Reuters: Dozens of Afghan troops AWOL from military training in U.S.


It’s probably nothing.



Pass the Brawndo.

13 responses to “Reuters: Dozens of Afghan troops AWOL from military training in U.S.

  1. Marlo Stanfield

    $60 billion spent since 2001. That is a lot of AR15’s and GLOCK’s. It would have been cheaper to send them to GUNSITE.  

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  3. Lot of leaks springing up in the dike of tyranny of the elites, pretty soon resistance is going to reach the point of them not having the resources to repress. It’s a close thing for them now. But pretty soon they will figure out it is much later than they thought. They are so arrogant in their world view, so insulated from the dirt people, it takes a few generations of turnings for them to realize what is going down, and even then their prejudices and hubris blinds them. They are inherently clumsy and yes, statists, they are culturally inflexible, fossilized by their ideology and opinions about the dirt people.
    I’m thinking there is going to be a last ditch fall offensive. It will be an act of desperation, a last all in or nothing gamble as soon as they grasp the true scope of how truly pissed off a growing plurality of people have become.
    Two possible scenario’s will either involve their favored proxies, islam, or a false flag event on orders of magnitude such as 911 or Oklahoma City. It is going to have to be large enough to “justify” the suspension of the November elections, something truly nasty.
    The only sure bet for the sonofabitches is something that provides them with the political means to rescind the last vestiges of a constitutional government, something where once they pull it off, it doesn’t matter what the dirt people think or say. That is what they think at least. But what they do not understand is that kind of power only exists when people acquiesce to it. At some point the equation changes fundamentally and it changes from the fear of people of tyrants to the fear of tyrants of people. That transition is very close to happening.

  4. 44 troops….equates to three full 13 man squads and a 5 man command element. Yup. Nothing at all.

  5. Good morning, domestic extremists:

    “But the movements have grown again. Gun sales are up and only three percent of Americans are buying. Militias are back, forming around people who claim the federal government is holding land illegally and collecting fees and taxes it has no right to.”

  6. As we have been told since 2001, “we gotta fight’em over there, so we don’t gotta fight’em here”. So now, we bring’em here…well that started back in the early 90’s with Iraquis. But now, we train’em here and let them run away…

  7. You sure they’re not being dined at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as Guests of Honor by the taqiyaa-practicing moslem scoundrel many address as “president” ?

    • Naw Dan, that’s just racist thinking of rightwing extremist Deplorable’s.
      Practice of Taqiyaa by cultural marxist usurpers is a rightwing conservative conspiracy.

  8. Nothing to see here…yet.

    Wait until they shoot up a mall or something.

    Then it’ll somehow become the military’s fault, rather than the State Dept. @$$clowns who brought them here and thought we could teach them to use toilet paper and silverware.

    If they need training, start with teaching them to read. Then send them a manual. If they don’t eat the paste the covers are attached with, then we can talk about in-country training.

  9. thesouthwasrght

    School. That is my horse in the dramatic slaughter race. You get 4 or 5 or 10 of these things in a school and they will slaughter hundreds before johnny law can even get on scene. Then the government will have to “do something” about all the “gun violence” here in murica.

    Honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already, but since all the publik indoctrination facilities are gun free zones they are apparently terrorist attack proof. Sarc/off

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    To know the Afgan Army is to know they are from the lowest dregs of their society. There is no honor or respect being a member of their armed forces in their culture. Half of them spend their time smokin’ hasish filled cigarettes in a dull glaze. The other half of them strip off their uniforms and flee in terror at the sound of BB gun being fired at them. The Afgan Army make Kelly’s Heroes look like an elite Delta Force section.

    Some of them are brought to the USA for training–and they get a load of all the goodies in the supermarkets and malls and yes, who the fuck would want ot go back to that butt-hole called Afganistan?! I will be a steak dinner that nearly all of them are now working for relatives in a convience store somewhere in South East or have fled to Canada with their easy to obtain refugee status.