The Case Against “the Conservative Case”


Publius Decius Mus strikes again.

Bi-partisanship is just a noose on each end of the rope.

11 responses to “The Case Against “the Conservative Case”

  1. Enemies, one and all.

  2. Epic and precisely targeted…

  3. Mossy Bloke

    “Off my case….liberal face!”

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    cut the crap. political words/categories/labels have no meaning for me.

    the only “label” I look for is a man’s hands: are they rough and calloused? terrible signs of wear and blisters? dirty fingernails? missing a nail? stove in joint? rope burns?

    YOU are part of the local tribe I seek….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      No use for surgeons, then?

    • That guys hands and work look like shit.

      No damn talent.

      I’d make that mess of cable, chain, and fasteners look pretty.

      That’s the difference between a professional and a hack.

  5. The idea that Pethokoukis is any sort of conservative is farcical on first look.
    Publius does a service for skewering the dubious rationale behind the article, but calling the author a conservative borders on a Straw Man fallacy.

    Watch their hands.

  6. Amusing, but – let’s face it – discrediting “the conservative hive mind” with regard to “saving what’s left of American and Western civilization” ranks in difficulty about with dynamiting fish in a barrel. “[K]now[ing] how to make [things] better” requires hard thinking about fundamental issues (including the difference between effects and causes). For instance:

  7. Nothing will change until the 1 party status quo ends and the ladder comes down off the balcony (metaphorically “speaking”)

  8. There is no left and right. There is right and wrong.