Baugh: Defamating Government – Shots Fired


Very interesting.

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  1. Bonus points (not!) to the OP for cleverly geolocating the site by county and road intersection, thus making future attacks on the site from anyone on the Internet so inclined almost a certainty.

    That’s some great OPSEC there.

    • Aesop,

      Your analysis is correct. I foolishly located a business where trucks can easily get in and out, and then published the address so that people can ship things to us and other people can pick things up to haul them away. My bad 🙂

      On a serious note, the learning point for all this is a practical exercise in managing issues when dealing with local governance (and those people already know where I am). Perhaps there is something to be learned from this narrative. I think the official handling of this shooting investigation will be enlightening all by itself.


      • Tom,

        Your business, and where you physically locate it, are your business. If you thought that was what I was pointing out, you are in error.

        Flagging the location in a post on the Internet for every Jasper to find is now everybody’s business.

        I wish you the best of luck in your travails with the local idiots in power. It certainly sounds like you have a handful with which to contend. But at a certain point, there are victims, and there are volunteers.

        If you expect to have put the shooter on notice, and some unseen army of neighborhood watchers are going to assist you now, or the selfsame idiots who have afflicted you up to this point will suddenly realize everyone is watching, and commence to behaving themselves henceforth, many happy returns to you.

        If instead you’ve just flagged the exact site for anybody with a spare minute and some loose brain wiring to find, and add to your troubles, then I was thinking that probably wasn’t the best course of action to take, if you were trying to curtail the nonsense being inflicted on you, rather than pour gasoline on it.

        But as Chuck Berry said, “It’s a free country, baby!”

        Best Wishes In Your Endeavors,

      • Back story for those of us just catching up?

  2. Tom,
    If you need assistance contact me.

  3. Just another example of murkin exceptionalism.

    They’re all scumbags.

    100-200 million…

  4. Expect more Rick meets Neegan stories in the future as the central government fails.

    • Nailed it. I’ve been calling this “Future America”, but that one is pretty good.

      • This America isn’t unlike certain rural and urban places in the America of the past. Depending on the level of corruption in any given area, this has always been part of life. As newbies in your area you and your wife didn’t take long to upset someone’s apple cart. I’m not justifying the response you received, I’m just not surprised (due to similar personal experience).

        People like to romanticize moves to the quiet countryside and old farts here get all nostalgic about farm life, but the truth is it can be filled with dicks and assholes like anywhere else. There might seem to be fewer than urban places, but the few you have are still problems.

        There’s also a certain irony that you’re living in Walking Dead land and the first picture that comes up in google maps is one of a dilapidated post Apocalypse house.,+GA/@32.1603657,-82.5802557,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88fa6322b7327b23:0x274bd400c8126345!8m2!3d32.1604689!4d-82.0195625

        Seriously, good luck.

  5. Virgil Kane

    I was recently told by a former political opponent (during my first and last attempt at public office) that local politics is a blood sport. Mr. Baugh, watch your back.

  6. Marlo Stanfield

    Old PI course says most people are unaware of what is going on 100 meters out. I would take your area awareness out to the horizon in your area. Notice who and what is around you from way out there. Person or persons are probably  smart and want to get away, either if they succeed or miss. A camcorder with serious optical zoom should replace binoculars these days. You also want to laser that distance and set up a compact long gun. Work on hitting that distance and beyond. Day and night target shooting on your part. FBI article from years ago said most hits take place within a quarter of a mile from your home or office. (Your regular haunts) Also most hitters are female according to the FED. Most advertisements for Bug killing services in big cities are actually for hit services. I would watch for cable guy, security guard, new mail man, homeless person wearing too nice shoes. Watch hands, military bearing, spotters. A unrestricted scanner from Canada would be nice. Lots of crimes take place between 2-4 AM. Change your locks. Silent remote indoor motion sensor that alerts you while gone. Having family can nix that one. You don’t want a hitter who is also a locksmith waiting on you inside your own home. Or be able to come in while you are asleep or taking a shit. Have a shit gun. Don’t  drop your guard on any one. Granny or fat dude can pull a trigger. Fake police, dirty police.   They can legally lie to you.    Breaking Bad Child Killing – shooting at a drug dealer.wmv

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    | | | | Breaking Bad Child Killing – shooting at a drug dealer.wmv A bad example of education in TV series ! | |



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  7. I was charged long ago for “ALARMING” some corrupt city officials when fliers started showing up in newspaper tubes. The fliers were exposing public corruption (in detail) and extra special favors one side of Gubmint gave another. Example is a Mayor owned vacant lot 1/2 block from the Court House that was assessed for $500. Sweetheart contracts given to business partners of city officials. It is best to be anonymous so the corrupt clowns do not know who to target for revenge. My favorite trick was to harvest some Kudzu and replant it on the corrupt official’s property. By the time they recognized what it was, it was too late and the kudzu had taken root. By taking the route taken in this example, the corrupt officials knew exactly who to target and a bullet thru a window is usually one of their favorite tricks. Stay safe.