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9 responses to “Another Medical Resource

  1. Great resource, Pete.
    You knew I had a week’s time off coming with nothing better to do, didn’t you?

  2. Pete, great post. The costs of doing this are gigantic, and well beyond the means of anyone I personally know. I’ll file it under “nice to know”.

  3. Okay, on a previous reponse I was asking about “sounddagram” 🙂
    Then noticed the info there of ultrasound just a few minutes ago.
    Passing the link to a few good men and women….

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • You mean “sonograms”.
      And yes, they are ultrasound.

      A portable ultrasound machine can be had for about the price range of IR to thermal NODs.
      As a CT scanner would be in the house-price range, and require a shit-ton of power generation capability, plus some serious radiation shielding, a working ultrasound machine would be GOLD to a physician/surgeon post-SHTF, both for trauma and acute medical conditions, plus OB use.
      A group having one/having access to one is something to aspire to.

      I’m waiting for that to be covered in future installments.

  4. Deadeye Dic

    Thanks for the resource. This will be very handy with the upcoming festivities. I bow and give my sincere gratitude for this information.