Podcast: Inside America’s Armed Militias



Pretty scawy.

Note the use of the 3% “super purchaser” talking point.


9 responses to “Podcast: Inside America’s Armed Militias

  1. “domestic extremism expert J.J. MacNab”


    Another fucking “expert”.

    Ever notice how all these ‘experts’ still have to work?

    Must not have made ‘super-expert’ yet…

    Seriously. If you are an expert at anything, you would have found a way to get rich and shitcan the bullshit job thing.


      EXPERT: “EX” – definition: a has-been.
      “PERT” – definition: a drip under pressure.

  2. They will target many people for arrest during upheaval. The SPLC is basically a propaganda arm of the democratic party. Any organization that is willing to place all returning vets on a list of possible terrorist is evil persona-fide.

    • +1. Who can tell us who Tim M.’s handler was? Who can tell us how to assemble a “magic” truck of improvised explosive that can be parked well-away from a modern steel/concrete building and do more than break windows? Quick- demolish the building before investigation, keep Tim quiet until his execution with hope of a rescue/new-id/fake execution. What about John Doe #1 or #2? Yeah, what about?
      Lesson: Don’t drive the van. Always check the cargo if you do drive a van. If it seems spooky, it could be.

      I didn’t know that 3%-ers have hand signals, rank or “status”. “I think -Jerico- was one they really liked”. The hated people are TV-addict/obese/irrational/isolationists. But, at about 18:00 minutes, the female voice mentions that many colors of people are using the idea that individuals should be free, not just White racists. No contradiction is recognized.

      The super-expert is a SJW, trying to keep the screech down.

  3. Just keep buying ammo online with your credit card and having it shipped to your house. Surely Google, yahoo, ups, fedex, and your bank isn’t storing that data or turning it over to anyone.

  4. Listening to her interview it’s apparent she’s a sociologist who has failed to exercise due diligence in her research. IMHO she’s a book shiller and SPLC mouthpiece than anything.

    • Sociology being a default major for people who are not good at “hard” subjects and really ought to have gotten married to a man and raised some kids.

  5. This had everything but the NPR intro music.

    A GWU dweebette sounding for all the world like some 10-yrs-and-counting-college-attendee dyke sociologist in coke-bottle glasses, doing all her “research” online, and telling us in rapt fascination about those strange and devious “militias”, as though she were Margaret Mead among bare-titted Pacific islander native girls in grass skirts, or Diane Fossey studying gorillas in the mist.

    What a steaming pile.

    Anybody paying her the slightest attention isn’t worth further notice, on the grounds they’re not bright enough to tell shit from Shine-ola.

  6. The saddest part is that she probably believes at least half of what she says. Where do you even start with identifying the inconsistencies, half-truths, and falsehoods? Perhaps the better course is to simply turn the volume down and ignore it. Except….more than half the populace probably believes it too and if the false narrative isn’t countered it becomes the propagandists oft-repeated lie that becomes “truth.” On the other hand, if enough of the populace simply tunes these clowns out, at some point they will be relegated to the dustbin of history. Better still, turn the financial taps off – no grants, no paycheck, and the problem just goes away. One can hope.