Very Science-y


Via Twitter.

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  2. Lol too funny.. made my day

  3. Well I know I did my part… years ago!

  4. Im very glad to see CA posting stuff from Stefan. I highly recommend Stefan’s podcast at freedomain radio. He has a superrational aspy brilliance that is very enjoyable.

    Some have speculated that, in the future, we may discover a speaker with the mind of Stefan, but unlike Stefan who is moral, atheist and a good man, this future speaker may also have a spiritual depth that creates a balanced holistic perspective. Personally, im just grateful to have a Stefan.

    Side topic: Twitter has been fun but the bad kids are moving to

    Also, check out infogalactic cause fuck the wikipediae memoryhole.

    And Brave is a new browser from Eich of Mozilla fame who got the boot for supporting marriage.

    The fork is happening, move to platforms that dont hate you, while using the shitty platforms to do outreach to the normies.

    Obligatory thank you to CA for being so super. You make me proud to be an American 😉