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The Alt-Right Social Media Purges Are Activated

Are Dissident Thinkers Targeted By The US Government As Enemies Of The State?

More is coming.

Worse is better.

Because “fuck you”, that’s why.


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  1. Because Fuck You Thats Why.

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  2. Remember, “No first use of force?” I believe the Nazis made the first move, in 1933-34, and rounded up the “good Germans” who intended to revolt, (the leaders, first of course) when Hitler took power, decapitating the revolt, then, working on down to rank and file as time went on. No First Use of Force is probably going to get a lot of us butchered, and then a lot of other people tortured and killed, because this Administration has got the handle on millions, via domestic spying, and plenty of goons, tech, hardware and infrastructure to make it all happen. It will be Night of the Long Knives on steroids, and if there is nothing to distract it, Leviathan will exercise complete control over the remaining sheep. No First Use of Force! will be something I guess I can shout like that Nazi colonel shouted out, Long Live Sacred Germany! before the executioners do their work. I just want to go out like a soldier.

    • A few people pushed that concept.

      With much drama and robe-rending.

      Nowhere near as many people bought into the Holy Writ as either its proponents or the Tranzis would have liked.

      A lot of folks have other plans.

      Local, local, local.

    • Your local cop will be happy to follow orders.

    • I tip my cap to you sir because that is some spot on commentary.

      There comes a time when we have to take the enemy at his word. When he says he is going to crush us then we have to assume he means it and just go ahead and act accordingly.
      Not saying we are at that point but you will know it when it gets here.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Not saying we are at that point but you will know it when it gets here.”

        Isn’t that part of the problem, though? Everyone is going to have some degree of variation in what they consider to be “that point”. It would help things considerably to have everyone on the same page.

        • Pick a number sir; there may not be a “same page” to get on.

          How many patriots (conspicuously) standing up against tyranny would it take for a lot of other patriots to join them? 300, 500, 5,000, 25,000?

          One problem (for some patriots) associated with “picking a number” may be that 40% of the population aren’t deemed to be worthy of fighting for any more since that portion of the population suck! they are going to sit on their asses, collect their “benefits”, and complain no matter what is happening. Not a stretch of the imagination to think that some patriots may have written-off 60% or even 80% of the population; not being worth risking it all for…

          Hundreds have conspicuously stood up several times in recent years and some are still helping along the Southern boarder…. So its apparent that some people are worthy of being defended and some are not.

    • Sean, I think you bring up a very valid point. There is another side of that coin too that is germane to what you are saying. I’ll have to paraphrase something to explain it.
      From The History of The Second Amendment:
      “Baron de Montesquieu supported the proposition that the geographic size of an area strongly influenced its form of government. Montesquieu had written democracy could survive only in a small-sized state, small enough to permit the actual participation of the people in government and small enough so that each citizen understands that promoting the public good directly promotes the individual. A middle-sized territory, as Montesquieu terms it, would inevitably become a monarchy; to an extensive territory, a despotic form of government was best adapted. In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a multiplicity of views and the citizens do not perceive the nexus between promoting the public good and their individual welfare.

      We kind of have a bi-polar culture in America if you catch my drift, then there is a question of scale, as the famous axiom regarding quantity in war has a quality all it’s own, take that another way, in revolution and resistance to tyranny, scale of defiance and resistance at some point has a definite quality and motive power entirely on it’s own.
      Think about it for a second. There has never been in all of history a rebellion or revolt by the dirt people the potential size, and scale, never mind what American’s are capable of when they set their minds to it.
      So taking Montesquieu’s observations from another perspective, is the level of resistance, we as dirt people are capable of, to tyranny, directly proportional to the size of this nation.
      As a question asked, I’ll say up front with no reservations, Hell yes.
      What do you think?

    • The Just War Theory came from the same school of thought that Clausewitz evolved into a civilian-free conflict. People are too afraid to take it to its logical conclusion (with perhaps the exception of LeMay), that feeding warfighter = participant, and on it goes until practically anyone and everyone involved in the nation’s economy are not civilians, but involved in the logistical complex of the war. The creepy little stalkers at Langley and everywhere else have already used force. One thing the wannabe Ghandis conveniently ignore is the cost in lives so they can ‘feel better.’ I’m willing to bet 650k Southerners would have preferred an immediate run on D.C. and Lincoln’s head on a pike. ‘I can’t shoot until the gun pressed to my head is fired’ is a luxury afforded the US by the fact that we haven’t been in an existential fight since 1860 (that only half the country experienced), and have entirely forgotten the nature of conflict. Turn the other cheek =/= insert head into guillotine. Others are free to disagree, and I’ll raise a glass to your memory. Nobody gets what they want because they are willing to die for it, they get it because they are willing to kill for it. Realpolitiks. Do you understands it?

    • “The libertarian foreign policy, then, is not a pacifist policy. We do not hold, as do the pacifists, that no individual has the right to use violence in defending himself against violent attack. What we do hold is that no one has the right to conscript, tax, or murder others, or to use violence against others in order to defend himself. Since all States exist and have their being in aggression against their subjects and in the acquiring of their present territory, and since inter-State wars slaughter innocent civilians, such wars are always unjust – although some may be more unjust than others. Guerrilla warfare against States at least has the potential for meeting libertarian requirements by pinpointing the guerrilla’s battle against State officials and armies, and by their use of voluntary methods to staff and finance their struggle.” Murray Rothbard in For a New LIberty. Read all of chapter 14 for a further explanation.


      Let it debut. If art imitates life, maybe they will swarm out of Watts and make it to Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Santa Monica. The Cosmic White Leftists, (((Eskimos))), and other Hollywood useful idiots will get what has been coming to them for a long time.

  3. Love that confederate flag ! Semi-related story. I hung the German flag for octoberfest(which ran 16 days) and I am german; our resident HOA Nazi has the HOA president mail me that I cannot do that.
    Am currently awaiting a copy of the HOA rules and will be hanging confederate flags anywhere not specified to piss off the HOA Nazi, “Because “fuck you”, that’s why.”

  4. Are dissident thinkers targeted? Uhmm, yes. Yes they are.

  5. Participating in social media has a lot in common with prey drinking from a watering hole in an arid climate; low(er)-hanging fruit for the predators…..

    Interesting how so many of us are drawn to the “water”.

  6. Mossy Bloke

    Aaah the perils of the excessive thinker.

  7. Milo was not banned for Twitter for a review of a lousy movie. He was banned because he had ripped a gaping hole in a critical demographic for Hillary, the young, smart, educated, collage age, online geeks. Milo had intercepted an entire demographic and was headed for a pic six. That’s when Hillary ordered twitter to send someone from off the sidelines to make an game saving, open field tackle. They caught him, but they gave him a 1st and goal inside the 10 with lots of time and all his timeouts. He has since continued his rampage across Amerika’s collages only now Hillary has enlisted the FBI to shut him down by ‘claiming’ credible bomb threats. Never in my life have I seen such a complete hysteria concerning a candidate and a movement. All rules of fair play have been thrown out the window. All because he wants to put America and Americans first.

    • yep…that’s Trump. All his long life he has battled “to put America and Americans first”. I’d type some more but I’m laughing too hard

  8. Commented over here:


    Can we please stop referring to SJ crybullies as “warriors”?

    Talk about definitions altered to fit the agenda… Shheeeeshez!

    And max kudos to Joshua Sinistar above for one hell of a fine comment. The whole thing, but the money graf is worthy of repeating here, and everywhere:

    “Nations are blood and soil. Budgets are guns and butter. Leaders put people first and their people always comes first. Anything else is bullshit with smoke and mirrors to hide the source of the stink. Empires can be multi-racial, but countries are either homogeneous or unstable. There are no exceptions to this rule. You either rule or misrule, there ain’t nothing in between.”

    in reference to this great comment by :

    Joshua Sinistar

    Glenn Cuck talking about martial law and warning you about it should tell you something. Monkey boy can’t do it. He would if he could, and Lyin Ryan wouldn’t bat a gay eyelash if he did. He doesn’t have the troops. I hear talk about UN troops and arming lazy paper pushing bureaucrats at Federal Agencies like EPA. Too bad, so sad. I guess the talk about combat soldiers leaving the fabulous ghey army are true.

    We have a huge Air Force, but this War is a Drone War. Lots of crashes happening in the news of fairly new aircraft. Either they have bad mechanics, or diversity in the cockpits. Good news either way.

    You can see a lot of countries aren’t afraid of the USA anymore. Best Korea and bad haircut boy Kim Chee is lobbing missiles and very little blowback. We have a paper tiger here. The budget is huge, but I see nothing happening. No rocket launches at NASA. No new Military R&D programs.

    African dictator is dumber than I thought. Bombhatta has screwed the pooch. We don’t win anymore, Trump says. There’s no me in that we. This country went word salad sophist in the 90s. I don’t want any part of that.
    Nations are blood and soil. Budgets are guns and butter. Leaders put people first and their people always comes first. Anything else is bullshit with smoke and mirrors to hide the source of the stink. Empires can be multi-racial, but countries are either homogeneous or unstable. There are no exceptions to this rule. You either rule or misrule, there ain’t nothing in between.

    • Concerning the SJ(Ws?): If they keep pushing, I am kind of reminded of a line from “The 13th Warrior” … “I’m not a warrior,” reply, “In a moment you will be.” … 🙂

      • Great scene, great line, great movie.

        In a moment in time, we will all be warriors and/or dead. Make it count.

  9. The short answer would be to develop our own sites and nodes.
    All the Twitter twits and Faceborgian minders are doing is ensuring the halving of their monopoly, when the right-wing version of same crops up and thrives. They will then become the PBS/NPR of social media, hardly an enviable position, and minus the government subsidy to ensure their survival.

    Like the ratings of Fox vs ABCNNBCBS, the first person to do it well will retire on royalties, assuming there’s still an internet of things left to run it on.

  10. You my good man, are a force to be reckoned with. Keep on keepin’ on.