RRW: The Floodgates Are Open


Obama State Department bringing refugees in at the astronomical rate of over 400 a day!

Of course they are.

Fundamental transformation.

28 responses to “RRW: The Floodgates Are Open

  1. Gina need more ammo …. ok off to the store !!

  2. The Usual Suspect

    One would think the chicken shit Republican dominated
    House and Senate would at this late date attempt to
    impeach the traitor SOB.
    But no they are ball less, pussy boys, and will only begin
    to talk tough after Trump hopefully is inaugurated.
    Get rid of ALL of THEM.

    • You still hanging on to that “2 Party System” fantasy, brother?
      It’s pro wrestling, nothing more.
      It’s a big club. And you ain’t in it.

      • check. Trump is OK with the Islamic invasion…provided the invaders are “vetted”. Same old doubletalk. And, BTW, the total number of nonWhite-antiWhite invasives entering the country each and every day – Blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, Slants – is c. 7,000…3,000 illegals + 4,000 “legals”. And this does not count an indeterminate-but-large number of student/work/tourist visa holders who take up permanent residence each and every day. Absent debtPonzi collapse, Whites will be a minority in ‘Murka no later than 2030…a rapidly shrinking minority facing a rapidly growing hostile majority amalgam of nonWhites formatted by lethally hostile Judeo-globalists. .

    • Ball-less my ass, they’re COMPLICIT. Don’t ever let anyone bullshit you into thinking either party is interested in what’s good for you. None of them are and DC’s lampposts are horribly under-utilized assets.

  3. Message understood.
    Sending emergency donation of bacon to relief agencies immediately.

  4. um, simple math says that’s nearly 150,000 in a year. no, this isn’t going to cause problems at all unless you’re an attractive women, a jew, go to church or are gay; but those types all deserved it anyways; right ?

    • yes, the poor innocent Jews…victimized again. Oddly, by the selfsame (non)-borders they and their shabbatz goy political class took down.

    • You left out infidel as well… but, it is for the children. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So long as they’re white, then yes.
      – The Elites

    • Cougar,

      I posted here probably 2 years ago that only one or two planes per day would be needed to accomplish this.

      How did I know this? How do you think we invaded Iraq?

  5. Target Rich Environment. Just wait till they decide to get “Frisky”.


      StevenKY: They will get frisky only in the Blue Hives where they have sympathetic support from the Cosmic White Leftists and mainline churches who sponsored them. The cops will shoot a few and THEN the fun will begin.
      For those of us in the Red Hives, watch your lines of drift. When TPTB collapse the economy, there will be a huge flow out of the metro areas and into the ‘burbs. From there, they will flow outward as far as they can, following the Interstates and railroad lines.
      For those who think this won’t happen, look at the trek the Muzzies are making on foot through Eurabia. And, do not start chest thumping, ladies and gentlemen. If it happens here, the Quakers, Lutherans, Catholics and other assorted useful idiots will be escorting them into your neighborhoods. If you are going to reply by force of arms, get ready to run after the first volley and be wearing gloves and a balaclava. This will not end well. Bleib ubrig.

  6. Soon they will begin the Jihad near their strongholds. Many problems with Somalis already occurring in Minnesota.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

    However some are fighting back.

    • Hans Gruber

      In the first video linked above, that lady is living in some prime real estate; minimum seven-figure entry fee where only die-hard cultural Marxists would reside. Poetic justice.

  7. Brian in Ohio

    When your surfs aren’t behaving the way you want, you go get new ones.

  8. Perhaps the new America will be something he and Mooche will be proud of, a cross between his boyhood Indonesia and African fatherland. Where every dirt floor hut will have prayer rug.

  9. You all pound the key board – it makes no difference because there is no push back. The cloud people will do as they please and the dirt people will suck it up (abet somewhat pissed off) – mark my words that complaining will soon be a ‘hate crime’ and the last avenue open will be closed. Truth ……..

    • no, the yakking is a safety valve…and enables the construction of kill lists. Remember what happened in Egypt when Mubarek shut down social media? The mob hit the streets.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Stealth Spaniel

    Remember-no burials! I am not wasting any decent farmland on these lunatics. It’s gas & matches time and then plowing the fertilizer into the soil. First crop? Sweet, pink little piggies. I see hams being raised for miles and miles…….

  12. Nov 18,1986,Richard Crafts, a Lufthansa pilot had a vision. The vision involved his wife,cut into moveable chunks, fed through a woodchipper.
    Unforgiving, pure mechanical genius. Forget the guillotine or noose.Place a woodchipper in the town square. Feed the stray dogs and feral cats.

  13. BACK. THEY. GO! Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.