Mosby: Excerpt From “Forging The Hero”


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  1. Well done!


  2. If only modern day humans were as intelligent as ancient peoples. Must be hell knowing 3rd world peasants who wipe their ass with their bare left hand are easier to train or trust than the typical murkin. They suffer from pharma/alcohol/sports psychosis AND severe mental retardation. When you speak to them, they have this confused and dazed look on their faces. The only thing that excites their few remaining functioning synapse is their next gubmint check or the newest dumbphone. You could no more teach the average murkin than you could a dead goldfish. Let’s hope at least 200 million perish as quickly as possible.

    • Remember, every unit needs a person taking point. Just remember to have plenty around, expenditure rate is pretty high. I think that is why Liberals say “It takes a village….”

  3. The book is superb. Seriously, it goes so far beyond “interesting” and a “very good read” I can barely describe it. It’s a blueprint, roadmap and not-so-common sense and made a huge impact on me.

    You see, I’ve been wanting to “do something” for quite a while, but each time I’d consider a course of action and start asking myself, “OK, and then what?” “And then what?” “And then what?”, I’d conclude whatever thing(s) I was thinking about doing were the actions of a dumbass. Bad decisions avoided but still no real idea of what to do besides more PT and dry firing.

    This book solved that problem for me. Bigtime. If I do it instead of just read about it, there’s more than enough there to keep me very busy for the rest of my life, because it is a way of life. Get the book. Read the book. Do the book. Live the book. Be the book.

  4. A story with a moral.

    Back in the days before internet there was a young man, a budding IT manager, who was humping on a project 60-70 hours for weeks on end. For several weeks this manager noticed a gentlemen on one floor reading the Wall Street journal day after day. On a break one day the young manger asked — “Is all you do all day, is read a newspaper?”

    The gentlemen said — “Mostly. But sometimes I pick up the phone and make a few phone calls, like I did just now.” “That does not seem to be a job of consequence” the manager opined. “How so?” the gentlemen asked. “Well we have a team of people doing this upgrade. People are foregoing personal time to make it happen”, the manager said, “We’ll save a couple of million in doing so.”

    “That’s admirable, you should be commended. But don’t confuse effort with effectiveness.”, the gentlemen foisted, then continued, “That phone call I made was to adjust the companies bond portfolio based on what I just read. The $14m I just saved I did in five minutes will pay for your project.”

    That manager was me, and I will never forgot the lesson. Its not always how much you do, but the effectiveness of WHAT you do. True whether it is a platoon placement or making a financial decision.

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