Culper: The Future Battlefield – Why Future Wars Will Be More Lethal


Observations here re this article.

These are the good old days.

4 responses to “Culper: The Future Battlefield – Why Future Wars Will Be More Lethal

  1. Uncle Larry

    Mass casualties. Similar to WW2, when the wounded couldn’t be reached or evacuated. I suspect if there is a real big war, we will see the end of aircraft carriers. Just like the battleship became obsolete. EMP and cyber attack. Can you imagine, no electricity for a year? No info or communications? No transportation systems? No food or medicine?

  2. What did I just say the other day?

  3. It seems to me that every time since Korea we have bet the initiative,leadership, knowledge and technology of the US Armed services against even 3rd-world oppositions, the decision has been to the locals. Prior to that, we were facing enemies that fought on our terms, more or less. Never since.

    Skin in the game and the many minds of the periphery against a centralized system, standard evolutionary dynamics. The center always loses, eventually, as random walk is a lot more predictive than it sounds, given time and trials.

    • Every time we have done that since Korea, our “leaders” have been out to “win the hearts and minds” of the locals.

      We didn’t do that in WW II. And Lincoln and Sherman sure as hell didn’t do that in the War of Northern Aggression.