. Nobody gets to tell me what I can have.

  6. Jeremy, step up young gun grabber and go get them. Just do it. I double dog dare ya.

  7. Five points to consider:

    1. The same day as the Connecticut school shooting, a man in China stabbed 22 school children with a knife

    2. The nation has suffered severe moral and spiritual decay over the past decades.

    3. In 1990 the federal Gun Free School Zones act was enacted. After that the school shootings began, but the act was not rescinded. All through the nation mass shootings occur in gun free zones.
    4. During the twentieth century between one and two hundred million people were murdered by their own governments; more than died in the wars. The only real protection from this is an armed populace.
    5. It is said that the Bill of Rights provides four boxes which protect liberty; the ballot box, the jury box, the soap box and the cartridge box. Of these, only the last constitutes a physical impediment to totalitarianism which cannot be removed by edict.

  8. This stupid young man thinks some of the murders in the second city are necessary?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      A loyal member of the Party understands that many murders are necessary, comrade.
      -Zombie Vassili Blokhin

  9. “…there is no way we cannot think our way out of the problem”

    Lol. This is why the chatterers fail. First, the selective use of absolutes. ” there is no way” is not proper logic. Gravity, hard vacuum, dividing by zero, these are absolute and can be counted as such.

    Notice that this writer “thinks”. Not does. Don’t be cowed by these useless people. When they finally break the system through their blood sucking and ineptitude they’ll feed the flies.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When they finally break the system through their blood sucking and ineptitude they’ll feed the flies.”

      True enough, but the problem is that every time that happens, they end up taking an awful lot of decent folks down with them.

  10. After Action

    If they ever attempt to confiscate weapons from the American people I’m sure Jeremy Streich will find his life of “a little less worry, a little less pain”.
    When I hear these people mind fucking themselves day in, day out, I can only conclude we’ve reached some sort of post-logic world where feelings trump reality. Utter insanity.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Ya read my mind After Action! These young twerps with their mental masturbations are pathetic. He fashions himself sooo “clever.”

      Like my shipmate, CMDR Robert E. Lee Lavan, would exclaim: “Most people today are living in a world of utter horse shit.”

      Wait until reality smacks these douche bags in the face…THEN the fun begins.

    • in the event I have little doubt that he will end up with no worry, no pain and no life.

    • (((they))) have no intention of confiscating weapons from “the American people”. Just from the Whites.

      • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

        “((((they))) have no intention of confiscating….”

        So Mohammed….from the childishness of your moslem rhetoric, tell me who “they” are ?

        How soon before you strap on a murder vest and visit the nearest fag bar ? Butt, remember. Your visit to the fag bar is for business, not for pleasure.

  11. thesouthwasrght

    People, white middle class, need to do a couple things moving forward:
    1) keep your kids out of the military as it is patently obvious it has become nothing more than an enforcement agency for the globalist bankster cartels and actually aids and protects policies detrimental to said white middle class.

    2) quit sending our kids off to the marxist indoctrination camps misnomered as “universities”. Get them some tangible skills education. Contractor, electrician, something that preferably produces a desirable product and/or service.

    So far as Heil Streich is concerned: Luke 22:36. Period. Now fuck off heathen.

  12. Little Jeremy is clearly a Special Snowflake, whose mommie hung his dirty diapers on the refrigerator and told everyone they were art, but clearly he can’t even pass a Common Core math class:

    “Here’s a harrowing fact: a recent poll unveiled that the
    citizen to firearm ratio in the United States has reached
    nearly 1:1. What’s worse? These weapons fall within the
    grasp of merely one-tenth of the population – that is roughly
    30 weapons per owner.”

    Uh, no, lumpkin. That would be roughly 10 weapons per owner. That’s what the clever mathematical fraction “one-tenth” multiplied by a 1:1 ratio means. Maybe you were sick that year in math school, but trust me, that’s how it works.

    The facts are that somewhere around half of all households in the US have a firearm (assuming, generously, that the other half didn’t lie when surveyed), the number is vastly beyond 1:1, and some of us are unbelievable over-achievers with regards to firearms ownership from what is probably more like a 20:1 or 50:1 actual ratio of guns:citizens.

    If that’s the best argument the f*cktards editing The Hill can grunt out, maybe they should firstly, wipe themselves up behind, and secondly, change their masthead to The Litterbox. And then promptly scrape some sand over this particular nugget, before the smell gets noticed.

    And then send the author to bed in his footie jammies, with no hot cocoa. At least until he can pass a fifth grade math lesson.

  13. Jeremy Streich is a good little progressive NAZI or maybe even socially progressive COMMUNIST. He actually thinks the fed.gov can “collapse” private gun ownership at this late date. Let me know how that works out for ya there Mr. brainwashed leftist.

    These type of Americans are the ones who will ultimately start the coming unpleasantness. Personally I don’t even want to associate with people like him as I’d rather be in a completely different country that mandated gun ownership. I say secede from these asswipes and let them have their own socially progressive country (USSA). But these jackasses just will NOT LEAVE THE IDEA OF PRIVATE GUN OWNERSHIP ALONE! Nor will they let you peaceably walk away (secede). So I predict that your continuing provocation and abolition of private gun ownership will ensure that you will assume room temp at an earlier age than you expect.

    Grey Ghost

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Jeremy Streich is an asshole.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot:
    “Nonetheless, I think there are several partial resolutions that can dam up the leaking reservoir and ultimately propel our country back into a haven of security and social-progress. ”
    Well, shit howdy! I know that being a haven of security and social-progress is always on my mind. Especially if some Jihadi Somalian is at the local mall shreiking Ow, ow! Snack Bar or some such nonsense. It is going to be oh-so-interesting when the Elites actually have SHTF hit them squarely in the buttocks. I can bet this little Shakespeare wannabe doesn’t have 3 Dasanis and 4 Top Ramens in his kitchen. And the local-must-be-seen at bar won’t be open for business.
    This guy is pathetic.