Schlichter: Liberal Attempts To Silence Dissent Will Not End Well



Also: Do What You’re Told: Washington’s governing elites think we’re all morons, a new study says


Beware the anger of patient men.


14 responses to “Schlichter: Liberal Attempts To Silence Dissent Will Not End Well

  1. Like the B.A.R. in the pic for a change 🙂 30.06

    “…For the man from Mars is eating cars and eating bars and now
    he only eats guitars…”

    Saddle Up – Hunker Down

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  2. Call me when shooting starts.

  3. The first night you either have to post guards, or you are on guard yourself, is the night you will know it’s on.

  4. Beware the anger of patient men.

    Amen, you tyrants have badly misjudged.

  5. I think this was going in the right direction but still a good bit on the Pollyanna-ish side. You don’t just simply ignore and let irredeemable deplorables who are known to be armed go on about their business un molested. Those are much less than equal animals that need to be dealt with.

    I think the best we can do is encourage those assclowns in DC to keep pokimg the bear in Syria and Ukraine. Yes. A nuclear war would suck, but Mordor on the Potomac gets vaporized first. If we’re very lucky, the ruskies will do us a solid and stop there.

    • better solution – since it won’t “stop there” – would be domestic civil war/race war w/o international nuclear war. If the latter, I hope Vlad pushes the button when Congress is in full session, the bureaucracy in attendance, and the Prez in town.

    • “If we’re very lucky….”

      That’s one cosmic level “IF!”

      Do you feel Lucky… etc etc.

  6. The LEFT does not want it to end well… they never do. Look at the history of Russia or China. At some point, the collectivist just don’t care how it turns out because they think they will win because they have the upper hand in some manner.

    Grey Ghost

  7. Yes! A M-1 Garand and Browning Automatic Rifle. MEN’S guns.

  8. Vice is a joke, sold to the BLM crowd and fully Fifth Column. Go read the comments under the article to see the moonbat reality-deprived statists they pull. I honestly think it’s nothing more than Dindu porn for the racists in Foggy Bottom to watch so they can study the flyover and inner-city species’ from the safety of their sterile little townhouse coffins. Burn it all down.